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Can Airport Scanners Detect Disposable Vapes

Can Airport Scanners Detect Disposable Vapes?

Last Updated on November 11, 2022 by Admin

Are you travelling to the airport with your vape? This blog gives you brief information about airport scanners and the policies of airlines. As it is widely observed, vapes are of two types; rechargeable and disposable, but mostly, disposable vapes are common in use.

A ready-to-use vape device with no customisation needed is known as a disposable kit. It is a non-rechargeable device that is already filled with e-liquid. This vape is common in use due to no maintenance required to use it.

Airport Scanners Can Examine Vape Kit:

Yes, in the UK, airport scanners can inspect disposable vape kits. Scanners in airports can examine disposable kits in your luggage. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the restrictions of the airlines. According to those restrictions, you can only put your vape kit into the luggage, but you cannot vape at the airport or on the plane.

Although there are many airlines, and each of them has its own regulations, most commonly, no one is allowed to vape in the airport. Following is a comprehensive detail of it.

Can We Vape In Airport Or Plane?

It is a clear no to vaping on a plane, as it is banned to use vape kits on a plane or even at the airport. But you can put your vape kits in the luggage to carry. Once you have arrived at a terminal, you cannot vape until you reach your destination. Some airports in the UK have specified smoking areas, but they are far away from the terminal. Although vaping does not cause passive smoke, it is still not allowed to use vape kits other than in smoking zones.

Specific Policies Of Airlines About Vapes:

While bringing your disposable vape with you in the luggage is allowed, vaping on the airline is prohibited. There are airlines, e.g., Emirates, British Airways, Jet2, etc., which announce a specific policy regarding vapes. Some of these are as follows:

  • British Airways:

E-cigarettes are not allowed on board, but you can carry them in your hand luggage.

  • Jet2:

All the equipment of lithium batteries, including disposable vape devices, are restricted to use while on board, but you can put them into your baggage.

  • Emirates:

All Emirates flight individuals must be non-smokers. They are not permitted to use electronic cigarettes of any kind on board or in flight as well.

  • TUI:

You are not allowed to use any portable electronic device with you, including vape kits.

  • Easy Jet:

All e-cigs and more than two spare batteries make trouble for you while onboarding.

Suggestions To Follow:

If you do not follow the regulations and policies of airlines, you might face penalties and fines in return. Therefore, to avoid this situation, the following are some suggestions to follow:

  • As vapes have lithium batteries that may catch fire, therefore it is suggested to put them in the carry-on baggage.
  • It is recommended to use disposable vapes as they are convenient to carry and hold since all components are built-in within the device.
  • Although you can take your vape on the flight, different airlines have restricted the number of vapes you can take with you. In most cases, 15-20 Elf Bar disposable kits are allowed in the luggage. You cannot take more than the restricted quantity of vapes.

Cap-up Lines:

Based on the above detail, it is clearly seen that the scanners integrated with the airports’ systems can detect disposable vapes; however, it is not prohibited to put vape kits in the luggage, but you are not allowed to vape in an airport unless there is a specific section to vape.

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