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Missed the Campus Placements? How to search for your dream job?

Last Updated on March 25, 2021 by Admin

Suppose you are recently graduated or studying in your final year of the degree course and missed the campus placement opportunity for some inevitable reasons. And. now you are in the open job market, struggling to find your dream job through lateral entry for your survival and for paying hefty education loan EMIs you or your parents have taken for your study. Kindly read this article to learn about how to search for your dream job


Nowadays, because of the saturation in engineering and management education in India, it isn’t easy to find a suitable job with decent pay on your own. 

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It is challenging but not impossible. We have come across many candidates who are begging for the job. After paying huge fees close to 12-15 lakhs to earn a management or postgraduate degree, people are ready to work for a salary of 15 to 20 thousand rupees per month. 


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Most candidates don’t know how to find a job for themselves. They are very much ignorant and only dependent on the campus placement cell. The placement department has its limitations. They might have made quite a good no. of vacancies, but they do not fulfill each student’s placement demand.

Some students accept the offer, and after 3-4 months, they call the placement cell asking for a better opportunity. They want a job with a big fat salary and don’t want to work and stop improving themselves. But lastly, they are the lucky ones who got placed.

 Particularly new joiners have the following issues;

  • Salary issues
  • Location Preference
  • Job profile (roles and responsibilities) offered by the company

There are other issues, but these are the significant issues 90% of the students complain about.

 What about the others? Those who don’t get placed through campus placements. If you are unemployed and not getting a job, then there is some problem, and you only need to find it out. 

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Whether you are not competent enough, you have some educational insufficiency, or may not be on the right track towards your job-hunting mission.

 Following are the few points we would like to suggest for effective job searching. These are the standard techniques most of the job aspirants uses.

  • Upload your resume on all the leading Job portals and collect all JDs from Linkedin, Naukri, Monster, Glassdoor, Timesjobs, Times ascent, and the local newspaper ads. Also, 
  • Upload your resumes on job consultant’s websites. i.e.Randstad, hector & Streak etc.
  • Upload your resume to every company you want to work from your field.
  • Read all the Job description (JD) for the post you apply for or which befits your profile.
  • Try to understand the job requirement and prepare yourself accordingly and update it in your resume.
  • Accumulate all the related keywords associated with the various Job description and implant it into your resume, most of the recruiters uses keyword for filtering resumes from job portals.
  • Join a Linkedin group, LinkedIn Pages, Facebook pages, and Job communities related to your job field.
  • Improve on your technical and soft-skills
  • Search for new jobs from all the job portals and apply for the job which befits your profile.
  • Keep in touch with your seniors or friends working in the same industry domain.
  • Approach job consultants; you can easily find them on Naukri, Timesjobs, and Linkedin or Google it; you can take their help for job searching.

Remember, after implementing all the above-listed tips, there is no guarantee that you will land a job, but we are sure that repeating these steps and improving upon your job searching skills will land your dream job for sure.

Final Words

If you check LinkedIn, you will find many job seekers’ stories about their struggles & difficulties during their job search journey. Learn from their mistakes and refine your job search strategy to land a job for you. Hope this write up on How to search for your dream job will fire some confidence to make your job search journey more rewarding.

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Best Luck!!

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