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Certs Create Chances. Ace Microsoft MS-200 Exam Using Practice Tests to Get One and Enjoy Its Benefits

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Brighter Futures

We live in an era of flourishing technology, and yet within this same era exist 124 million refugees who can’t even afford food. Amidst the poverty and harsh refugee camp environments they live in, technology is the last thing they think about, resulting in them falling decades behind in their ability to use IT.


However, Grace Nshimiyumukiza, a 23-year-old young woman who grew up in Kakuma (one of the world’s largest refugee shelters), stands at the forefront of change.

She taught herself basic computer skills like logging in and out & creating PowerPoint presentations; a decision that gave rise to her inconsumable desire: wanting to teach other women in the shacks basic computer skills.

A desire that soon became a reality with Microsoft’s ‘Tech for Social Impact’ organization. They recruited Nshimiyumukiza under their wing and gave her proper training, and now she is the one leading Microsoft’s ‘Digital Literacy Program’ that seeks to make 25,000 Kakuma residents computer literate.


Today, Nshimiyumukiza travels from classroom to classroom in the settlement teaching locals how to turn on a PC; use a mouse; enter & secure data; use software like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; and show them how to set up their own online businesses.

These profound opportunities promise a more hopeful future, one brought about by the joint efforts of Grace Nshimiyumukiza & Microsoft.

Insights: MS-200 Exam & Cert

As far as your own opportunities go, Microsoft Click Here to Visit (MS-200) from Exam-Labs helps create those also. They have a system whereby students, workers, and the unemployed can acquire industry-valued certifications simply by taking some of their IT exams.

For instance, Messaging Administrators deal with, manage, and troubleshoot different messaging infrastructures, high availability, client access, public folders, mail flow, and mail protection for both cloud business environments and on-premises.

If you happen to be one such worker but without any formal documentation to prove it, then the good news is that Microsoft has the test just right for you.

The assessment you need to register for to get the credential journey going is MS-200: Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform and this is the starting point to attaining the well-recognized Microsoft 365 Certified Messaging Administrator Associate credential.


MS-200 will assess your abilities in dealing with recipients & devices, mail flow topology, and modern messaging infrastructures; and you, as the Messaging Administrator, are expected to have proficiency in these domains. In the main exam, you must finish 40-60 questions within 150 minutes.

Paying an entry fee of $165 is crucial if you want to be considered for this test. However, Microsoft MS-200 Practice Test alone will only get partial credit. You see, you also need to go through exam MS-201: Implementing a Hybrid and Secure Messaging Platform to finally lock the actual badge.

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Engulfing Benefits

Assuming you fulfilled destiny and earned the above-mentioned Microsoft credential, what polished opportunities await you then?

  • The Microsoft 365 Certified Messaging Administrator Associate certification adds flair to your résumé when taking part in the competitive fight for job roles. All modern workplaces today need Messaging Admins to look after their internal and external messaging and communication frameworks. Most employers would prefer that you come in as the ‘whole package’ rather than them having to spend their already constrained dollars training you. And through their eyes, having that Microsoft 365 credential announces your other-worldly competence in working in this specialized field. For this reason, they are more likely to opt for someone with that badge instead of a self-proclaimed “Messaging Administrator”.
  • And as the world relentlessly pursues technology, this means enterprises across the globe depend more and more on messaging apps for contacts & transmission of information. This makes those who work in this intricate job role more sought-after. The direct result? You may end up finding your IT gigs in many different countries.
  • Microsoft’s courses are practically useful as well as meticulous. Going through the whole process diligently will make you genuinely good at working with various messaging architectures. It will let you adapt and overcome any new challenges when performing tasks because of the extensive functional knowledge you would have gathered, and this ability to think quickly is a much-needed quality in IT professionals.
  • What does acquiring this talent means if you are, say, a student? One of the largest forms of debt piled up after mortgage loans is student loan debts. The average student debt for those that graduate from private for-profit four-year colleges is roughly $40,000, which is immense baggage to pull as you hustle to clear it. But get this, the average annual salary for Messaging Administrators working for corporations is around $65k to $107k, according to Payscale. So if to take the least, in just several months you can rack up the whole sum needed, and then you can pay off that loan immediately.

Practice Tests Join Your Side

There’s a resource you can try implementing in your prep process to fair better in the Microsoft MS-200 assessment: On this website, you’ll have access to a vast category of free practice tests for MS-200 uploaded by real past candidates, and taking these dumps will help you get an idea of the types of questions you can expect on the exam day.

You can even purchase the MS-200 Premium File from which gives you 150 authentic MS-200 past questions along with accurate answers that were thoroughly checked by IT experts. You can get this vce file for an extremely low amount of just $29.99.

To open each practice test that you download from you need the VCE Exam Simulator. This piece of software helps mirror the whole MS-200 exam atmosphere including the structure and timing of the upcoming assessment so that over repeated attempts you’ll start getting better.


Make Effort

Now that you know the benefits that ensue being in this occupation while holding the ‘Microsoft 365 Certified Messaging Administrator Associate’ badge, are you still going to put it off? Don’t.

Make a start towards your certification today by prepping with the concise & dependable practice tests available on in order to put down the Microsoft MS-200 assessment for good.

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