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Top Online Courses on Quantity Surveying for 2023

Last Updated on April 17, 2023 by Admin

Quantity Surveyors are in demand, and their demand continues to grow globally. Quantity Surveyors are an expert in determining the building cost at all stages. Find below the best and the top quantity surveying courses, quantity surveyor training, and quantity surveying online courses.


For every iconic building in the world, quantity surveying involves the surveyors’ strong financial, interpretative, and analytical skills.

Because clients depend entirely on their judgment for the smooth running of their projects, they also provide value for the money involved.

Extremely trained quantity surveyors offer expert advice on building construction costs, life-cycle costs, procurement and tendering costs, commercial management, cost planning, and contract management.


List of the Best Quantity Surveying Courses

We have tried to present you with the list of the best colleges and private institutes offering specialized programmes in Quantity surveyors at degree, diploma, and certificate levels.

The below list of the quantity surveyor courses and other construction management programmes. Kindly find below the top and the best quantity surveying courses, courses for quantity surveying, and quantity surveyor courses offering online quantity surveying courses.

All these courses are designed for the engineeirng students, graduates, and experienced Candidates. Kindly check the quantity surveyor course fees and further admission details by clicking the “join now” button.

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1. Quantity Surveying Building Estimation With Cad And Excel

Quantity Surveying, Quantity Takeoff, B.B.S, Rate Analysis, B.O.Q, Interim Payment In Excel, Variation Orders.


Course Content:

  • Estimation Of Complete Project Through Auto-cad And Excel
  • Estimation Of Complete Project Through PDF Files/Hard Copy
  • Beginner Training For Plan Swift
  • Estimation Of Complete Project Through Plan Swift Software
  • Bar bending Schedule Of Foundation, Columns, Beams, Slab, and Stairs, In MS Excel
  • How to Find Material Like Cement, Sand, Coarse Aggregates, Bricks
  • Complete Material Statement In Excel
  • Rate Analysis For Different Works Like ,Excavation, P.C.C, R.C.C, Masonry, Tiles, Plaster, Paint In Excel
  • Will Learn How to Create B.O.Q Of Project
  • Mode Of Payments To Contractor
  • Interim Payment In Excel
  • Variations Order In Construction.
  • How to Create Variations Order In Excel (Important For Quantity Surveyors)
  • Microsoft Excel For Beginners
  • Primavera P6 Training For Beginners
  • Auto-cad 2020 For Beginners
  • MS Project Training For Beginners
  • Activities And W.B.S List In MS Excel
  • Adding Manpower In Excel (Labor, Mason, Carpenter, etc.)
  • Finding The Duration Of Activities Based On Productivity
  • Complete Project In Primavera p6 (Activities ,W.B.S, Relationship, Creating And Assigning Resources And Much More
  • Complete Project In MS PROJECT (Activities,W.B.S, Relationship, Creating And Assigning Resources, And Much More
  • Practice Question After the Ending Of Each Module

This course is for:

2. Quantity Surveying Building Estimation BBS with Excel & CAD

Quantity Surveying, Construction Estimation, Quantity survey, Cost Estimation, Civil engineering, Building Estimation

Course Content:

  • Quantity Survey, Estimation & Costing Of Industrial Building & Hostel Building Of G+2 ( Excavation To Finishing )
  • Able to take Entry level Jobs As a Quantity Surveyor & Estimator
  • Bar Bending Schedule Of Footing, Column, Beam & Slab (Foundation To Roof Level)
  • Preparing Boq For Pcc, Excavation, Plastering, Concreting, Tmt Steel Etc
  • Basic Rate Analysis For Various Items ( PCC, RCC & SHUTTERING )
  • Quantity Estimation For Sump Tank & Flag Pole Foundation
  • Thumb Rules For Quick Calculations Of Shuttering Materials, Concreting, Centering, Plyboard & Props Required
  • Excel Basic Commands And How To Prepare & Use Excel Sheets For Quick Calculations
  • Case Studies Of 5bhk House With Interiors Estimation
  • Become a Quantity Estimator & Estimate Any Building Like Professional
  • Estimate any Building or House Plans with Quick thumb Rules
  • Quantity Estimation Of Brickwork, Blockwork, Plastering, Painting, Electrical Tiling Etc

This course is for:

  • Quantity estimators, bar benders, civil engineers, structural engineers, planning engineers, quantity surveyors, procurement engineers
  • Excel learners


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3. A Complete Guide to Quantity Surveying by Quantity Surveyors

Teaching you everything a Quantity Surveyor needs from Pre-Construction to Post construction.

Course Content:

  • Quantity Surveying Principles
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Final Accounts
  • Risk Management
  • Interim Valuation Process
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Applications for Payment
  • Cost Value Reconciliation (CVR)
  • Provisional Sums
  • What is a Construction Takeoff
  • Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • History of Quantity Surveying
  • Tender Options
  • Schedule of Rates (SoR)
  • Vesting Certificates
  • Collateral Warranties

This course is for:

  • Construction Students
  • Quantity Surveying Students
  • Anyone interested in learning about Quantity Surveying
  • Experienced Quantity Surveyors
  • Inexperienced Quantity Surveyors

4. Quantity Surveying With Rate Analysis And Take Off-Beginners

Quantity Surveying, Quantity Takeoff, Estimation, Rate Analysis, Blubeam Revu, Planswift, Costing, Construction Drawings

Course Content:

This course is for:

  • Site Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Fresh Engineers.
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Civil Engineering Students

5. Quantity Surveying/Bar-bending Schedule (B.B.S) Course

Quantity Surveying/Bar bending Learn To Create Bar-Bending Schedule For Different Structures In Excel

Course Content:

  • Bar-Bending Schedule For Beginners In Meter And Millimeters
  • Bar Bending Schedule For Beginners Feet And Inches
  • How to Create B.B.S Excel Sheet.
  • Bar-bending Schedule For Footing In Detail.
  • Bar-Bending Schedule For Column Necks In Detail.
  • Bar-Bending Schedule For Columns And Beams In Detail
  • Bar-Bending Schedule For Stairs
  • Bar-Bending Schedule For Septic Tank
  • Bar-Bending Schedule For Circular Slab.
  • Bar-Bending Schedule For Retaining Wall.
  • Bar-Bending Schedule For Cantilever Beam.
  • Bar-Bending Schedule Slab.

This course is for:

  • Civil Engineering Students.
  • Best Course For Civil Engineering Students Who Want to Do Internship.
  • Fresh Graduates Who Want To Start Their Career In The Field Of Estimation.

6. Quantity Surveying Building Estimation In Detail

Quantity Surveying,Building Estimation,Bar Bending Schedule, Rate Analysis, Interim Payment, And Variation Orders.

Course Contents:

  • Complete Civil Estimation For Commercial Building ,Basement Floor ,Ground First And Second Floor.
  • Estimation In Two Units (Feet’s And Meters)
  • Estimation With The Help Of AutoCAD And Plan Swift.
  • Estimation For AutoCAD Drawing And PDF Drawings.
  • Bar Bending Schedule In Detail Both In Meters And Feet’s As well .
  • Bar bending Schedule For Septic Tank.
  • Bar bending Schedule For Columns Beams Slab Retaining Walls And Stairs In Detail.
  • Rate Analysis Both In Meter And Feet’s (Manual Calculations And Excel Sheets)
  • Mode Of Payments To Contractor
  • How to Prepare Interim Payment In Excel In Detail
  • Variations Order In Construction.
  • How to Create Variations Order In Excel (Important For Quantity Surveyors)
  • Plan Swift Training For Beginners.
  • Excel Training For Beginners.
  • AutoCAD Training For Beginners.

This course is for:

  • Beneficial For Civil Engineering Students Who Wants To Do Internship.
  • Beneficial For Civil Engineering Students Who Wants Practical Knowledge Of Estimation.
  • Person From Civil Background And Want To Learn Estimation.

7. Quantity Surveying Templates for Effective Cost Management

Quantity Surveying, Payment Application, Payment Tracker, Variation, Claim, Material Claim, Guarantees, Price Comparison

Course Content:

  • Quantity Surveying
  • Post Contract
  • Cost Management
  • Payment Application
  • Material on Site
  • Payment Tracker
  • Variations
  • Claim Management
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Price Comparison Sheet
  • Procurement
  • Contract Administration
  • Contracts Management

This course is for:

8. Quantity Surveyor’s Guide for Pre-Contracts Management

Quantity Surveying, Pre Contracts, BOQ, Measurement, Tracker, Progress, Estimation, Documentation, Excel Templates.

Course Content:

  • Quantity Surveying
  • Pre Contracts Management
  • Bill of Quantity
  • Quantity Take Off
  • Cost Management
  • Estimation
  • Documentation
  • Contract Administration
  • Contract Management

This course is For:

  • Site Engineers
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Fresh Engineers
  • Engineering Students
  • Construction Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Commercial Managers
  • Contract Managers
  • Contract Administrators
  • MEP Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Estimators
  • Cost Control Professionals

9. Estimating And Costing

Quantity Surveying/Estimating And Costing Of Civil Engineering Projects

Course Content:

  • Estimating And Costing Of Civil Engineering Projects
  • How To Create Abstract Of Cost And Abstract of Quantity In Excel.
  • Types Of Estimate
  • Rough Cost Estimate
  • Detailed Estimate
  • Estimate Of Different Wall Like I,L,T,H,U And J Walls.
  • Estimate Of Two Room Plan With Long Wall Short Wall Method.
  • Estimate Of Two Room Plan With Center Line Method.
  • Earth Work Estimate
  • How to Create Abstract Of Quantity Excel Format For Earth Work.
  • Quantity Of Earth Work (Mean Depth Method)
  • Quantity Of Earth Work (Mean Area Method)
  • R.C.C Works Like (Footing Column Beam Slab)
  • Estimate Of Manhole And Sewer line.
  • Rate Analysis
  • Bar Bending Schedule For Beginners
  • Bar bending Schedule For Different Structures
  • Excel Training For Beginners

This course is for:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Associate Engineers In Civil
  • Civil Engineering Students

10. Construction Project Planning & Project scheduling -MS Excel

Master Project Management & Project scheduling Concepts to Become Planning Engineer WITHOUT Ms. Project & Primavera.

Course Content:

  • Students From Civil Engineering Will Learn Project Planning & Project Management Using MS EXCEL
  • Prepare Baseline Schedule for construction projects
  • Prepare Month wise Quantities for Excavation, PCC, Concrete, Steel, Brickwork, Plastering, Tiling, Flooring
  • Prepare Month wise Billing/ Invoice for Excavation, PCC, Concrete, Steel, Brickwork, Plastering, Tiling, Flooring
  • Prepare Bulk Materials Requirements for Any construction Project
  • Target Entry Level Jobs as a Junior Planning

This course is For:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Construction Management
  • Planning Engineers
  • Bar Bending Engineers
  • Procurement Engineers
  • Project Managers -Site Managers or Construction Managers -Construction Engineers
  • Project Engineers
  • PMO Departments, Project Controls Departments, Consultants
  • Fresh Engineers. It is a must-have
  • Those who want to pursue a career as a scheduler and/or a planner

Final Thought

We hope this list of the top online quantity surveying courses for 2023 has been helpful in your search for the right program. With so many options available, it can be challenging to know where to start. But by considering your goals and needs, you can narrow down your choices and find a quality program to help you reach your full potential as a quantity surveyor.

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