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10 Tools to Resolve the Plumbing Problems

Last Updated on November 25, 2021 by Admin

Plumbing problems can happen anytime, anywhere. They’re not just a hassle since they could also lead to even bigger pluming issues if not resolved well or at all. No matter what time of day it is, plumbers are always ready to provide customers with the best services to resolve their plumbing problems. These plumbers can be found in well-known plumbers’ companies. They are provided with state-of-the-art tools and equipment for effective plumbing solutions, especially during emergencies when no one’s around to help. In this article, we highlight ten tools for plumbers in Southend.

Tote Auger

This plumber’s tool is used for pulling stuff like grease, dirt and hair from drains. It enables plumbers to get rid of the debris that blocks the drain water flow efficiently. This plumber utensil can be used with any size or kind of pipe or tubing that needs cleaning, but it works best on sinks, toilets and bathtubs.

Rooter Plumber

This plumber’s tool is ideal for plumbers who go to the root of the problem and unclog all sorts of blocked water, air or gas pipes efficiently and effectively, even without drastic measures. It might take more time than some other plumber equipment, but it is worth using, while some plumbers these days tend to use methods that require several chemicals and acids.

Pipe Wrench

It is a plumber essential utensil used to tighten up loose nuts on threaded pipe attachments such as drain cleaner fittings and stop-valves. The plumber’s wrench has two types: one type is adjustable with a screw that can be adjusted from outside-in; another plumber’s wrench is non-adjustable.

Reaming Rods

This plumber tool is used to enlarge an existing hole to create a smooth, clean surface to support the installation of new pipes or tubing. Its sharp edges enable plumbers to remove other material without burying the pipe walls.

Pipe vice-grip

It can be used as plumber’s pliers and wire cutting pliers for DIY repairs within your house/apartment. Some people say that this plumber utensil is just like adjustable pliers because you can adjust its jaw opening wherever you want it to be, unlike plumbers pliers, which have fixed jaws. It has a pliers’ gripping power, but plumber’s pliers have a gripping strength of 320 lbs.

Drain Auger or Plumber’s Snake

This plumber utensil has a flexible cable with a curved tip at one end, which is used to remove clogs in drains easily without too much effort. If you use the plumber snake tool carefully, it will pull out objects that are stuck deep inside your house drainage system. You should only go for plumber pliers when things get tough because this plumber’s utensils can break objects apart while plier handles are not adjustable, making them harder to use for certain heavy-duty jobs.

Pipe Wrench Set

This plumber tool is not just for plumbers; it can also be used by plasterers, electricians and plumber’s apprentices. It has a plier-type handle with two adjustable jaws from outside-in, which enables plumbers to tighten or loosen nuts at any desired position.

Rubber Plug Wrench

If you want to drain your carpets, then this plumber utensil comes in very handy because it allows water to flow easily through the rubber plug, while its steel extension helps hold the plug in place while you twist it out of your carpet.

Pipe Clamps

Normally these plumber tools are used in a vise or a set of jaws attached to a sturdy surface which plumbers use to hold a pipe or tubing in place as they work on it. It can range from pliers-type plumber clamps (ideal for plumbers who prefer handles that do not slip) and adjustable plumber clamps (ideal for plumbers that need flexibility).

Drain Snake

This plumber utensil works as a plumbers snake but for cleaning drains. It cleans out dirt and debris from your household drainage system to create an environment that will not allow clogs to form again.


Even though plumbers, pliers, and plumber’s snakes are very useful tools, they can do more damage than good if you use them in the wrong place or when necessary. Having plumbers in Southend is very important as it can help you fix almost all of the plumbing problems you have easily and quickly. In case of emergency plumbers, they should be able to rescue you from any situation, even if it is the middle of the night or on a public holiday.

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