Glazed Brick Slips

Glazed Brick Slips: Colour Trends and Ideas

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Many homeowners patronize brick slips because of their stunning colors and designs. Because of its popularity, many manufacturers started to launch their glazed brick slips in different colors. With the number of brick slips suppliers, you must choose the one that could give you quality products and services.


Glazed brick slips are continuously becoming more popular because of the sophistication and uniqueness they offer to the building. These are possible without removing the contemporary feel of your brock house.

Understanding Glazed Brick Slips

Understanding glazed brick slips is the first step to knowing what application and color you may want to use. Brick slips are those thin veneers or tiles designed for brickworks. This is used to create unique house designs without exposing authentic brickwork.


On the other hand, glazed brick slips are bricks that have been glazed, giving a shinier and smoother appearance. Unlike traditional brick slips, this one can make your home look more modern and nicer.

Best Color Combinations and Ideas for Glazed Brick Slips

The color of your brick accent can significantly impact the style and feel of your home. While the right color can brighten up a space and bring in natural light, the wrong color can make a room feel closed in and dark. Take some time to browse design galleries online to think for different glazed brick color combinations and ideas. You can find the right accent color for your home’s interior design.

Here are some of the best-glazed brick slips color combinations and ideas you may consider:

Yellow Glazed Brick Slips

Any traditional-looking wall will outstand when you replace them with yellow glazed brick slips. In most cases, glazed brick slips in yellow offer a smooth rustic look. You can use this for kitchen walls as its color can brighten any area.

Red Brick Slips

Red glazed brick slips are popular among many homeowners because they can give your property a modern look without removing its traditional appeal. This brick color is versatile and can be paired in any interior wall design.


White Glazed Brick Slips

If you want to achieve a sleek, clean, and minimalist home look, you will never go wrong with using white glazed brick slips. White adds a neutral tone to any color. This color of glazed brick slips is famous for a modern style of homes because of its sleek tone free from blemishes.

Combining Multiple Colors in One Glazed Brick Slip

Other manufacturers also offer multi-colored glazed brick slips. This is a perfect choice if you want to add different splashes of colors to your property. Since they are available in unique shades, they can be used everywhere: in your bathroom, bedroom, or natural space.

Final Thoughts

Glazed brick slips are designed mainly for aesthetic purposes. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, this brick slip is easier to clean and more practical to use than conventional bricks.

So, if you want to add a touch of sophistication and modernization to your brick house, you will never wring with glazed brick slips.

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