Garage door repairing

Garage door not working repair or replace?

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It does not matter if you plan to live in that house for 20 years or a few years. You have to think about the resell value you want for your home each time you improve and repair. Luckily in this article, we help you weigh the option between replacement and repair. We help you compare both options depending on garage door service cost.


Problems that can be repaired

  • A door that has suddenly stopped working

We often wake up in the morning, and suddenly, the garage door is not working. It might make you want to replace the door because you think it does not work anymore. The exciting thing is that those sudden doors are the easiest to fix.

  • If the door seems heavy

We all know springs that are in your garage lift mechanism assist in maneuvering the door. Doors are usually heavy, meaning the lift motor will undergo significant tear and wear if it lifts the whole door weight. If you feel like your door is too heavy, it’s because the springs have begun tearing and no longer have the capacity to bear the weight of the door. It is not a reason to replace the door, the springs have become loose, and it doesn’t mean the door will snap. Contact a professional to help with garage door repair.

  • When a single panel is damaged

In cases when your door has physical damage, you should get it repaired if you want the repair to be effective. Consider replacing your garage door if harsh weather conditions destroy it.

  • If your door is sagging

Take a look at your garage door; if it seems as if one side is lower than the other one, it means the garage door is imbalanced. It increases the tear and wear on the lifting mechanism. Contact a professional, let them look at which spring is worn out, and have them repair it for you.

When to replace your garage door

  • If it hasn’t functioned properly for a while

Sudden issues are easy to repair compared to consistent problems that have gone on for months. Garage doors are heavy and powerful parts; moving the door often causes more damages. Therefore, it calls for replacement.

  • When the garage door is damaged severely

At some point, repairing is not an option because it will cost you more money than if you choose to get a new door in cases of weather damages and excess physical damages.

  • If your door is old

Did you know the actual value of your garage door is curb appeal? Most people look at the garage door to help them determine the value of your property. Repairing the door by applying a new coat of paint will come in handy. However old traditional doors should be replaced with new ones. Having contemporary doors can be an excellent way to boost the home value immediately. New doors offer better security features, thus protecting your home.

  • If your door does not have child safety features

New doors have sensors that detect pets and children crossing the threshold; this assists in monitoring your kid’s movements. Features can be added to your old garage door, but most of them are not cost-effective. Get a new garage door and reduce garage door injuries.

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