How to position a real estate website

How to position a real estate website

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“Let’s talk about Search Marketing”.


How can you position a real estate website, a housing­ development, or a specific real estate product?

I must start by reiterating that not all positioning is SEO or SEM, although it will be the main strategy that we will focus on in this article. Neither are social networks a panacea, less if they are used as the main pillar and not as another channel, very necessary, but only if it is combined with other marketing strategies.

All positioning techniques or “Search Marketing” tools must form part of the main marketing strategy and must be included in a real estate and corporate marketing plan.


How to position a real estate website

It is very important to hire a professional with experience in this sector since they must be responsible for studying, planning, and executing or delegating each tool, including positioning tools, at the right time and with the necessary resources.

For example, trying to compete directly with SEO positioning for a product, which is already or is similar to others that advertise in SkyMarketing , can be a difficult wall to penetrate even with the brute force of Blackhat, since it is the best strategy but the one that takes the longest to give results.

And you should already know that in this sector time is a very valuable resource and measuring it well, can be the difference between staying with three houses hanging or selling everything and starting another project.

For this, the arsenal must be used with intelligence and experience, injecting proportional parts (as revealed by our audit) the resources in SEO, SEM, Local SEO, localization, and very fine segmentation of potential clients with studies of Market Anthropology and some that another “trick” of database tracking, incisive training of sales agents, creation of an outdoor advertising campaign and branding, depending on the project, an investment in photography or renderings.

“Let’s talk about Segmentation”.

I assume that if you are reading this article you are in one of these 3 Profiles:


1- Real Estate Owner or Real Estate Agent.

2- Real Estate Developer.

3- Responsible / Marketing Technician / SEO or Curious.

By logic? NO, because I have optimized it to reach you.

“Defining the objectives” is a term that makes me laugh …

Because more a client has confused it with segmenting potential clients, when really what it refers to is setting commercial goals. Who does not consider reaching “X” goals on “X” dates? and the bigger the company and the more positions are delegated, the more responsible there is and the greater the pressure exerted on the bottom to get them.

This is a very big mistake that I see on a daily basis in many agencies. How they hire salespeople who were previously cold doors or call centers and now “experts in social networks and….” without adequate preparation or not, because they can be very good professionals, but they alone cannot achieve much and very frequently, this becomes a waste of resources with a negative return.


Today the market forces us to train and specialize, and hiring niche professionals is no longer an option, it is an obligation.

When a company hires us for Real Estate SEO, it does so because we offer a comprehensive real estate marketing consulting service, but be careful, we are very clear about our work and we have hired or subcontracted all the experts we need for it.

Previous steps to position a real estate website:

Please think big. SEGMENT is the word you have to focus on.

How is it segmented? In 2021, real estate sales are determined by these factors:

– Study the market thoroughly based on the product.

There are MANY possibilities if you know where and how to look. If there is a thriving market in the world today, it is the market for data. An expert in Analytics, Facebook Ads, etc … can give you an idea, but when you use big data and enter the field of market research anthropology, it is when you can observe to what extent large corporations collect data from each of us and have up to 2,000 data insights for each profile. It is something chilling, I know because they know more about you than you do, but it is also an opportunity that we must take advantage of because data is available.

All these ethnographic, sociological, economic, circumstantial, and behavioral data have to be combined in nodes that end up performing a very fine segmentation, and applying consumer neuromarketing can be highly effective.

– Position the product.

We assume that all the resources and timing for each strategy and tool have already been established in the general marketing plan. At this point, I have to say that 70% of sales come from segmented users who have been attacked through direct strategies such as remarketing, etc. The other 30% is achieved by indirect impacts with the product via search marketing, outbound, exterior, etc … and this is where SEO positioning comes in.

Let’s put the SEM positioning aside now since although it is effective up to 90% in other sectors, in real estate it stops at a maximum of 75%, which is enough, but we must try to exhaust all the possibilities by combining strategies.

Here comes the SEO positioning, local SEO, branding, etc … As you should already know, SEO, with some exceptions, takes time to take effect, and when we apply it to a new product more. I mean that this strategy should be applied to a company as soon as it is born or, failing that, as soon as possible.


Why? How does SEO positioning affect a real estate company?

Let’s put ourselves in the situation of a home developer, which already has some importance for internet search engines since it has been working on its branding and the positioning of its website for years.

The normal thing is that for each promotion of flats that you build, create a new domain and a new website, with this you have to be very careful because if you do not know how to do it well, this new website will stop taking advantage of all the relevance of the company matrix.

If, on the other hand, satellite websites or subdomains are created and a good link is made, they can give a quite appreciable boost when it comes to appearing in searches, of course, if a good technical SEO has been done before.

– Data analytics / in parallel with a sales funnel or funnel.

A high percentage of success will depend on how we interpret the data that all these strategies reveal to us. Many factors will depend on this analysis and the ability to segment them, such as the efficiency in the expenditure of economic resources and timing.

– Detect and segment

Segmentation not only depends on locating highly potential targets but on which marketing strategy to use with each one.

A very important factor that most real estate companies ignore, is loyalty, ¿? Yes, buddy, there are a number of investment home buyers that would surprise you.

– Customize the campaign for each individual

It must be borne in mind that each buyer has a few phases to finish the purchase and we have detected the following customs and processes in the purchase of a home in 2020 and 2021. This is where inbound + remarketing (by attraction), SEO (by omnipresence), neuromarketing (by adaptation), etc. … We explain all these processes here.

– Market resilience

There is no perfect product, for the perfect customer, in the perfect market with the perfect strategy. We must accept that the market is dynamic, and we must accept that everything is changing and at a faster rate.

The adaptation factor must be taken into account. From experience, we can affirm that it is very difficult for a project, no matter how much it is planned and prepared, must always have a margin for change and adaptation. Everything in this life is always subject to improvement.

Be patient, all these factors are important to talk about the main topic of this article and with them, it is easier to understand it.

How to position a real estate website

“Let’s talk about SEO Real Estate positioning”.

The main thing is to know the big brands that have a monopoly on Google’s SERPs.  Real estate portal competes if you enter their land.

Have you stopped to look at the tajarat blog? The amount of relevant content that is uploaded to the network daily is crazy. They have a huge team of SEOs, copywriters, etc … who produce what your blog does in a year per day. It is difficult to compete globally, you have to do it locally.

Forget about positioning yourself with keywords such as “apartment for sale “, “home rental”, or even KW longtails such as “buy a 3-bedroom apartment on the beach”. Because they have all these keywords, and these portals have enormous relevance. In addition, we must add to this that real estate agencies massively use this channel to mediate with their homes.

After positioning the website another main concern is attracting customers to your product. Your website is your showcase and your tireless 24h salesperson. It is also your most valuable tool right now in 2021, also from where you project your image, you’re branding to the world and it is the main platform that will launch and receive your marketing strategy.

With all these responsibilities, what will make the difference between you selling and your competition not, is that you worry, invest and allocate the necessary resources to be functional, aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and to fulfill the function of attracting the buyer or the landlord to your phone or your office.

The more targeted traffic that goes into your funnel, the more you’ll sell – that’s math. Now, you must know through the channels that your potential buyers will enter you since this defines your marketing strategy, although sometimes you are surprised by the results that other channels give you and other strategies that you did not expect would. These are the 8 channels that Google filters in its Google Analytics software and that every professional worth its salt must constantly monitor:

Your website receives traffic through these 8 channels:

REFERRAL: Referral traffic, are the users who enter your website from another site that links you, either with an advertisement of a home, or a link in the text, etc.

ORGANIC: Organic traffic, is the traffic that enters because your website has appeared in a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc … It is the most valued and most difficult traffic to get and for which you have heard the term ” SEO positioning”, which is the practice in charge of ensuring that your website or your video appears in the top positions of the search engine ranking, as well as being free.

DIRECT: Direct traffic, is the traffic that enters because your name has been placed directly in the browser and it is achieved when a brand is well known, or references are given on the site to be searched.

SOCIAL: Social media traffic, it is the traffic that your social media strategy, Facebook, Instagram, etc. attracts to your website.

PAID: Paid traffic for ads, like SEO Positioning, this marketing strategy consists of giving visibility to your site in search engines or other platforms by paying for ads to appear in the most relevant results. It is called SEM Positioning and depending on which marketing plan is determined in your business, it can be one of the most effective strategies.

DISPLAY: These are the visits you receive from advertisements on other websites or other marketing campaigns.

EMM: Email Marketing, these are the visits you receive provided by email, remarketing, and e-commerce campaigns by email.

OTHERS: These are the residual visits that are usually scarce and are determined by other channels that are not the above and are very difficult to determine.

What channels bring more traffic to a real estate website?

REFERRAL: Reference traffic.

We have clients who let us work and link their website to strategic sites that report significant referral traffic and therefore a high percentage of their sales enter through this channel. Keep in mind it is very segmented traffic because it usually comes from another website specialized in the real estate sector.

ORGANIC: Organic traffic.

This is the toughest strategy when it comes to positioning a real estate business since the general market and search engine rankings are monopolized by large firms. But if you work well in a LOCAL way, it is one of the main strategies that you should work on given its effectiveness and its cumulative branding.

It is one of the real estate marketing strategies that we work with the most and I think that few agencies are effective. Against it, saying that it is a slow strategy and that the sooner you start working, the sooner it will bear fruit and once it does, it is difficult for anyone to lower you from the top positions in the search engines.

DIRECT: Direct traffic.

Direct traffic is supposed to come in when someone “knows” your name and that only the big brands do, but nothing is further from the truth. By working on a good BRANDING and achieving by other means the universality of your brand in the environment you want, you can achieve and therefore the traffic that this will bring you.

SOCIAL: Traffic from social networks.

The great failure of all real estate and promoters. Unfortunately, a huge number of Digital Marketing “Agencies” have been born which do not go beyond social strategies. CREATING A FACEBOOK PROFILE AND ANOTHER INSTAGRAM PROFILE IS NOT MARKETING, it is using a marketing strategy that we do not normally advise for Real Estate Marketing. In any case, it could be one more supplement, but Real Estate marketing goes far beyond social networks.

PAID: Traffic paid for ads.

SEM positioning is almost mandatory nowadays especially in the construction sector and for certain real estate campaigns. Before acting, you have to study the product you want to sell and, based on that, choose to dedicate certain resources to this strategy.

It is highly effective if the ad is OPTIMIZED and reaches an audience that has previously been studied and detected as a potential home buyer, BEWARE of this.

DISPLAY: Ad traffic on other websites.

It is the result of a good expansion as a result of a good real estate marketing plan. As an experience with our clients, we will say that it is effective and attracts considerable traffic.

EMM: Email Marketing and its derived traffic.

This strategy is imperative for any real estate agency that wants to continue competing today to work. We can boast of having contributed to our client’s enough sales and a lot of acquisition of homes for sale or rent by this method. If done right, it can logically be a high source of traffic for your real estate business.


These are the residual visits that are usually scarce and are determined by other channels that are not the above and are very difficult to determine.

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