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By visiting, using the information on the website or submitting your resumes (in case of candidates), or submitting your job requirements (in case of employers) on our website Constructionplacements (www.constructionplacements.com), all users (www.constructionplacements.com both candidates or job seekers and employers or recruiters) are agreeing and accepting that you are bound by the below terms of services along with Website Usage Policy, Disclaimer and Privacy & Security Policies posted on the website. You or the user refer to anyone who is visiting this page or using the information or services of Constructionplacements (www.constructionplacements.com)

Kindly go through the terms very cautiously and do not use our website in case you do not agree with Terms of Services or Website Usage Policy, Disclaimer and Privacy & Security Policies posted on the website. Constructionplacements (www.constructionplacements.com) has full rights to make any modifications, amendments and changes to all of the above mentioned terms and policies at any point of time without prior notice to any user. Constructionplacements may modify, amend or change these terms and policies by updating the same page or by uploading completely new documents to www.constructionplacements.com. Constructionplacements will not send any email or notification or any message or through any means of communication before or after updating the terms and policies. So you (user) must visit the website regularly to check the revised or updated version of terms and policies. ConstructionPlacements is not responsible for any losses arising due to the changes in Terms and Policies. ConstructionPlacements is a job platform has full rights to terminate the rights of any user to use the information or services offered via ConstructionPlacements at any point of time.

The user warrants that the user will only use the content, information and services on ConstructionPlacements for personal use and the user must not use this information for any commercial use. All the data, information, designs, graphics, videos, logos, media files, images, text etc collectively called as ConstructionPlacements content available at www.constructionplacements.com is intellectual property and are protected under copyright and trademark laws and hence should only be used for personal and non-commercial use only. However, all the company logos or trademarks shared on this blog are the properties of their respective owners. The user of this website does not have any rights to modify, reproduce, distribute or sell the content available on www.constructionplacements.com. The user must not engage in any activities which will violate the copyright and trademark laws or ConstructionPlacements intellectual property rights. It is also strongly advised that the user must not submit any information available on www.constructionplacements.com to third party or upload or republish any information via databases or alter the website codes.

User also accepts that user will not use, reproduce, modify, upload, replace, publish any material, data, information which belongs to another person and the user does not have privilege to use that material, data or information. The user accepts that the user will not use or publish any material which is hurtful, unsafe, risky, distressing, pedophilic, unlawful in any way, abusive, promoting hatred, racial, pornographic, offensive, objectionable, deceptive or misleading, any software or code which is created or forwarded to harm ConstructionPlacements website or any computer system used by user of the website, or any data, material or information that act as a threat to the law, security & integrity of any country or well being.

The user also warrants that the user will not try to hack, access any account, data, server, material or information which the user is not authorized to visit, use, or access. The user also accepts that the user will not try to harm the Constructionplacements website or any data, information or material available on the website including user’s data by uploading files, viruses to the website or by hacking, crashing, spamming the website. Violation of these terms will result in legal proceedings against user which will involve stringent legal actions against the user or involved in such violations. Any colleague, associate, partner, confederate, accomplice or collaborator involved in such criminal activities will have to face same legal proceedings as the main culprit.

The user of this website (www.constructionplacements.com) must be 18 years of age or above to access or use the information or services offered through Constructionplacements platform. By visiting www.constructionplacements.com, the user accepts that user is 18 years old or above 18 years of age, and user has ability and right to visit or use the information and services offered by Constructionplacements and bound by Terms & Policies of the website. The user also commits that the user will use the information and services of Constructionplacements within the confines of law and regulations of the respective country.
The user also accepts that the company has full rights to disclose this information to third party. During the process of submitting the resume, ConstructionPlacements website asks to provide information like Name, contact number, email Id and other details related to user’s profession. The user accepts that ConstructionPlacements has full consent from the user to provide this information to third parties. User also accepts that ConstructionPlacements and other third parties may approach the user regularly to offer various services and both ConstructionPlacements and third parties will use the contact details provided by the user during registration to reach out to the user. User accepts that ConstructionPlacements is not liable for the quality or nature of any product or service offered through www.constructionplacements.com by Third parties. User and Third parties will be solely responsible for the deal or business between user and the third parties that are offering their products and services through www.constructionplacements.com.

All the content, material, information, data, features and services on ConstructionPlacements website should only be used either for seeking jobs (in case of candidates) or for recruitment purpose (in case of employers). ConstructionPlacements offers a platform to connect job seekers or candidates with employers or recruiters. ConstructionPlacements is not involved in the recruitment process at any stage of recruitment. ConstructionPlacements is not responsible for any networking activities, any financial transactions or any type of placement commitments between candidates or job seekers and employers or recruiters.

In addition to above terms and policies, all the users visiting the ConstructionPlacements website or using website’s information or services also accept the following terms:

  1. User should not remove, change, amend or modify any data, information or material posted by any other user whether it is candidate, employer or ConstructionPlacements team;
  1. The user understands that the user is dealing with strangers via this website. It is the sole responsibility of the user to verify the authenticity of the users on other side. You may come across fake or false users as ConstructionPlacements has no control over the data, information, material, job posts, contact details, job offers posted on constructionplacements.com. Dealing with strangers is very risky and it is advisable by ConstructionPlacements to avoid any personal meeting, financial transactions, or sharing of any sensitive information without verifying the authenticity of the user. User accepts that ConstructionPlacements is not at all responsible for any losses arising due to this. All the communication, transactions, meetings will be done completely as user’s risk. Neither the business partners nor the employees of ConstructionPlacements endorses such activities or asks the users to do so. Verifying users on website or internet is next to impossible and hence ConstructionPlacements does not guarantee the authenticity of the users. In case there is any disagreement, different of opinion or legal prosecution, the user accepts that the user will not involve director, business partners, or employees of ConstructionPlacements at any stage of dispute. ConstructionPlacements will be considered free of any kind of liabilities, claims, charges, fees and compensations.
  2. User should not share or upload any link, URL, data, information, material or post from the competitor site of ConstructionPlacements
  1. User should not submit any false, wrong, partial or deficient biographical information on ConstructionPlacements website or post/upload any unautorized link, URL, data, material or information for the user does not have any publishing or accessing rights;
  2. Use of any data scraping, data mining, and data extraction robots or data collection mechanisms are strictly prohibited.
  3. User should not send any unwanted or unauthorized mail or carry out any promotional, marketing or advertising campaigns which involve email marketing or cold calling activities without written consent from ConstructionPlacements. Directly reaching out to users without written consent from ConstructionPlacements is strictly prohibited. Resume database is strictly for the use of employers to seek employees. Contact information on CVs should not be used by any user for selling, advertising, marketing or promotional activities.
  4. Users should not try to acquire personal details like bank, debit, credit card details or any similar sensitive information of any other user of ConstructionPlacements. It is the responsibility of all users to protect their personal information.
  5. Users should not sell the data, information, material, content and contact details available on ConstructionPlacements website to any agent, agency or third parties.
  6. User accepts that all the material, data and information posted on www.constructionplacements.com is in line and complies with the local as well as international laws and user will be held responsible for posting any unlawful information on the website.
  7. User accepts that protecting the personal information is sole responsibility of the user. The user should not share the personal details to anybody via any possible means of communication. The user also accepts that the user will immediately inform ConstructionPlacements in case the user notices any unwanted activities. ConstructionPlacements is not responsible for any loss arising from irresponsible handling of ConstructionPlacements website.
  8. Users should refrain themselves from carrying out any activity that may put huge load on the ConstructionPlacements website or involve in any activity which may hamper ConstructionPlacements’s smooth operations.
  9. The user accepts that the user does not have rights to publish any post, information, data or material which endorses political agenda or beliefs, religion, sex, ethnicity, philosophy or donations.
  10. Users should not post any irrelevant links, URLs, documents, posts, content, codes, material which is misleading and not relevant to job seeking, job posts or anything which is not relevant to recruitment process. Users are prohibited to post any material which is hurtful, unsafe, risky, distressing, pedophilic, unlawful in any way, abusive, promoting hatred, racial, pornographic, offensive, objectionable, vulgar, harassing, deceptive or misleading.
  11. Users should not try to create any duplicate or fake website with similar name to dupe candidate or employers by using ConstructionPlacements brand name. Duplication of this website is strictly unlawful and will attract legal prosecution.
  12. ConstructionPlacements website is strictly for the use of job seeking and recruitment purpose. Users must avoid posting any business opportunities for users ranging from MLM activities or schemes, chain marketing, membership; commission based business, distribution business, any unlawful activities like human trafficking or illegal immigration activities. ConstructionPlacements will not be responsible for any such fraudulent activities.
  13. Users should take care of their own applications or recruitment activities. Posting resumes, accessing CVs or posting jobs on behalf of other person is strictly prohibited.
  14. User accepts that ConstructionPlacements has fully irrevocable and perpetual worldwide loyalty free rights to use the data, information, material or content, uploaded or published by the user on www.constructionplacements.com or provided through email, telephonic conversation, text message, fax or any means of communication to ConstructionPlacements.
  15. The user realizes and accepts that www.constructionplacements.com acts as a platform to connect job seekers with employers and it does not have any active role at any stage of recruitment process or it is not at all involved in the communication process between employer/recruiter and job seeker. ConstructionPlacements doesn’t verify any information provided by the users (both job seekers and employers) on www.constructionplacements.com so users are solely responsible for the quality, reliability, accuracy and authenticity of the information. ConstructionPlacements also doesn’t support views posted by any of its users.
  16. User warrants that whatever information the user is providing, publishing or uploading on www.constructionplacements.com is not pirated or copyright protected. It is the sole responsibility of the user to upload, submit, publish or provide original content, data, information or material. ConstructionPlacements is not responsible for any piracy or copyright or trademark violation. The user who is uploading, publishing, submitting or providing such information will be held responsible for any violation of copyright or similar laws. The owner of the original content should immediately contact ConstructionPlacements in case of any breach of copyright, trademark or similar content or media laws.
  17. User accepts that ConstructionPlacements has full rights to limit the data, information and material usage or service features for any user.
  18. ConstructionPlacements should be strictly used as a job platform and any promotions, advertising, marketing or direct selling by users is strictly prohibited. ConstructionPlacements has full rights to take legal actions against a user who is involved in such activities.
  19. The user accepts that user doesn’t have any right of possession, freehold on the user’s account and if the user terminates or cancels the account, ConstructionPlacements will immediately stop the access of user to all the information, data or material. ConstructionPlacements also has rights to permanently remove the information linked or related to such user so it is always advisable to create a backup of such data, information or material and make sure to store the transaction details, posts, CVs via screenshots, downloads or any other means of data storage for future use. ConstructionPlacements is not responsible for any data loss or financial loss arising from failure in terms of personal data backup.
  20. User also accepts that ConstructionPlacements may contact the user at any point of time by using the contact details provided at the time of registration or updated later on in case ConstructionPlacements notices any discrepancies in the information provided, uploaded or published by the user. ConstructionPlacements also reserves full rights to use telephone number and email address to send updates and alerts to users.
  21. Users, companies and organizations accept that business activities of ConstructionPlacements may not work in line within the legal constraints of some countries and users, companies or organizations should access the website or the services offered by ConstructionPlacements at their own risk.
  22. ConstructionPlacements doesn’t guarantee that the site will run without any error or the site is safe for your system. ConstructionPlacements is not liable for any business losses including but not limited to data loss, financial loss, or loss of business or employment opportunities due to the server issues, maintenance schedules, down time of the site or any attack by viruses or harmful robots or mechanisms. The maximum liability for the losses at JobzInConstrcution’s end will never exceed Rs. 500 at any point of time in any case.
  23. User accepts that ConstructionPlacements is not responsible for the accuracy or quality or authenticity of the third party products or services bought through www.constructionplacements.com. ConstructionPlacements also doesn’t guarantee the data protection or privacy policies of such third party companies offering products and services on www.constructionplacements.com. Users are required to contact such third parties in case of any dispute. ConstructionPlacements is not liable for any compensation, claims or any fees, refunds or charges for such transactions. If users try to visit or buy products and services through third parties, they are doing it at their own risk. When the user clicks on the link to a third party advertisement, promotion or website, the user accepts that the user is leaving the ConstructionPlacements website and is subject and bound to terms of services, privacy and security policies of that third party website.
  24. Users will be bound to pay for the ConstructionPlacements’s business losses due to any unlawful activities and ConstructionPlacements has full rights to add extra fine to the penalty. This applies for all users.
  25. Any Company or Organization accepts that they have given full rights to their HR/Recruitment/Admin or any team that looks after recruitment activities, for posting a job on ConstructionPlacements or to access ConstructionPlacements services. In case if the company terminates the employment of any such employee who is looking after recruitment process, the Company or Organization is responsible to take the custody of all existing Constructionplacements services. Constructionplacements is not responsible if the terminated employee keeps using our services. The Company or Organization should immediately contact ConstructionPlacements in such situation to make necessary changes in the company’s job post or recruitment activities. ConstructionPlacements is not responsible for any losses arising from post termination access. The employer or recruiter should regularly notify ConstructionPlacements about the official representative of that company who is handling the ConstructionPlacements or in case there are any changes in the team.

These Terms of Services will be applied in full force for all users. All rights of the website are reserved with ConstructionPlacements. ConstructionPlacements has full rights to terminate the services of any user upon violation of aforesaid terms of services. If any user violates any of these above mentioned terms, Constructionplacements possesses full rights to terminate the access of the users to www.constructionplacements.com and take necessary legal actions against the user. User accepts that all the expenses incurred through such legal actions will be paid by the user. All the employees and business partners will be safe from any legal actions if the above mentioned terms and policies are violated by users. Users will be responsible to pay for the losses in case the user violates the above mentioned terms and Constructionplacements is not legally bound or liable to pay any fees, legal charges or compensation to anybody if there is any breach of above terms and policies. Any changes or revision to these Terms and Policies will be updated or posted on this page only and users are advised to refer the terms and policies on this page as authentic.

As your personal information is always under threat on open platform, never provide your personal information like bank account details, credit or debit card details, any account password etc. ConstructionPlacements is not responsible for any loss arriving due to disclosing your personal or sensitive information. Please note that Constructionplacements will never ask, via any means of communication, for confidential data like login and transaction password, One Time Password (OTP), Bank account details including debit or credit card or netbanking or phonebanking details. Do not disclose this information to anyone or to the staff of ConstructionPlacements. If you get an email asking for personal or credit/debit card information, please do not provide this information no matter how ‘genuine’ the page appears to be. Please immediately notify such phishing activities by contacting ConstructionPlacements team. Please also note that we do not have any agents who carry out business activities on our behalf and we do not charge or ask neither job seekers nor the recruiters to make any payment for using our services. Never involve in any financial transactions if someone claims to be an agent or business partner of ConstructionPlacements.

Website Usage Policy:

All the users of this website (www.constructionplacements.com) must strictly abide by the rules listed below and also by the Terms of Services and Privacy & Security Policy listed separately on the website. The following terms and conditions are applicable to all users of this website (www. constructionplacements.com):
1. The title “ConstructionPlacements” signifies ConstructionPlacements (Job platform) while the title “User” denotes any individual or group who is/are browsing the website www. constructionplacements.com.
2. User accepts that he/she/they will act in accordance to the present terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may be altered by ConstructionPlacements without prior intimation to the User.
3. The name of the company, the website content and all associated material present on the website are the intellectual property of the ConstructionPlacements and should not be used anywhere anytime without consent from constructionPlacements. The content of this website should not be paraphrased, reproduced in any form or circulated without the written consent of ConstructionPlacements. However, all the company logos or trademarks shared on this blog are the properties of their respective owners
4. ConstructionPlacements is not accountable for any harm (technical, financial or any other personal or professional loss) caused while accessing this website or during the downtime of the website due to any reason.
5. ConstructionPlacements does not have any agent or broker network for promoting the business. ConstructionPlacements is not responsible for any personal or business loss arising due to the unauthorized transaction with the help of this website.
6. All rights of the website and its content are reserved by ConstructionPlacements. ConstructionPlacements possesses all the rights to make any changes to the website at any point of time without any notice to users.
7. In case of legal actions or conflicts arising due to the breach of the above terms, User will be responsible to pay all the legal and associated expenses (full cost of legal proceedings) on behalf of both ConstructionPlacements and the User.

If you continue to browse and use this website, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the above terms and conditions of use, which together with our Terms of Services and Privacy & Security Policies govern ConstructionPlacements relationship with you in relation to this website. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our website.


The information contained in this website is strictly for the use of recruiters and job aspirants. The information is provided by Employers (or Companies) and the Candidates (or job aspirants). While we make earnest efforts to keep the information well presented, up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this website.

Through this website you are able to link to other websites which are not under the control of ConstructionPlacements. We have no control over the nature, content and availability of those sites or how the third parties are using your information. The inclusion of any links does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within them.

Every effort is made to keep the website up and running smoothly. However, ConstructionPlacements takes no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, the website being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues or maintenance which is beyond our control.

We are not a recruiter or job consultant. We have only created a platform for Employers (or Companies) and Candidates (or Job aspirants) for boosting the recruitment process. We are not involved directly or indirectly in the recruitment process at any stage. All the logos, trademarks and the content published on this website are the properties of their respective owner.

These “Terms of Services” will act as a binding agreement between the User (Both Candidates or Job seekers and Employers or Companies or Organizations or Recruiters) and ConstructionPlacements who manages the platform ConstructionPlacements and will be applicable as soon as the user visits the website or starts using the services. ConstructionPlacements do not notify the users about these Terms of Services via pop-up windows or through any separate page or window or during the registration or login process. These Terms of Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the judiciary of India or the Indian Court of Law. Any dispute arising under these Terms of Services shall be subjected to the Pune jurisdiction of the Indian Court of Law.    

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