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Get unlimited access to 3,000 Plus online courses on Coursera

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Online courses are taking over the world of education. Coursera is one of the many online services that offer various courses and lectures. Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill or just want to brush up on something, Coursera has the perfect course for you. They provide lectures and assignments that are different from any other learning experience.


Pursue your goals and passions with Coursera Plus

Get unlimited access to over 3000 plus courses, Guided Projects, Specializations, and Professional Certificates on Coursera plus, taught by top instructors from leading universities and companies. You can enroll in the Coursera courses for free.

What is Coursera?

Coursera is an American massive open online course (MOOC) provider founded in 2012 by Stanford University’s computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller that offers massive open online courses, specializations, degrees, professional and master track courses.

Today, Coursera is a global online learning platform that offers anyone, anywhere, access to online courses and degrees from leading universities and companies.


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What kinds of Courses does Coursera offer?

Coursera education offers courses like construction management courses to data science online courses from the world’s best universities and companies like Yale, Duke, Google, Facebook, and more. Coursera also offers online degrees in public health, computer science, and other various domains.

While each course or degree program leans more academic than infotainment (which is more MasterClass’ domain), you can learn about virtually anything on the platform.

You can join the Coursera data science courses offered by various prestigious universities and companies.

Explore and join the Coursera digital marketing courses, business management, maths & logic, and other Coursera language courses. Kindly check the courses list for the best courses on Coursera.



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Is Coursera free?

Most courses are free to audit, but students don’t get access to graded homework assignments or certificates of completion when they’re auditing a course.

How much do Coursera courses cost?

Courses can range from $50 to hundreds of dollars, depending on the type and topic. The site also offers Coursera Plus, a $399 annual subscription that gives its members unlimited access to over 90% of the e-learning platform’s online courses (over 3,000 classes).

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Why Learn On Coursera?

Through Coursera’s online learning platform, you can Learn from 170+ leading universities and companies. Get unlimited access to 3,000+ courses, Guided Projects, Specializations, and Professional Certificates with Coursera Plus.

Learn anything: Explore any interest or trending topic, take prerequisites, and advance your skills

Save money: Spend less money on your learning if you plan to take multiple courses this year (2021)


Flexible learning: Learn at your own pace, move between multiple courses, or switch to a different course

Unlimited certificates: Earn a certificate for every learning program you complete at no additional cost.


Coursera Plus Offers

Unlimited access to 3,000+ world-class courses, hands-on projects, and job-ready certificate programs for one all-inclusive subscription price.


Coursera Plus, an annual subscription, provides access to over 3,000 courses, Specializations, Professional Certificates, and Guided Projects and is ideal for learners interested in taking multiple courses to start or advance their careers.
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Coursera Plus includes content from world-class universities and companies such as Yale, Duke, Google, Facebook, etc. A Coursera Plus subscription breaks down to less than $1 a day with this special promotional price!


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