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9 Really Obvious Ways to Redesign Your Construction Logo

Last Updated on October 15, 2021 by Admin

Your construction logo speaks volumes to the clients who see it. This is how any successful construction business stands out from its competitors, and a good logo goes a long way to secure more business.

When creating an excellent logo for your construction company, there are certain important aspects to consider. Read this before creating a new logo, or revamping your old one.

Identify Your Message

Before you move into the realm of logo design, ask yourself what single-line message you want to convey. Here are some examples:

  • We are an affordable, reliable, and fast home construction company!
  • We specialize in handyman tasks!
  • We are out-of-the-box thinkers and love to embrace creative freedom!
  • We know how to interpret your vision and deliver on that vision in unexpected ways!
  • We can make great suggestions that will inspire you!

These and other messages must be prominent in your logo. You can use your font, images, shapes, and colors to convey your message. Here are more in-depth ways of doing so.

Find Templates

There are excellent construction logo templates that are already designed for your exact industry. These can be tweaked and changed to suit your brand and your message.

Another good reason to shop through logos like these, is that they inspire loads of creativity. Get some great ideas and you’ll find yourself much closer to designing the perfect logo for your construction business.

Consider a Mascot

Representing your construction company brand with a character happens to be one of the most effective ways to come across as relatable. A face—whether that of an animal, cartoon character or a person—makes your company seem more ‘human’, and that builds immediate trust with your audience.

Get creative with this concept. A face can be incorporated in many different ways into your construction logo, and you can further develop your message with this.

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Focus on Your Core

Your logo should also depict your main function within the construction industry. If your main business happens to roof, then incorporate that into your branding.

Images like chimneys, specialized building tools, swimming pools and office buildings can all send the right message if they represent your core service. This also enables your audience to identify you for the right job they want done.

For instance, if you’re a house builder, you don’t want to mislead your perfect customer with a logo that has little to nothing to do with houses.

Old Fashioned or Modern?

Clients are on the lookout for two main types of builders respectively. One is a modern builder, and the other is an old-fashioned type of builder. Depending on the customer, they will resonate with either a modern logo, or one that depicts old fashioned construction.

Test your construction logo idea out on others before deciding on it. Ask them what message—modern or old fashioned—your logo is expressing.

Take Note of Colors

Color sends its own message. Each color conjures up different emotions in the minds of your audience, so you want to get this part of your construction logo just right.

Learn these subtleties about colors and use them to create a logo that speaks your message whenever someone sees it. This will also help you to appeal to the right part of your audience at all times.

Balance and Structure

Shapes, balance and structure all play a part in logo design. And these elements bring a certain message across without people realizing it. Circles may indicate completion, while squares will speak to seriousness & accuracy.

Triangles will usually give off a sense of complexity, and diamonds will signify quality. There are many ways you can arrange shapes in your construction logo, and each combination carries its own set of messages.

In the same way, a balanced (or symmetrical) logo will say something different to a haphazard one. It’s all about how you perceive your construction or handman business, and allowing your logo to follow suit.

Showcase Your Local Flare

It’s always a good idea to add something local to your construction logo. This shows people that you are working in THEIR area, and also invokes a sense of relation between your customer and your business.

You can incorporate local elements into your log by familiarizing yourself with an existing logo, landmark or flag that people in your area identify with. You can also use the same colors as your reference to make it obvious where you are and what you represent.

Play around—and good luck!

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