Alternate Career Options for Civil Engineers
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Alternate Career Options for Civil Engineers [2022 Definitive Guide]

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Explore the alternative career paths for civil engineers. Civil engineering careers are always in high demand, but there are several job options after graduation if you need or want to switch them up. You can even choose from the several unconventional career options for civil engineers, including being a solar panel engineer, managing investment portfolios, data engineer, etc.

When you think about your future career path, one goal for most people would be to settle into an excellent position for them both financially and personally. It’s unfortunate, but not every civil engineer can get such an opportunity, and most engineers find themselves restless in their current positions.

If being a civil engineer or have a civil engineering degree, you are not satisfied. You can always take a “U-turn” and choose the other alternate career options available for you.

Who is a Civil Engineer?

Civil engineers design and build a variety of buildings. They construct buildings and make sure that they are structurally sound, environmentally friendly, and compliant with local building codes.

They also design public infrastructures like bridges, roads, sewage systems, and water treatment plants. Civil engineers also examine the effects of natural disasters on structures to see how they can be repaired or improved.

Why choose Alternative Career Options

The first reason is that it may be time for a change. You have one civil engineering on someone else advice, and now you are finding it difficult to sustain in this field. You do not like to work outdoor on construction sites for long working hours at hazardous sites. The working condition does not suites your body.

You may have reached the point where you have done everything and enjoyed it. You’ve mastered the concepts of civil engineering and are ready to move on to other things or work in another field.

It’s not uncommon for people to spread their experience over a variety of fields. This may be because they want to change, or because they want to stretch themselves by trying something new. Another reason is that it’s necessary for your career progression.

Sometimes you are required to learn more about a different project area or take on a different role at your company simply because management requires you.

There could also be other challenging reasons like changes in the economy, business strategy, or company culture. A final reason is that there is an opportunity for better compensation in other fields.

Many engineers find that their current salary doesn’t provide them with the lifestyle they desire, so they seek work opportunities elsewhere that offer such paychecks and benefits.

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Some of the Reasons a Civil Engineer Would Change Careers?

Civil engineers may choose to change careers because they offer plenty of options. A civil engineering degree opens the door to a variety of career paths, whether it be with water or construction. If an engineer begins in one area and discovers a newfound passion for another, they may want to make a career change.

Civil engineers can transition to other jobs in the industry to receive a higher salary. For example, they may eventually change to management positions.

Some people find it difficult to cope with the daily challenges as a civil site engineer and want to give them their job. There might be any reasons to look out for any other available career paths after having a civil engineering degree.

Civil engineers can find alternative careers by exploring their passions. They have many opportunities and a degree in civil engineering.

What are the best Alternate Career Options for civil engineers?

  • Planning Engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Billing Engineer
  • Tendering Engineer
  • Estimation Engineer
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • BIM Engineer
  • Safety Engineer
  • Land Surveyor, etc.

Kindly check this complete list of the various job titles in the construction industry to choose from as an alternate career option for civil engineers.

Unconventional Career Options

What other Jobs can Civil Engineers do? If this is the question in your mind then you can better consider the following lucrative career options to choose from;

MBA (Marketing/HR/Operation/Logistics/SupplyChain, etc.)

One of the many alternative careers for civil engineers is an MBA. Civil engineers typically have a lot of experience with mathematics, engineering, and science. An MBA is a great way to take these skills and apply them to new fields in business. It also gives civil engineers the opportunity to work in leadership positions that they might not be able to work in without the MBA.

Digital Marketing Specialist

You might be wondering what are some of the alternative careers for civil engineers? One of them is a digital marketing specialist. As a digital marketing specialist, you would need to have strong knowledge of web analytics, SEO, social media campaigns, conversion rates, and website usability.

Technical Content Writer

If you’re a civil engineer looking for a new career, there are a few options available. One of the most interesting is being a technical content writer. To be successful as a technical content writer, you need to communicate complex information in an accessible way so that it’s easy for technical professionals to understand. This requires excellent technical writing and editing skills, strong knowledge of engineering concepts and terminology, and an understanding of how people learn.

Research Analyst

A research analyst is an individual who analyzes data to understand trends. They use their findings to develop new ideas and solutions for businesses, organizations, and governments. They typically work with various types of statistical or mathematical models to test different hypotheses about a given topic. These analysts are often found in the non-profit sector and government agencies as well as in private industry.

Data Analyst

Data analyst jobs are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a wide range of opportunities. A data analyst typically combines data mining, statistics, and business intelligence to help companies make decisions.

There are many different types of data analysts such as healthcare analysts, financial analysts, and marketing analysts. These professionals often work in an office but will sometimes have clients outside of the office. Despite the lengthier hours that can come with this job, it often offers lucrative salaries and benefits.

Data Visualizer

Data Visualizers are responsible for transforming raw data into a visual representation. They use software such as Alteryx, Tableau, and Qlik to visualize the data. For example, when examining public health, a Data Visualizer may make an interactive map showing different disease outbreaks across the country.

Data Engineer

Data engineering is a career that requires the engineer to work with large amounts of data and turn it into useful information. Data engineers are responsible for looking at the data, analyzing it, and presenting it in a way that people can digest.

This could be for marketing purposes, risk analysis, predictive modeling, or any number of other reasons. Data engineers use many different types of software to analyze and manipulate data. They must have excellent programming skills in Python, R, C++, Java, or Scala.

Data Scientist

One of the most popular career paths for civil engineers is data science. Data scientists work with large sets of raw data and use statistics to find patterns and create models. With their civil engineering background, data scientists are able to utilize the knowledge they have acquired through years of study to break down large datasets and help organizations make strategic decisions. Other alternative career paths include becoming a consultant, research scientist, or professor.

AI Specialist

One of the alternative careers civil engineering graduates can go into is that of an AI specialist. For this job, they will need to be educated in fields such as mathematics, computer science, and physics.

They will also have to have an understanding of artificial intelligence concepts and experience with programming languages. This can be a great career for those who would rather work behind computers than design buildings.

SEO Expert

One alternative career for a civil engineer is becoming an SEO expert. Overall, the worldwide web contains 5.5 billion pages, meaning there are many pages competing for attention. Individuals who have knowledge about SEO like tags and keywords can help to make sure that their content is properly ranked so that more people will find it and use it.

BIM Engineer

There are many careers that can be pursued by civil engineers. The most common one is becoming a BIM engineer which stands for Building Information Modeling. This engineer is responsible for creating 3D models of buildings with the help of computers to assist in the design process. They also have to manage these models so that they’re updated as changes are made to the building.

VDC Engineer

You can also enter into another related field such as being a VDC engineer (Virtual Design and Construction). A VDC engineer is responsible for creating 3D simulations of projects before they have been built in order to ensure that there are no problems during the building process.

Digital Currency Advisor

There is a new job in a town called a Digital Currency Advisor. The perfect candidate has to have an understanding of Blockchain and cryptocurrency. You also have to be able to advise on potential opportunities and risks with trading digital currencies.

As digital currency trading is booming and a significant number of big companies are investing in this space. Also, the adaptation of the digital currency is incremental. It would be a wise decision to become a digital currency advisor in 2022. The job profile is open for all irrespective of your educational background.

Robotics Engineer

A robotics engineer designs and builds robots that can handle various tasks in difficult situations. They are used in many industries, including nuclear power plants, automotive manufacturing, aircraft assembly, food processing, and petroleum refining. The robotic engineer may also be tasked with programming the robot to do a specific task or go to a particular location.

Solar panel engineer

A solar panel engineer is a professional engineer who designs, constructs, tests, and installs rooftop solar energy systems. Their job can also include designing and constructing ground-mounted solar panels and developing and manufacturing photovoltaic cells to produce solar power electricity.

Marketing Automation Specialist

The marketing automation specialist is responsible for developing and managing automated digital marketing campaigns. The specialist typically uses marketing software to manage all aspects of the campaign, such as predicting what content will be most effective. They then design tailored messages and send out emails, push notifications, or text messages to customers in order to optimize sales.

Drone Pilot

A civil engineer with a drone pilot license can provide services to commercial and governmental clients. They are responsible for performing tasks such as aerial surveying, taking aerial photographs and video footage, and monitoring construction sites. They need to be licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)/Civil Aviation Authority in India, and many companies require that they have a private pilot’s license as well.

Interior Designer

One alternative career for a civil engineer is an interior designer. Interior designers are in charge of designing and installing the building’s interior, such as furniture and fixtures. They also draw up plans for renovation projects. These projects may include any kind of room in a house, school, office, or other building.

Smart Home Designer /Home Automation Expert

One alternative career for civil engineers is to become a smart home designer or home automation expert. This requires engineering and architecture skills to design the interior of a house that has all of the most up-to-date gadgets and high-tech features. These can include security systems, advanced heating and cooling (HVAC), and luxurious amenities.

The job entails much more than just installing these devices–it also includes designing the layout of the house as well as remodeling older homes to make them smart.

Business Analyst

If a civil engineer’s heart is in working on the design side, it is possible to get a job as a business analyst. They help with organizational decisions by analyzing data from financial markets, share prices, and other sources. They then produce reports for clients who want to know how the organization is doing financially.

Management Consultant

One of the more fascinating things that civil engineers have done is to become management consultants. These engineers help businesses by developing strategies and creating policies. They also help businesses find ways to implement what they’ve decided on.

Stock Market Analyst

With the current economy going through so many changes, the stock market is booming with opportunities. It is a good career as a stock market analyst choice for civil engineers to consider.

Investment Banker

Investment bankers work in finance corporations, stock and bond companies, banks, and investment funds. Some investment bankers are called financial analysts who analyze the potential earnings for a company before deciding whether to invest in that company. Investment bankers can also be brokers who find investors for companies.

Financial Analyst

A career as a financial analyst can provide an excellent opportunity for civil engineers to use their skills and knowledge to help an organization make strategic decisions. Financial analysts use both their engineering and business backgrounds to help organizations with their finances.

Financial Consultant

A profession that was once thought of as a safe choice with no future is now one of the top careers for young professionals. With the increase in technology and advancement of the field, civil engineers have plenty of new industries to focus on such as financial consulting.

Cyber Security Expert

In today’s world, many industries rely on computers and technology. Technology is improving at an exponential rate, which means that it keeps getting more complex and difficult for engineers to keep up with. As this trend continues, there are many careers for civil engineers in the cyber security field.

Defense Services

Engineers have the ability to provide numerous services to the military. Engineers can create and operate unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, that are used for surveillance purposes and defense purposes. Engineers of all types can participate in research and development programs that help with defense systems including global positioning satellites and ballistic missile defense systems. Civil engineers are highly demanding in the Army, Navy, and Airforce.

Various Online Education Resources

The best part is that there are various online options available to master any of the skills. Kindly check this list of the Top Free Online Courses Websites For Engineering Courses In 2022.

Courses that are helpful to grow in the civil engineering field like Autocad, Revit, STAAD Pro, Microstation, Microsoft Projects, Ms. Excel, etc., and several Civil Engineering Software Courses.


Before making any choice, our advice for you is to just think of some interesting fields or stuff that really make you happy and then go for it!

A person giving advice in the Civil field might recommend that you dive into the same field and get a Master’s or Ph.D. They won’t give you an answer about career paths, so it’s hard to find an answer for yourself.

Civil engineering degrees are versatile, as you can transition to new careers with relative ease. You have diverse career development opportunities and a strong chance of securing a high-paying job in the field.

If you’re a civil engineer and understand engineering principles, then your mathematical knowledge can be valuable elsewhere. Consider what aspects of your work as a civil engineer you enjoy the most and look for an occupation that suits you better. Knowing what you want from your job is the first step in picking the right path.

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