Difference Between Renovation and Construction
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What Is the Difference Between Renovation and Construction?

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When a house or a building requires upgrades or corrections, the property owners need clarification about whether to renovate or construct. Renovation and construction can be done on both commercial and residential properties. In most cases, the same contractors, such as a commercial roofing company, can handle construction and renovation. Although these terms have some similarities, there are some key differences between renovation and construction. Keep reading to find out.


What is Renovation?

A renovation project involves restoring or repairing an existing property. The renovation includes replacing anything broken with a new one, adding new items, or fixing loose or outdated structures. It could be a minor or major upgrade. For example, adding a second story to an existing single-story home or just replacing the floor of a single room are both considered renovations.

The renovation of a building aims to improve its functionality and aesthetics. The existing structure of the house and its layout is not demolished during a renovation; instead, new items are added, or the layout is changed. A renovation may not always require you to move out of the property, as you could keep using the building’s facilities while it gets renovated.

What is Construction?

Construction involves breaking down the existing structure of a property or building property on a new piece of land. As construction creates a new building, you have much more control and freedom than renovation. As the project owner, you would have total control over the layout, design, and additional features of the building. However, commercial construction in Brevard County would have to comply with local and state construction laws. In addition, construction projects are typically more extensive than renovation, but that depends on the project’s scope.


Key Differences Between Renovation and Construction

The following are the key differences between renovation and construction:


One main difference between construction and renovation is the cost. If you only want minor changes to the building, it is more cost-efficient to do renovation rather than construction. As some features of the building do not require any modifications or improvement, they can be left alone, making renovation a more affordable option. On the other hand, construction is typically more expensive. It may require a skilled workforce, land purchasing, construction materials, and more.


Another key difference between renovation and construction projects is the time it takes to complete them. Renovations can be completed in less time than construction projects of similar scope. For example, a small-scale renovation project such as a bathroom or kitchen renovation can be completed in a few weeks. However, the construction of a bathroom or kitchen can take several months to complete.

Flexibility in Design

When you plan to renovate a property, you have limited options because you will be dealing with the same structure. While you can significantly improve the appearance of the building, you might not be able to change it completely. There are no such restrictions in construction, as you are free to construct as you like. It is worth noting that even with construction, you may have some limitations based on your location, such as the by-laws of your housing society.

Choice of Materials

In a construction project, you get to add new items, which means the project should require short-term maintenance. You also get to choose the materials used for the entire building. However, when renovating an existing structure, you may be limited in what you can add due to compatibility issues with current items or fixtures of the structure. It is best to consult with a professional to determine whether you need renovation or construction to meet your requirements.

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