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Learn Bentley STAAD Pro Tutorial For Free on Udemy

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STAAD or (STAAD.Pro) is a 3D structural analysis and design software application initially developed by Research Engineers International in 1997. In late 2005, Research Engineers International was bought by Bentley Systems. It supports over 90 international steel, concrete, timber & aluminum design codes. Suppose you are keen to learn STAAD.Pro, kindly join the below discussed STAAD Pro tutorial for free on Udemy.


STAAD.Pro is the most basic STAAD option, including FEM analysis and physical modeling.

Simplify your BIM workflow by using a physical model in STAAD.Pro that is automatically converted into the analytical model for your structural analysis. Share synchronized models with confidence for multi-discipline team collaboration and, most importantly, deliver safe, cost-effective designs.

Why Learn STAAD.Pro Software

  • If you are a Civil Engineer or Structural Engineer, look no further than STAAD Pro for all structural analysis and design needs!
  • Given the popularity of STAAD Pro, students and graduates who know this tool have the upper hand in the job market.
  • From designing buildings that touch the sky to kilometers-long bridges, nothing is beyond your capabilities!

STAAD Pro Tutorial

Table of Contents


Bentley STAAD Pro v8i online course

As we are moving in the era of computers, it is becoming essential to learn different helpful software in civil engineering. As the world demands more beautiful, more robust, yet more superficial structures, engineers are leaning towards using software to try out different possibilities of the best outcome. Join this free STAAD Pro tutorial online to learn a basic introduction to STAAD Pro. One of the best free STAAD Pro courses online.

For Structural engineers, nowadays, manual calculations are becoming completed for analysis purposes for designing buildings of 80 stories or even 110 stories. BENTLEY’s STAAD-PRO v8i is a structural designing software used around the globe for this purpose.

The software consists of different STANDARD BUILDING CODES of many countries (e.g., China, USA, India, etc.) inbuilt. All play essential roles in respective countries as these are the standards set by them.

Users can Analyse and design;

  • Simple beams
  • 2d frame (multi-story)
  • 3d structures (multi-story)
  • Continuous beams
  • Truss/truss members
  • water tank
  • shear wall
  • bridges
  • etc.

It will take less than a month to learn software, but remember, it takes 3 to 4 months to master it. The course is constructed so that you will start from the very basics and might end up creating Burj Khalifa !!!

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Who this course is for;

You will learn to;

  • Use STAAD Pro v8i
  • Analysis and design of structures



  • English Language
  • STAAD Pro v8i Software
  • Standard building codes of the respective country

Course Syllabus for STAAD Pro Tutorial


  • About the Course
  • Details about program
  • Introduction to STAAD-PRO v8i
  • Basics of STAAD PRO v8i

Methodology and Geometry 

  • General Methodology of STAAD PRO v8i
  • Components of geometry & STAAD EDITOR method
  • Exercise on STAAD EDITOR method

Analysis of Structures

  • Analysis of simple beam
  • Analysis of simple beam (more challenging problem)
  • Activity on analysis of shaft, 1 page
  • Analysis of simple 2d frame
  • Analysis of 2d multi-story frame
  • Analysis of 3d frame
  • Exercise on Analysis of the frame, 1 Page

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