Tips to Keep a Project Under Budget

Tips and Advice for Keeping a Project Under Budget

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In today’s construction industry, with the demand for homes and buildings possibly higher than ever, it is important to complete jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is also important to keep a project under budget, as recent supply shortages have driven up the cost of building materials such as lumber, decreasing the profit margins for builders. With the pressure to reduce costs while completing projects quickly, consider the following tips for keeping a building project under budget.

1. Opt for Material Delivery

While having materials delivered to your job site will typically incur a fee, paying this fee may avoid some potential costs that you may not have considered.

For instance, if you are on a time crunch and have to interrupt the work of a skilled construction worker to pick up purchased materials, then you are paying that worker for their skill and expertise that they are not using while away from the job site.

Additional, just-in-time delivery, which involves having materials delivered only when they are needed and will be used within a short period, could save you money by avoiding excessing supplies and inventory, and reducing the risk of lost, stolen, or damaged items. It can be of big help when it comes to dealing with unforeseen last mile problems.

2. Consider Lumber Alternatives

Consider Lumber Alternatives

Over the past year, lumber prices have skyrocketed due to pandemic-related supply shortages. While prices are expected to decrease and stabilize over the next few years, it may be time to consider alternatives to using lumber as your primary construction materials.

ICF Construction, which stands for Insulated Concrete Forms, involves forming the exterior walls of a building using cast-in-place concrete that is poured between two insulating walls. Not only is this a more energy-efficient option for the heating and cooling of the finished building, but it also presents many benefits to the builder.

Of course, ICF construction significantly reduces the need for lumber, a hot commodity in today’s construction industry. It also decreases the number of steps and the amount of coordination involved in constructing the foundation and frame of a building. This speeds up the timeline for a project, which reduces labor costs.

3. Select Simple Design Choices

Simple Design Choices

Simple design and construction choices can reduce the amount of unnecessary labor and materials spent on adding features to a building or home. Opt for simplicity by choosing open floor plans and simple layouts. Also choose simple, affordable, and easy-to-install interior materials such as these acoustic office ceilings.

Choosing simple elements of your building projects is possibly one of the most effective ways to keep your project under budget. And, minimalist and open concept designs are the trend right now, so choosing simplicity will not disappoint.

4. Hire a Project Manager

hire a project manager

When your building company has multiple projects happening at once, it can be difficult to oversee all of them effectively. To improve the efficiency of your building projects, consider hiring a project manager. Having a staff member on board that dedicates all of his time to overseeing one project will help that project stay on-task, on time, and under budget. It will reduce headaches and workload for you and will improve the outcome of your building projects.

5. Look Into Construction Software

Look Into Construction Software

Construction software has the power to transform your job site. Here are some ways that you can use a construction software platform to keep your project under budget:

Keep Accurate and Updated Accounting Records

Construction software will store and track your expenses and costs so that you can predict the potential for exceeding your budget, and effectively making changes before it’s too late. They can also provide analytics that will help point to areas where costs could be reduced.

Their accounting records can also help you track staff time and labor so that you can ensure that worker’s salaries line up with the amount of work they are contributing to building projects.

Pay Attention to Data and Analytics

Good construction software will compile all of your project data into analytics that can be easily interpreted to make informed decisions that will improve the efficiency of your building process, and help you determine the project with the highest profit potential.

Looking into the data and analytics will also allow you to set realistic budgets for your projects. Verifying that your budget isn’t too low or too high by relying on data will allow you to maximize profit while producing high-quality work.

Streamline Collaboration Between Workers

The cloud-based construction software can be accessed from any device in any location. This means that many different workers and employees can easily access the software so that everyone will be on the same page regarding budget, progress, schedules, and more.

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