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LinkedIn For Job Search: How to Find Jobs On LinkedIn In 2023

Last Updated on May 13, 2023 by Admin

When it comes to finding a job online, undoubtedly, LinkedIn is the best professional social media platform and a powerful job search tool. LinkedIn lets us directly connect with the job provider/recruiter to get better insights into the job requirements.


LinkedIn allows employers to post job openings to the site (like any online job board), and you can search for these openings using the job search tool.

LinkedIn also allows you to use your connections to find new positions and ask for recommendations. Additionally, you can follow companies, so you’ll always be notified of their latest LinkedIn posts.

You can search and find jobs on LinkedIn from the LinkedIn Jobs search tool. This space is mainly spammed by various recruitment and placement consultants who post duplicate positions several times. So, it is challenging and frustrating to find genuine and quality jobs directly assigned by the company recruiters and job consultants.


To make your LinkedIn jobs search process more fruitful and engaging, we have created an effort to provide you with something valuable to search for the quality and authentic jobs posted by the companies and genuine recruitment/placement consultants.

Kindly check below the effective strategies to find your desired jobs on Linkedin.

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Jobs through LinkedIn Jobs Search Tool

LinkedIn does not post all these jobs; the companies recruiters and recruitment consultants post them.

Steps to follow

  • Click on the Jobs icon (Visit: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/)  at the top of your LinkedIn homepage while login into your LinkedIn account.


  • Type a job title, keyword, or company name in the search jobs field. Keep in mind that you can use Boolean search modifiers to help refine your job search.
  • You can use the Search location field to type a city name, state/province/territory name, or country name. A drop-down list will appear where you can select your desired location. Your preferred location may be pre-filled for you, but it can be updated by typing a different one into the text box.
  • Click Search.


  • Use the filters at the top of the page to further refine your search by Date Posted, LinkedIn Features(including In Your Network, Under 10 Applicants, and Easy Apply), Company, Experience Level, etc. Click All filters to view additional filter options to make it more perfect on how to find jobs on LinkedIn.
  • You can click the Sort by drop-down at the top of your search results to sort your search results by Relevance or Post Date.
  • The number of days the job has been posted is listed at the bottom of each job summary.
  • Click a job title to view the job details.
  • Click Easy Apply or Apply (options may vary). Learn more about applying for jobs on LinkedIn.

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Jobs through User-generated content

LinkedIn is the largest professional network, so that you will find all the stuff written by LinkedIn users. You can find the particular things by typing the keyword in the search box and type of content to find the content written on your specific topic or interests.

Many recruiters also post the jobs in posts and content, so you can also follow the recruiters from the area of your interest to get the regular feed of the post related to jobs from them.


In the above picture, you can see that I have put construction as a search term; after clicking search on the top menu bar of LinkedIn, it shows a total of 492,594 results, and also gave me some preference to choose from, like People, Jobs, content, companies, schools, and groups. Similarly, you can search for any search term and narrow it down by selecting your desired broad time.

To search content (job), write a career in the search box, and click on the content. You will get a list of all the contents (jobs) posted by the recruiters and other LinkedIn users. As shown in the above picture, if you type “civil engineer jobs India” and hit search, you will get a feed of civil engineer job content. You can narrow down your search by using the filter option shown in the picture to perfect how to find jobs on LinkedIn.

linkedin search box

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Use LinkedIn Hashtags For Job Search

Hashtags on LinkedIn help you discover topics and interests most relevant to you and allow you to engage with them. All hashtags start with a # sign, followed by a keyword or phrase. Examples of hashtags include #job, #Careers, or #employment.

Hashtag URL: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/hashtag/india/

Just replace the last word with the hashtag term you want to search for the result.


We have compiled the best #Hashtags below the top to find jobs and career opportunities. Click on the hashtags to get the live feeds of the content posted on LinkedIn.

Kindly follow them to get the daily live feeds of the relevant and latest jobs posted by the companies and recruiters.

The number of followers counts keeps on changing. We have recorded these counts on 22nd May 2022.

#Hashtag Followers
#career  499,101
#careers  22,217,807
#education 9,574,918
#employment  41283
 #employmentopportunities  6,861
 #fresher  325,756
  #fresherjobs  16,100
  #freshers  179,955
  #freshersjob  15,062
  #freshersjobs 17,312
  #hiring  1,885,665
  #hiringandpromotion  10,174,997
  #hiringnow 27,900
  #india  68,002,882
  #interns  14145
  #internship 194,655
  #internships 39,513
  #internshipopportunity  34134
  #internshipprogram  9528
  #interview  114,776
  #interviews  17014
  #interviewtips  12296
  #job 607,033
  #jobinterview  6662
  #jobinterviews  14,449,816
  #jobopening  117,428
  #jobopenings  28674
  #jobs 2,200,429
  #jobsearching 31,758
    #jobseekers 1,002,878
    #jobsindubai 42,686
    #jobsinuae 45,028
    #jobslisting 14148
  #jobvacancies 30,473
    #jobvacancy 48,670
    #openings 76731
    #opportunities 41,202
    #opportunity 60,035
    #recruiter 142876
    #recruiting 696175
    #recruitment 1,615,484
    #recruitmentjobs 65,453
    #vacancy 1,45,459

Final Words

I hope you are clear with the ideas mentioned above on effectively searching for jobs on LinkedIn. Kindly follow the same steps to land your dream job in 2023.

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