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Planning Engineer Job Description And Salary Details

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Planning engineers choose and improve the most appropriate economic models and engineering methods for projects. They operate in various fields such as civil engineering, construction, real estate, oil, and gas. Read more about the planning engineer job description, roles, and responsibilities in a construction company.



Planning Engineer Job Description

Planning engineers are expected at a construction site during an engineering project to monitor all stages of work and provide solutions. They work full-time and other construction professionals such as site managers, surveyors, and engineers to ensure a project runs on schedule and sufficient materials and construction equipment. They are comfortable working in dynamic work environments.

Planning Engineer Interview Questions; Free Online Practice Test

They decide and develop the most appropriate and economically feasible engineering and construction practices for projects. They are involved throughout the development stages and are present on-site during the build to oversee procedures.


The planning engineer is responsible for estimating a timeline for a given project and ensuring that the outlined deadlines are met as per the schedule.

They help engineering teams deliver projects on schedule. They develop strategies, determine material and labor costs, monitor crew performance, ensure health and safety regulations are obeyed, and open communications channels. They also interpret data, compile reports, and deliver presentations when required.

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This article is all about the planning engineer’s responsibilities and job description. We have also provided online courses for planning engineers offered by various prestigious universities and institutes.

Read to know about the planning engineer skills, role. You can also find here the planning engineer salary in India and abroad.


Various Job Title In Planning Engineer Job Profile

Following are the job titles or designations;

  • Junior Planning Engineer
  • Site Planning Engineer
  • Planning Engineer
  • Lead Planner 
  • Planning Manager
  • Project Control Lead

Roles and responsibilities of a Planning Engineer

  • Project Execution
  • Project Monitoring and Reporting
  • Project Coordination
  • Communication with Team and Stakeholders
  • Process Improvement

Following are the various responsibilities planning engineers need to perform on a day to day basis;

  • The planning Engineer’s role is to mainly support the Project Manager and Project team with information to execute the project in time and within the budget allocated. Project Managers use this information in making decisions for the smooth execution of the project.
  • He creates the information required by first detailing the activities involved in the project, fitting those in the timelines, calculating the materials, manpower, and machinery needed to execute these activities in the time frame decided.
  • In small projects, usually, they do almost all the office work that includes and is not limited to Hiring Contractors, Issuing Work Orders, Bill Certifications, client coordination, client billing,
  • Since there are always deviations in the plan, they also have to take periodic updates and revise the schedules to meet the targets.
  • Preparation of Project Schedule (Tools used: Primavera, MS Project, etc.,) covering the entire scope and within defined timelines
  • Calculating Optimal Material requirement, Manpower Requirement (of various trades) & Machinery Requirement
  • Plan for the budget required for the project and create various budget heads to document and monitor the expenses
  • Create Cashflow analysis (i.e., Expected billing (cash inflow) vs. Expected cash outflow)
  • Coordinate with various departments like Engineering (who provides working drawings), Procurement (who buys materials), Contracts (who awards contracts & raise any issues with the client), quality (who maintains ) & Commissioning Departments.

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  • Collect periodic updates and prepare daily, weekly and monthly updates of the project
  • Create variance reports (Schedule Variance and Cost Variance – usually Earned Value Method (EVM) is used for this) at various stages of the project to analyze deviations
  • Create Project Closing Reports and Learnings
  • Prepare various strategies for all planning activities for projects.
  • Maintain all asset investment plans and ensure compliance with capital expenditure.
  • Ensure accuracy for all operational requirements for projects and achieve all investment objectives.
  • Evaluate all system capacity and analyze all production requirements and system deficiencies.
  • Provide support to all operations and extension requests.
  • Manage work as per component technical resource for all Water System Plans and assist in preparing all capital plans and project requirements.
  • Analyze all engineering activities for all internal and external departments.
  • Prepare required presentations for all regulatory agencies.
  • Develop required to enhance the performance of planning projects.
  • Manage all communication and provide efficient feedback for all processes.
  • Ensure optimal utilization of all standard tools and processes.
  • Prepare plans and schedules for all project delivery.
  • Recommend appropriate improvements, ensure optimal quality of all project schedules, and evaluate reports.
  • Perform regular analysis of all schedule trends.
  • Maintain an efficient performance of all schedules, analyze all software tools, and assist in the transmission and distribution of various projects.
  • Administer all distribution and transmission systems.
  • Manage all customer sites and maintain product suite for all applications.
  • Evaluate all alternative transmissions for all distribution systems and install all required AMSC products.

Planning Engineer Skills

  • Planning and project management skills.
  • Strong multitasking abilities.
  • A valid driver’s license.
  • Strong analytical, critical, and logical thinking skills.
  • A sound understanding of safety protocols.
  • Ability to focus under pressure and meet deadlines

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Education Qualification

  • A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and technology
  • Engineering Diploma in Civil Engineering with at least 3-5 years of experience.
  • Employers generally seek three years of professional engineering experience and technical knowledge of project management software.

Software proficiency

To become a successful planning engineer, one must have proficiency in any commonly used project planning software.

  • Microsoft Office (MS Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and Access Database)
  • 3D Modeling software (AutoCAD)
  • Project Planning tools, i.e., MS Project, Primavera, or any project planning software.


Planning Engineer Salary

Average Salary In the US: $87,644 Per Year

Salary In India: INR 3,50,000 to 7,00,000 Per Year


Full-time planning engineers employed by large companies typically receive a benefits package that includes other allowances, paid vacations, and health insurance.

Courses For Planning Engineer

The following are top universities and colleges that offer the best online project planning and management courses.

Provided By the University of Virginia

provided By the University of California, Irvine

provided By the University of California, Irvine

MS Project: A Deeper Dive

Offered By Columbia University

Planning Engineers Preparation Course

Offered on Udemy


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