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Privacy & Security Policies


Privacy & Security Policies

The privacy & security policies explain how exactly ConstructionPlacements collects, manages and utilizes the information that user provides or publishes on By visiting or registering on the website or submitting your information or by using the information or services or products offered by the website or ConstructionPlacements, all the users accept that ConstructionPlacements has full rights to gather personal data and utilize this data for the company’s business. Users accept that ConstructionPlacements may use this information as and when it is required for business activities. These policies direct users on the significance of their personal data and also guides on the utilization of their personal information by ConstructionPlacements. Users accept that these privacy & security policies are applicable and restricted to ConstructionPlacements website only and not to any other third party companies present on the website. If any user do not agree with these terms of privacy & security policy or do not wish to follow them, please do not visit the website or use any product, services or information offered by the website. The users also accept that the information provided or published on the website by the user may be used by the employers or recruiters but ConstructionPlacements does not warrant or give any kind of guarantee about the content, privacy & security policies, credibility or the authenticity of employers. The users must understand the risk in dealing with such parties and confirm the authenticity of employers before dealing with them. The user accepts that the user is providing the personal information to employers or dealing with them at the user’s own risk. The users also accept that the information available on resume database may be accessed, downloaded or stored by other users around the world. As this information will be available on the internet, it can be accessed by any user of our website and we do not guarantee the use of user’s personal information in case it is accessed by a user residing in a country where data protection policies varies to great extent or in case the local laws do not guarantee the protection of such data so it is advised to every user that the user should publish or provide the data to an extent which can be disclosed anywhere without any restrictions from users. User accepts that ConstructionPlacements has full consent from the users to publish this information on ConstructionPlacements website.

The user accepts that ConstructionPlacements website uses third party links for advertisement, promotions and various other business activities on its website and hence user accepts that ConstructionPlacements is not liable or responsible for the data protection or security if the user shares any personal information with such third parties. Whenever the user clicks on such third party links, the user leaves ConstructionPlacements website and directed towards an external website over which ConstructionPlacements has no control. It is advised that Users must read the privacy & security statements of such third parties before providing any information or involving in any kind of transactions. ConstructionPlacements does not warrant or give any guarantee about the content, privacy & security policies, credibility or the authenticity of such third parties. The users must understand the risk in dealing with such parties and confirm the authenticity of third parties before dealing with them. The user accepts that the user is visiting such third party link or dealing with them at the user’s own risk. The user accepts that protecting the user’s personal information will be the user’s sole responsibility.

The user also accepts that ConstructionPlacements never forces anyone to provide any sensitive personal information. The website collects information like Name, mobile, email address, qualification, resume etc in case of candidates or job seekers and similar information and the requirement details from employers or recruiters. ConstructionPlacements, its partners, or its staff are never involved in collecting any personal information which is sensitive to its users or information including but not limited to credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, netbanking details etc. It is highly recommended that the users should not give or share any sensitive personal information with the ConstructionPlacements partners, staff or employees or any person associated with ConstructionPlacements directly or indirectly on phone or via text messages, email or any means of communication. ConstructionPlacements or Flairyard Ventres LLP is not responsible for any kind of loss or data security or protection issues arising from disclosing such personal information. User also accepts that the user is uploading or submitting any personal information at ConstructionPlacements website at own risk, ConstructionPlacements is not responsible for the utilization of this information by the candidate or job seeker and employer or recruiter. If the users do not wish to disclose this information to ConstructionPlacements or do not wish to follow the privacy & security policies, it is advised to not to use the website or the products and services offered by the website. The user accepts that ConstructionPlacements may use your information for following purposes:

  • To create user’s unique profile on the platform and keep a record of user’s activities.
  • To contact user for regular site updates, newsletters, job alerts, offers and discounts, new features, new or upcoming products or services etc
  • To understand user’s requirements or expectations from our website, products and services and to get user’s feedback to improve our business and offerings for best experience
  • To monitor user’s activities on the our website and create reports to understand the website usage by user
  • To supervise the overall health of the website for preventing any attacks or violations.
  • To contact the user in case of any support or technical issues faced at user’s end
  • To carry our business outlying activities such as surveys, poles, quiz etc
  • To share candidate’s or job seeker’s information with the employer or recruiter or vice versa.
  • To utilize users social networking credentials to link your social networking IDs with the website for logging in to the website and applying for job or recruitment purpose. If the user accesses our website or registers via social networking sites, we link all social media account information with ConstructionPlacements account and user accepts that the user does not have any issues with ConstructionPlacements to make this information open to public. The user can set the privacy restrictions at some extent to some part of this information.
  • To share users updates with your network
  • To let recruiters or employers access the database of the candidates or vice versa.
  • To understand the pattern of user’s website or the tools used to access the website to analyze parameters like time spent on particular page, location, information regarding browser, location, system information like IP address etc. These parameters are important to provide proper support and to enhance the website experience.
  • To promote specific third party business opportunities, targeted ads or promotions related to specific products and services depending on your interest and your website usage history. We can share your contact details to connect third parties with you for their product or service promotion.
  • To disclose user’s information in case of legal obligations or proceedings or a request from government authority to comply with the law and legal proceedings.
  • To share user’s information or the complete user database with the third parties who are working with us or our outsourcing partners like, web designers, hosting providers in India or outside India, payment gateways, auditors, marketing service providers etc.
  • To retain your personal information in our database for future use.
  • The user also acknowledges that ConstructionPlacements uses cookies, Java Script and other similar mechanisms to provide the best user experience.

The user accepts that we give access to candidate’s or job seeker’s resumes to employers. We are providing this service without any cost but we may charge employers some fees to access the database where the employers or recruiters pay ConstructionPlacements the necessary charges to access the resume database and to post the jobs, shortlist the candidates and connect with the candidates directly. The user also accepts that ConstructionPlacements cannot guarantee that other parties cannot access the resume database or how the employers or anyone who has access to this database make the use of resume database. It is not in ConstructionPlacements’s control to restrict the use of resume database so it is advised to every user to understand the risk of uploading or publishing personal information on our website. Although no user can gain access to the user database without our consent however once the users gain access to this database even after verified as genuine recruiter or employer, ConstructionPlacements or should not be held responsible for how they use this database. It is suggested to all users to keep a backup of all the documents uploaded or submitted on ConstructionPlacements website as ConstructionPlacements is not responsible for any data loss or inappropriate use of your personal information. Also if the user publishes or posts any sensitive personal information in open website areas such as comments section resume etc, ConstructionPlacements; third parties may utilize this information for their benefit. ConstructionPlacements is not responsible of a breach of privacy & security policies in such or any case where user’s personal sensitive information is open to access for the third parties. The user also accepts that the information provided or published by the user on ConstructionPlacements website will be seen as ConstructionPlacements property and the user gives full rights to ConstructionPlacements to use this information for ConstructionPlacements ’s business activities.

It is always advised to contact ConstructionPlacements by writing to at the earliest, in case the user detects any misuse of the user’s personal information uploaded, submitted or published on ConstructionPlacements website. It is also suggested to contact ConstructionPlacements by writing to in case you wish to remove any of your information. But user understands that ConstructionPlacements may retain user’s information even if the information is removed from the website but the information will not be accessible to any user except ConstructionPlacements. We are not responsible if some user has previously downloaded your information and user acknowledges that ConstructionPlacements cannot remove that information from third party systems or databases.

User also accepts that ConstructionPlacements and do not guarantee that the information will, on contrary to this privacy & security statement, never be disclosed in future. So the user accepts that although ConstructionPlacements make the best use of their privacy & security mechanism, the user’s information will not remain private so user understands that the user will never held ConstructionPlacements responsible for any breach of this privacy & security policy and the user will upload, provide, submit or publish any personal information at the user’s own risk.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

As General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into regulation from 25th May 2018, we have updated our Privacy and Security Policies by adding below disclosures and information regarding how we use your personal information. The updated privacy policy explains how we process personal data of people from European Union as per the requirement under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will review and update these policies regularly as per the regulations.

The type of information we collect:

We collect personal information about our users so that we can provide them appropriate services as well as support. We collect personal information like name, email id, contact number, professional information like current company, years of experience, current salary, current work location, educational qualification through our data collection tools like google forms, newsletter subscription, chat bots etc. In some situations, users also provide us with personal information through other online as well as offline platforms or through means not intended for the collection of particular types of information. While we make earnest efforts to protect such personal information collected through such mediums, but such personal information does not come under these privacy policy as the user bypasses the recommended mediums to share the data. In addition to this, users may also provide us personal information over platforms that are outside our control such as social media, direct email or direct message or through conversation on forums. In such cases, the platform by which it was communicated will be governed by its own Privacy Policy.

How we collected your personal information:

As users visit out websites, we collect following information through newsletters pop-ups, google forms, telephonic conversations, in person meetings, email, chat systems etc.

User Details: Name, Contact Number, Email Address, Profile Picture

Professional Details: Educational Qualification, Current Job Information like Salary, job location, experience, updates resume, skills, specialization, languages known, job roles and responsibilities

Location Details: Current Job Location, Permanent as well as Current Address

Financial Details: We do not collect any financial information directly from user. All transactions are carried out through our payment gateway partners PayUMoney.

Job Details: We capture job opportunities from various sources like job portals, company career page, job consultants, jobs from social media like Linkedin, facebook etc. Due credits are given for such information

User Content: Reviews, testimonials, frequently asked questions, references

Users may also give us permission so that we can connect to their account on other platforms and we can collect personal information from such other sources. Such platforms may include Google, Twitter,  Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram,  LinkedIn etc. In case Users do not want us to collect data from such other platforms they may contact us via email or our social media platforms and remove our access to their personal information. In addition to this users also invite the non users to our platform by sharing our website details, contact number, email id, social media platforms, and link to google forms. We also collect personal data of such non users in a similar way so that we can support them with services. Also if you are making any payments on our website or through other payment channels like Bank Transfer, digital wallet transfer, debit or credit card, UPI etc, we may collect or process information regarding your transaction through your payment service provider. In some situations will may also collect your personal information through public sources.

We also keep record of interaction with our users ranging from information about our services, customer support etc. We also collect various other passive information through your devices like smartphones, internet services etc.

  • Metadata – IP address, computer and connection information, referring web page, standard web log information, language settings, timezone, etc.
  • Device Information – device identifier, device type, device plugins, hardware capabilities, etc.
  • Location – GPS position.
  • Activities – pages viewed, buttons clicked, time spent viewing, search keywords, etc.

How we use your Personal Information:

We may use your information for following purpose:

  • to provide information about out services
  • to regularly share with you all website updates like new features, new fields, new services etc
  • to provide technical as well other website or service support like responding to your queries or grievances
  • to promote other products and services which may be interest to you (including third party products and services)
  • to generate website statistics as well as internal data analysis so that we can enhance our platform as per the users requirement.
  • to ensure the compliance with legal regulations
  • in case the data is required or requested by the law
  • we also disclose your personal information to our third party service providers like webiste developers, hosting providers, server providers, email marketing and sms marketing service providers, analytics partners,  security partners etc
  • for other purpose like providing other third party products and services.

In case you have any queries or complaint about our privacy policies or about our process through which we use your personal information, do not hesitate to contact us at

Any changes or revision to these Privacy & Security Policies will be updated or posted on this page only and users are advised to refer the terms and policies on this page as authentic.

These “Privacy & Security Policies” will act as a binding agreement between the User (Both Candidates or Job seekers and Employers or Companies or Organizations or Recruiters) and ConstructionPlacements in addition to “Terms of Services” and will be applicable as soon as the user visits the website or starts using the services. ConstructionPlacements do not notify the users about these Privacy and Security Policies via pop-up windows or through any separate page or window or during registration or login process. These Privacy and Security Policies shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the judiciary of India or Indian Court of Law. Any dispute arising under these Terms of Services shall be subjected to the Pune jurisdiction of Indian Court of Law.

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