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The ultimate guide to selecting a flooring material for your home

Last Updated on October 15, 2021 by Admin

Durable, easy to clean, and comes in a variety of styles. Tiles are the ultimate flooring material for use throughout your home. But how do you know which tile type is right for your living room, kitchen or bathroom? Read on for some helpful tips on selecting the best tile material for each room.

Bathroom tiles

When it comes to bathroom tiles, they should be more durable because it needs to withstand moisture and humidity. Ceramic is not recommended for bathrooms that are prone to flooding or humidity, as these tiles will crack and break over time. Porcelain is the best choice for bathroom tiling, as it’s more resistant to stains than its ceramic cousin. That being said, ceramic tiles are also an ideal material to use in your bathroom, as they come in a variety of styles and finishes to match almost any colour scheme or decorating.


The kitchen is usually the busiest room in the house. It can also be the dirtiest room in the house if not properly taken care of. The kitchen is usually a high traffic area where cooking, eating and socializing takes place. Stone tiles are durable but they are heavy for households that have limited strength, will require more cleaning and have a high risk of cracking. Stone tiles are best for kitchens with ample space to avoid these problems. Porcelain tiles are easy to clean, don’t require much maintenance and they won’t crack as easily as stone tiles. Ceramic tiles are recommended for kitchens with limited space because they are easier to install than porcelain tile.

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Living Room

The living room is a place where you will be able to relax and entertain guests. Ceramic tiles are a very popular choice for the living room because they are affordable and come in a variety of colours. The colour of the ceramic tile on your flooring can have a great affect on how bright or dark your living room will look. If you like to walk barefoot or wear socks in your living room, porcelain tiles are highly recommended because it’s non-porous and resistant to moisture.

Bedroom tiles

The bedroom is an intimate space where you can relax and enjoy some solitude. If you’re not fussed, ceramic tiles can be a practical choice for your bedroom because they are affordable and are also easier to install than porcelain tile because porcelain tiles require grout to stay in place, whereas ceramic tiles will stick on their own. This also means that the tiles are easier to replace in case of chipping or damage, especially if you’re placing tiles in kids rooms or any play areas.

Tile Maintenance

Maintaining your tile floor is an important step in maintaining its beauty. Be sure to sweep your tile floor at least once a day for safety and tidiness. More often, sweeping should take place before each meal if you have pets or children living in the home. Sweep the floor first with a dry mop then follow up with a vacuum cleaner to pick up any dust or other particles that may be left behind. You should also avoid using detergents with bleach on tile floors as they will remove any sealant from your tile flooring and make it more prone to stains.

In this article, we’ve given you a very basic guide to selecting the best flooring material for your home. In order to make an informed decision, whether it’s kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles, it’s important that you take into account each room and what type of tile will work best in that area.

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