Top Mistakes Which Are Leading To Procrastination

Top Mistakes Which Are Leading To Procrastination

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Procrastination is bad!

It makes you lose precious time when you have an essay to submit the next day. It makes you keep your studies to the very last minute. It makes you live on caffeine and sleep deprivation when you have to do last-minute tasks.

This is why we all wish to stop procrastinating and get to work. Then why? Even after reading through endless articles and the articles you could get, you end up procrastinating when you have that school essay to finish.

Maybe you are doing something wrong. If you procrastinate right now to find a solution to your problem, then you have reached the right place.

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about some of the mistakes you have been making, which are pushing you into the lane of procrastination.

Top Mistakes Leading To Procrastination

These are some of the common reasons why all your tricks to stop procrastinating are essentially failing whenever you are sitting with your assignment. However, if you are finding solutions to your essay writing procrastination, you can also rely on Fresh Essays.

1. Having A Huge To-Do List

Hard work leads to motivation leads to hard work! Whenever we are doing something productive, we wish to live by this motto. But, when we are highly energetic in the morning, our mind starts to play tricks.

We make long to-do lists, and by the end of the day, when we are not able to reach that goal, it depresses us. If we are trying to keep up with our motivation every day, we have to stop making unrealistic to-do lists.

Start with small to-do lists, and on completion, you will give yourself the motivation for the next task.

2. Giving Yourself Unrealistic Expectations

If you are putting too much on your plate at once, you are literally planning to fail. Especially if you have a small attention span and you cannot sit and concentrate on one task for hours on end.

First, do not give yourself unrealistic expectations. You cannot finish an entire essay in a day. So, you have to start early with your assignment. Second, be a pro at scheduling and divide your work accordingly.

If you are not known for completing that work in an hour, do not even try to. It is when you overwhelm yourself is when procrastination peeks in.

3. Sitting In A Cluttered Place

A cluttered place will only cause more distractions for you. There are too many items on his desk which are taking your mind off to other places. So, whenever you sit for your studies, ensure that you have your desk cleaned.

No fidgety toys, no books waiting to be read lying around, and especially not your phone, which is probably the biggest cause of distraction. No matter how much you are willing to not procrastinate, if you have procrastinating elements lying around, it will be easier to give in.

After all, giving in to your temptations is easier when you are dealing with a difficult task.

4. Not Prioritizing

When you are not prioritizing, you will not be able to distinguish between what is important and what is not. At times, even reading a chapter over and over again or spending days after days on research when you are supposed to start writing could be a form of procrastination on its own.

This is because you are not marking your ‘To Do list according to importance. As a result, you are exhausted after a task which doesn’t even pose that much importance to the overall productivity.

Before sitting with your work, we would suggest you evaluate your to-do list thoroughly and chuck the things which are not important.

5. Not Managing Distractions

Your distractions are poisons trying to hold you back from the many achievements that concentration can give. So, try to manage your distractions, especially the ones who are lying around.

For example, when you are starting with your essay, if you have a book that you have been reading lying around, it will be a temptation hard to resist. So, before you start writing or researching, keep the book on your bookshelf.

6. Not Understanding Your Own Body

Procrastination deals with many things in your life, and that can also be related to your health. There is nothing more important than your health, and your body is the key to any kind of hard work and success.


This is because your body and mind are related to each other, and if something goes wrong within one, the other one will not work properly. For instance, if you start progressing on your essay writing and you see that you are not feeling well, what will you do?

You will probably try to take some rest, and if the condition goes wrong, that will ultimately delay your important work. So, it’s better to understand your own body and consider an adequate diet and exercise and rest to keep it up with your work.

7. Giving Up Easily

If you think about the masters in every aspect, they hate the phase of giving up! They actually don’t think that there is an option like giving up exists. So, basically, giving up is not an option if you want to do something fantastic.

Obstacles are there in every work, and sometimes it might be unbearable, but your tendency will lead you to your ultimate success.

If you give up on your first attempt knowing that it needs to be completed by you, procrastination will occur prominently. So, it’s better not to give up easily and stay focused on your tasks. A little progress every day will help you to fight procrastination.

Planning Is Everything!

Yeah! That’s true!

Is there any exception to a proper plan?

If you have a proper plan, you will have a chance to win after all! Plan and proceed, and that is the key!

The above-mentioned mistakes are going to be the exposure to procrastination in your work. So, it’s better to avoid these mistakes and make yourself up to date with your daily routines.

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