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A simple solution for all FRESHERS.

Last Updated on January 13, 2022 by Admin

Dear Fresher,

Only a suggestion, start your career with the right spirit. You all are complaining that there is no scope in India for fresher and especially for engineers. You are right, and this is how our education systems work here in India to produce more and more engineers every year.

But do not lose hope as there are other options to get into the job. If you cannot afford to go for higher education, I suggest you go for a half-year or full-year full-time internship program with or without pay but get into the work.

Government Engineering Jobs | Application Deadlines [ January 2022 Updated]

In the initial days of career planning, people are wasting a lot of time searching for a job, so be ready to compromise money or reward, focus on learning the industry’s trades, and present yourself in the new version with on-the-job training experience. You will indeed find new opportunities that are waiting for you.

Remember, when you remove ‘L’ from LEARN, it becomes “EARN.”

Best Luck!!!

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