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Top 5 Online Interior Design Courses for Beginners
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Top 5 Online Interior Design Courses for Beginners

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Discover the basic principles of interior design and transform any space. In order for the space you live in, work in or the one you are modifying for a client to acquire a new life, the fundamentals of interior design will help you create a novel, attractive and functional proposal.

If you believe that you have a creative, futuristic, imaginative, and artistic passageway to the things around you, then you can definitely think of interior designing as a career path. Taking an interior designing course will help you professionalize your creative skills.

Learn from 5 experts the principles of this discipline with unparalleled transformative power, and dare to take your first steps (or learn new tricks) in interior design.

5. Interior Design for Beginners, a course by STUDIOLAV

STUDIOLAV is a design studio whose main vision is the creation of connections between people, objects and their environment. In this course they will take you on a creative journey into the daily life of an interior designer, so that you will learn what their work is like and what concepts and tools they use to implement ideas in physical spaces.

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2. Designing Unique Luxury Spaces, a course by Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari Studio

Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari Studio is an architecture studio that relies on design thinking for the development of unique, eye-catching and practical projects. They will show you strategies to transform a house, public space, restaurant or store considering even the smallest detail.

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3. Decorating Your Home on a Budget: Basic Concepts, a course by Sofía Saraví O’Keefe

All the objects in our spaces have a direct effect on our mood and the way we live. The decorator Sofía Saraví O’Keefe, with more than 300 thousand followers on Instagram, will show you the basics of decoration so that you can add your personal touch to your environments with the resources you have at hand.

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4. Interior Design from Start to Finish, a course by Nook Architects

For the architecture and design studio Nook Architects, reflecting the essence of a space depends on planning a careful project full of details. In this course you will learn to develop your own project from scratch and step by step, until its execution, while learning criteria and techniques to choose each aspect of renovation.

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5. Interior Design for Multifunctional Spaces, a course by DecoStudio

Although it seems incredible, simple actions such as changing the distribution of the elements of a space can radically change it. In this course, the design and architecture studio DecoStudio will show you the basic principles of decoration so that you can make the most of every corner of your space.

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