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Government Engineering Jobs | Application Deadlines [July 2024 Updated]

Last Updated on July 18, 2024 by Admin

The Latest Government Engineering Jobs Notifications were to apply in July 2024. Apply online for government civil engineering jobs for freshers and civil engineering govt jobs by clicking the below links.


Walk-In Interviews For Construction Jobs and Civil Engineering Jobs [July 2024 Updated]

Government jobs for civil engineer roles are highly sought after for their role in shaping public infrastructure and community development. On the www.constructionplacements.com website, you can get the latest government engineering jobs notifications, vacancy updates, and the latest and updated engineering jobs notifications of PSU companies in India. Kindly check the government jobs posted above and apply for them per the instructions. Recent graduates in civil engineering are increasingly exploring government jobs for civil engineering due to their stability and contribution to public infrastructure projects.

You can find the latest job requirements in India on our website here.


July 2024

RCFL Recruitment 2024 For Management Trainees | 158 Posts | 01-07-2024
NFL Recruitment 2024 for Management Trainees | 164 Posts | 02-07-2024
Ordnance Factory Nalanda Recruitment 2024 for Graduate & Diploma Apprentice | 03-07-2024
DVC Recruitment 2024 for Junior Engineers | 64 Posts | 04-07-2024
Powergrid Recruitment 2024 for Engineer Trainees | 435 Posts | 04-07-2024
DVC Hiring 2024 for Executive Trainees | 176 Posts | 07-07-2024
TNSTC Recruitment 2024 for Graduate, Diploma and Non Engineering Apprentices | 688 Posts | 08-07-2024
AIASL Walk-In for Jr. Officer, Handyman, Customer Service Executive & Other | 63 Posts | 09 to 13-07-2024
PSPCL Recruitment 2024 for Graduate/Technician Apprenticeship | 439 Posts | 10-07-2024
IIT Ropar Recruitment 2024 for Non-Teaching Posts | 41 Posts | 10-07-2024
UPMRCL Recruitment 2024 For Engineer and Architect | 12-07-2024
CEL Recruitment 2024 for Managers and Engineers | 30 Posts | 12-07-2024
GSPHC Recruitment 2024 for Graduate Apprentice | 36 Posts | 13-07-2024
IIT Gandhinagar Recruitment 2024 for Various Posts | 45 Posts | 15-07-2024
CSL Recruitment 2024 for Project Officer | 64 Posts | 17-07-2024
NMDC Recruitment 2023 for Executive | 81 Posts | 18-07-2024
BSPHCL Recruitment 2024 for Engineers, Managers and Others | 40 Posts | 19-07-2024
RCFL Recruitment 2024 For Graduate, Technician and Trade Apprentices | 165 Posts | 19-07-2024
HCL Recruitment 2024 for Supervisory (E0 Grade) | 56 Posts | 21-07-2024
JMC Recruitment 2024 for Engineers | 144 Posts | 21-07-2024
IPRC Recruitment 2024 for Apprentice | 50 Posts | 21-07-2024
RITES Ltd Recruitment 2024 for Engineering Professionals through Walk-in Interview | 66 Posts | 22 to 26-07-2024
SAIL Recruitment 2024 for Management Trainee (Technical) | 249 Posts | 25-07-2024
BEML Recruitment 2024 for Various Posts | 100 Posts | 30-07-2024
MECOM Recruitment 2024 for Engineers and Executives | 309 Posts | 31-07-2024
MSETCL Recruitment for Assistant Engineer (Transmission / Telecommunication) | 428 Posts | 31-07-2024
IFFCO Recruitment 2024 for Graduate Engineer Apprentice (GEA) | 31-07-2024

Most Essential eBook to Ace Your Civil Engineering and Construction Job Interview

Government civil engineering jobs provide engineers with opportunities to work on large-scale infrastructure projects that benefit the public. Find the list of the latest job vacancies and application forms for online application. We regularly post the latest recruitment notifications for almost all the  Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) companies.

In the search for a fulfilling career, many civil engineers consider government jobs for civil engineering positions due to their involvement in impactful and sustainable projects.

August 2024

NTPC Mining Ltd Recruitment 2024 for Various Posts | 144 Posts | 05-08-2024
IOCL Recruitment 2024 for Non-Executives | 476 Posts | 21-08-2024

Also, you can find the various mechanical engineering government jobs list, aeronautical engineering jobs, government jobs after engineering, engineering jobs in the government of India, and jobs after engineering for freshers.

This is one of the exhaustive lists of all the government jobs for engineers and civil engineering govt jobs. Kindly check and apply for engineering jobs, mechanical engineering jobs, civil engineering jobs for freshers, electrical engineering jobs, civil engineering jobs for freshers, and chemical engineering jobs in the government sector. Many civil engineering graduates are drawn to government jobs for civil engineering due to the job security and potential to work on diverse projects.”

You can easily find instrumentation engineering jobs in India’s government sector, as well as instrumentation and control engineering jobs here if you are an instrumentation engineer. We are listing here all the available government jobs for civil engineers.


Check and apply for the various government jobs for engineers in 2024, a list of government jobs for civil engineers, and central government jobs. The career fair highlighted various government jobs for civil engineer graduates, showcasing opportunities in urban planning, environmental management, and transportation systems.

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You can also find the engineering jobs vacancies for government civil engineering jobs for freshers in Mumbai and other cities in India with the links to apply online.

Apply for various government jobs for engineering graduates and government engineering jobs—list of government jobs for mechanical engineers and electrical engineers with and without gate examination.

You can find jobs in Maharashtra, civil engineering jobs in Maharashtra, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and other engineering jobs in the various state department of Maharashtra state.

eBook Downloads: 

As an engineering graduate, you can also look at government engineering jobs to make your career in government undertaking companies. Apply for civil engineering govt jobs.

If you are stuck in your job search, you can consider this Linkedin Job search Guide 2024` to find your dream job. Also, you can try these effective job search strategies to land a dream job offer for you.


The allure of government engineering jobs stems not only from the stability and prestige they offer but also from the competitive government engineering jobs salary. These roles are highly sought after due to their comprehensive benefits packages and the sense of contributing to public services and infrastructure.

For civil engineers, a list of government jobs for civil engineers pdf provides an extensive overview of available positions in various government sectors. This list typically includes roles in public works departments, urban planning, infrastructure development, and environmental projects. These documents are invaluable resources for civil engineers looking to enter the public sector.

Similarly, mechanical engineers can find a tailored list of government jobs for mechanical engineers pdf. These positions often involve work in areas like public transportation systems, government-operated manufacturing units, and defense. For electrical engineers, the list of government jobs for electrical engineers pdf outlines opportunities in energy departments, electrical maintenance of public infrastructure, and research roles.

Notably, there are also opportunities listed for government jobs for electrical engineers without GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering). These positions provide an alternative pathway for those who may not have taken or qualified in the GATE exam but still aspire to pursue a career in government services.

For recent graduates, govt jobs for mechanical engineers freshers are an excellent starting point for a rewarding career. These roles often provide hands-on experience and a platform for continual learning and professional development.

In the field of civil engineering, government civil engineering jobs are fundamental in shaping the nation’s infrastructure. These roles involve planning, designing, and overseeing the construction and maintenance of public facilities like roads, bridges, and water systems.

Engineering jobs in the government sector are diverse and cater to various specializations. From public health engineering to defense technology, these roles are integral to the development and maintenance of public services and infrastructure.

In specific regions like Maharashtra, government engineering jobs in Maharashtra offer a range of opportunities in state-run projects and initiatives. These positions are key in driving regional development and public welfare projects.

For those just beginning their careers, government engineering jobs for freshers present a unique opportunity to work on significant projects while gaining invaluable experience and contributing to the public sector.

Lastly, government engineering jobs in India are a cornerstone in the country’s development. These roles, spanning across various engineering disciplines, play a critical role in national projects, from urban development to rural infrastructure, making them a prestigious career choice for engineers in India.

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Civil engineering offers many career opportunities, particularly in the public sector. Government jobs for civil engineers are highly sought after due to their involvement in public infrastructure projects, urban development, and environmental sustainability. These positions, often found under titles like government jobs civil engineer or government jobs civil engineering, provide engineers with the chance to work on significant projects that have a lasting impact on communities and the environment.


Furthermore, government civil engineering jobs are known for offering stability, competitive salaries, and the opportunity to work on diverse projects ranging from transportation systems to water resource management. These roles are essential for maintaining and improving the nation’s infrastructure. Similarly, govt job civil engineering and govt jobs for civil engineer positions are available at various levels of government, from local municipalities to federal agencies, providing a wide range of opportunities for civil engineers to find their niche.

The demand for skilled professionals in this field is reflected in the availability of government job civil engineer and govt jobs of civil engineering postings on job boards and government websites. These roles often require expertise in areas such as structural analysis, project management, and environmental engineering. “Govt jobs for civil engineering” and “civil engineer job govt” positions are not only about the technical aspects of engineering but also involve a significant amount of public interaction and policy understanding.

Additionally, govt job civil engineer and civil engineer govt jobs emphasize the importance of civil engineers in government roles, where they are responsible for planning, designing, and overseeing the construction and maintenance of building structures and infrastructure. Govt jobs civil engineering and “govt jobs civil engineer” roles are critical in ensuring that the infrastructure is safe, efficient, and environmentally sustainable.

Lastly, government engineering jobs and govt jobs on civil engineering”encompass a broader spectrum of engineering disciplines but highlight the unique and vital role that civil engineers play in the government sector. These positions provide career satisfaction and contribute significantly to public welfare and the development of a nation’s infrastructure.

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