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Digital Skills to Enhance your Career Prospects, Motivation, and Emotional Wellbeing

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Aim to boost your career and learn about digital skills, work-life balance, emotional intelligence, and motivation at work. join this free online course offered by Coventry University to make your life easier in this Pandemic era by developing Digital Skills to enhance your career Prospects, Motivation, and Emotional Wellbeing.


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Find practical ways of coping with the challenges of work

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged millions around the world to adjust to new ways of working.

This program of courses aims to help you enhance your digital skills, stay motivated, better understand your colleagues, and make the most of your time at work.


Develop the digital skills employers are looking for in the 2020s

The world of work is changing rapidly. The pandemic has accelerated and exposed a need for everyone to develop better digital skills regardless of where they work.

In this program, you’ll explore core in-demand digital skills, set goals for your professional development, as well as learn how to create an online resume, CV, and professional presence.

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Enhance your emotional intelligence to improve your wellbeing

Technological change is impacting not only where people work, but also how employees engage with their colleagues and how businesses relate to, motivate, and engage their staff.

This program will enable you to delve deeper into the value of emotional intelligence for employee wellbeing in the digital workplace.

You’ll explore how emotional intelligence helps us to understand ourselves and others, resolve conflict, and build better relationships.

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Increase your productivity

You’ll also consider the impact these changes may have on employee engagement and motivation, and discover strategies to keep you and your team productive.

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Better understand the behavior of your colleagues, managers, and direct reports

You’ll be introduced to key approaches, concepts, and issues around organizational behavior and how it impacts you as an employee or manager.

By the end of the program, you should feel equipped with the emotional intelligence and business understanding you need to stay engaged, effective, and productive.

Courses on this program

  • Overview: 4 courses
  • Duration: 10 weeks
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1. Career Skills for the 2020s: Navigating the Online World of Work

Find your purpose and identify the career skills you need to upskill in your sector or to seek a new job online.

2. Motivation and Engagement in an Uncertain World

Supporting you to thrive at work during the coronavirus outbreak.


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