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How To Start A Construction Business, Construction Company In 2021

how to start a construction company

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If you would like to start a construction company or any other type of new business, you are likely wondering where you should begin. Running a construction business comes with many great benefits you are sure to enjoy. Construction is a growing industry with plenty of demand, so you should always have projects lined up if you market yourself. Read more about how to start a construction business in 2021. Know about how to start a construction company.


How to Start A Construction Business

Working in the construction industry is also rewarding in many other ways you might not have considered. Construction experts are responsible for building houses, office complexes, and a range of other vital structures. Your new construction company can play a role in creating your community’s future.

If you want to move forward but don’t know what to do first, this guide on how to start a construction business will point you in the right direction so that you can overcome the challenges you will face along the way. Dedication and a solid plan help you get off the ground and moving toward the future.

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Create a Business Plan

Before you go out and buy equipment or find employees, your first step is to create a business plan. In your business plan, you set the foundation for everything you need to reach your long-term goals.

Begin by researching the demand for construction companies in your area. You can do a public record search to see how many people and companies are applying for permits to build residential and commercial properties.

This gives you an idea of how much work you have in your area. Once you complete the last step, find out the average cost of the construction projects in your area.

You can then look up the number of construction companies you will compete against for business. All this information should give you an idea of how much profit you will earn when you are starting.

Ask yourself all the questions about how to start a construction business. In addition to doing market research, consider how much your equipment and employees will cost to get a clear picture of your expenses.


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Picking a Business Entity

It’s now time for you to pick a business entity for your new construction company. Some people who only plan to start with a few employees register as a sole proprietorship. Under that business structure, you will be directly liable for tax problems and lawsuits if they occur.

Others register their business as a corporation, but that option might not be the best unless you plan to go public. Registering as a limited liability corporation is the most common and useful option for small and midsized businesses.

This path protects you from any lawsuits your business encounters. You will have to hire a lawyer to draft the documents and pay a fee to the city in which you are registering your business.

Kindly check these Construction management document templates (PMBOK approved). You will need these essentials to line up all your business activities.

Get Licensed

Depending on your state and the area in which you specialize, the law might require you to get licensed. While the requirements of getting a construction license vary, you will either need to prove that you have experience in the industry or that you have passed a trade exam.

You will also have to demonstrate that you at least have liability insurance before most states grant a license.


Check your local laws to learn what licensing regulations apply to your construction business if you want to avoid fines. You still might want to get a license even if your state does not require one.

Having a license shows your customers that you have the proper experience and training to do the job right. If a customer is considering several companies, having a permit could set you apart and help you land the contract.

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Get Business Insurance

No matter the state in which you operate, having insurance is essential. You at least want to buy liability insurance so that you have coverage if something goes wrong while you are on the job. Liability insurance covers any damage you cause to a customer’s property while you are working.

Other types of business insurance will also cover damage to your tools and equipment. In addition to having business insurance, you also want workers’ compensation to cover your employees.

Workers’ compensation pays for injuries your employees get while they are working, protecting you from liability. Having a proper workers’ compensation plan also protects you from fines.

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Financing Your Business

It’s now time to consider how you will finance your business. You could use your business plan to try to attract investors, or you could get a loan.

Rather than going to a standard bank, go to banks that specialize in business loans. A solid business plan improves your odds of getting a loan by showing the lender that your business will be profitable.

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Keep Your Projects Organized

Once you’re up and running, you’ll need to devise a system to manage your projects. One of the biggest killers of business growth for construction companies is their lack of organization.

You can manage everything without using project management software, but it would be a lot like learning to play the piano with your thumbs in splints. Though at first, you may be able to get away with using templates and spreadsheets.


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Final Thoughts

Although launching a construction business takes a little effort, the rewards are more than worth it. You will soon own a company in a growing industry.

Before you get there, you must follow all the steps and deal with any complications that show up along the way. Your construction company should be up and running before you know it if you keep your eye on the prize.

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