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Moving Guide for seniors

Moving Guide for seniors; making it easy to move on

Last Updated on November 15, 2020 by Admin

Moving a house is a difficult task and gets harder when we get older. For seniors, there are certain essential points to be kept in mind before planning your move. With all other important things, while looking for a house, you should also check the access to healthcare, social activities, recreation places, and availability of amenities for them.

There are many reasons behind a senior’s decision of moving that may include retirement, change in lifestyle, urge to live near family, and warmer/colder climate. Some seniors want to move to a smaller house as it is easier to maintain and organize a smaller place. Top rated companies in the local moving companies list assert that seniors find it beneficial to move to a smaller place as they lose their mobility and also feel the need to save funds for their care.

The emotional attachment:

Elderly people face many difficulties while moving a house and along with many other practical problems the emotional problem they face is, finding it hard to let go of the belongings they have accumulated all their lives. This situation makes moving a lot more stressful than usual and can cause distress in the family members of the elderly people.

Help in Downsizing:

When moving an elderly family member or moving your house, consider downsizing the house before you start the task of packing. You can digitize all the memories and/or you can even hand over some of the memorable stuff to your children so that they can share their memories with your grandchildren. So the first step is complete once you decide the process of downsizing.

Now, decide what all you want to remove from your moving list. It is a hard decision to let go of your stuff that you have gathered in years but it is an intelligent and right step for sure. Make sure that you keep only those items that are needed in your new house. Once the downsizing list is ready, organize a garage sale and/or consider donating the items that you have taken out. You will feel the flow of fresh energy once you will be done with the downsizing process. Donating certain items will also give you some internal happiness.

Plan beforehand:

Make some trips to your new area of living before moving, to better understand the area. These visits will make you aware of the facts like surroundings, weather conditions, cost of living, and the economy of the state and taxes, etc. You can even explore neighbourhoods before deciding on a property for you.

Offer emotional support:

When you are supporting an elderly family member in moving, you are not only assisting them in packing boxes but you will also be their emotional support. They truly need someone to understand the overwhelming experience of physical, cognitive, emotional, and social changes they will be going through.

It is hard to understand and recognize the emotional impact of decluttering and downsizing a house and parting with things that the elderly people keep safe with them for years. It is hard for them to cope up with the loss of their lifelong possessions. Not only things, but they also get attached to the place they have lived all their lives.

So, during all this process, it is good to stay by your elderly relative and give them comfort. Make them understand the significance of moving to the safer environment of retirement accommodation where they will have company and support on hand. This will not only make them positive but will also fill them with new prospects of a happy life.

Know the requirements:

If an elderly is moving to an assisted living facility then they may need to downsize a little more but then they will have a 24-hour medical facility and company. You can move in some belongings there but make sure what all can you take there before you plan the move.

Many companies assist in moving seniors. If you feel the need then you can take their services for a smoother transition of senior family members.

Find the best moving company:

One of the essentials of ensuring a safe and smooth moving experience for your elders, you must ensure that you find a moving company that has experience and knowledge of executing a move like this. You cannot rely on a random moving company to make the moving experience smoother for your seniors.

For seniors, moving can be a painful experience as they experience both emotional and physical stress. Make sure you work with them, assisting them in making the process easier and enjoyable. They are at the last leg of their life journey and as their juniors, it is your responsibility to make this phase the best for them.

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