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Essential Construction Journals – Overview

Last Updated on December 8, 2023 by Admin

In the ever-evolving construction world, staying updated with the latest trends, research, and innovative practices is crucial for professionals, academicians, and students alike. This is where journals on construction play an indispensable role.


These journals serve as a gateway to the wealth of knowledge encompassing various facets of construction – from groundbreaking engineering techniques to insightful project management strategies. They enhance our understanding of the construction industry and guide us towards better, more efficient, and sustainable practices. In this comprehensive overview, we delve into the diverse range of journals available in the construction field, each catering to different specialties and interests within this vast industry.

List of Construction Management Journals

The field of construction management is extensively covered in a variety of scholarly publications. Among these, the journals on construction offer a comprehensive overview of the latest trends, research, and developments in this sector. For those seeking an in-depth understanding, the list of construction management journals serves as an invaluable resource. These journals provide insights into both theoretical and practical aspects of construction management.


Focusing specifically on management aspects within the construction field, journals on construction management delve into the complexities of managing construction projects, including planning, execution, and oversight. A notable publication in this realm is the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, which offers peer-reviewed articles on diverse topics in construction engineering and project management.

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Based on the information gathered, here is a list of prominent journals and magazines related to construction, along with their details:

1. Journal of Composites for Construction:

Published by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), this journal covers topics related to building and construction, ceramics and composites, civil and structural engineering, mechanical engineering, and mechanics of materials. More details

2. Constructor Magazine:

This is the official magazine of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). It offers in-depth coverage and analysis of the construction industry and related topics. The magazine is published bimonthly and includes content like sustainability in construction, conflict management on job sites, and focuses on mental health in the construction industry. You can explore more on their website: Constructor Magazine.

3. Construction Innovation: Information, Process, Management:

This journal, available through Emerald Publishing, features high-quality research papers that advance innovation in construction, focusing on aspects like sustainability, productivity, safety, quality, design, and more. The journal has a strong impact factor and is indexed by several major databases. More information can be found on their website: Construction Innovation.


4. North American Constructors Journal:

This is a business magazine devoted exclusively to covering the construction industry in the U.S. and Canada. It is a full-color digital publication that delivers balanced and relevant reporting, showcasing the industry’s top projects and talent. The journal features various topics such as commercial, institutional, and infrastructure construction, along with industry news, project management strategies, and legal advice. For more details, visit their website: North American Constructors Journal.

5. Thin-Walled Structures:

An Elsevier Ltd. publication, this journal focuses on building and construction, civil and structural engineering, and mechanical engineering. More details

6. Journal of Structural Engineering:

Another publication by the American Society of Civil Engineers, it covers building and construction, materials science, civil and structural engineering, mechanical engineering, and mechanics of materials. More details

7. Journal of Constructional Steel Research:

Published by Elsevier BV, this journal includes topics on building and construction, civil and structural engineering, mechanics of materials, and metals and alloys. More details

8. Journal of Bridge Engineering:

This ASCE publication focuses on building and construction, and civil and structural engineering. More details

9. Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering:

Published by Springer Netherlands, this journal covers building and construction, civil and structural engineering, geophysics, and geotechnical engineering. More details

10. Journal of Building Engineering:

An Elsevier BV publication, it focuses on architecture, building and construction, civil and structural engineering, mechanics of materials, and safety, risk, reliability, and quality. More details


In addition to these journals, there are several magazines and periodicals that offer valuable insights into building construction. Some of these include:

  • Building Design + Construction Magazine
  • Building (a well-known European magazine on building construction)
  • Concrete Construction
  • Detail Magazine (architectural detailing, available in German)
  • Engineering News Record (ENR, known for civil engineering and infrastructure project news)
  • Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences
  • Journal of Light Construction (focused on light residential construction in the US)
  • Metropolis Magazine (architecture and urbanism)
  • Modern Steel Construction Magazine (published by the American Institute of Steel Construction)
  • Civil & Structural Engineer
  • EDC Magazine (focused on green building design)
  • Structure (one of the world’s most prominent publications on structural engineering)
  • Architectural Record
  • The Architectural Review

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Final Reflections

The International Journal of Construction Management stands out for its global perspective on construction management issues. This journal brings together research and case studies from around the world, offering a broad view of the challenges and solutions in international construction management.

For those interested in accessing these resources easily, many construction management journals pdf versions are available online, providing convenient access to a wealth of knowledge. Similarly, construction and building materials pdf documents offer detailed information about the materials used in the construction industry, their properties, and applications.

The Construction and Building Materials journal is a significant publication in this field, emphasizing the latest research in building materials, their performance, and applications in modern construction. Another key publication is the Journal of Building Engineering, which covers a wide range of topics related to the engineering aspects of building design and construction.

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For more specialized content, journals on building construction focus on the architectural and structural elements of building construction, offering insights into innovative building techniques and materials. Meanwhile, magazines on construction industry provide a broader overview of the industry, including economic, environmental, and regulatory issues that impact construction globally.

Project management is a critical aspect of construction, and journals on construction project management address this by focusing on methodologies, tools, and techniques for effectively managing construction projects. These journals are instrumental for professionals looking to enhance their project management skills.

The technical aspects of construction are covered in journals on construction engineering, which explore the engineering challenges and solutions in construction projects. From structural engineering to environmental considerations, these journals are essential for construction engineers seeking to stay abreast of the latest developments in their field.

An interesting fact unrelated to journals but integral to the construction industry is the query about how many articles in constitution. The United States Constitution comprises seven articles, laying the foundation for the nation’s law and government framework.

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Broadening the scope, construction journals in general offer a comprehensive view of the construction sector, covering a wide array of topics from innovative construction methods to sustainability in construction practices.


The Contractors Journal is a notable publication catering to professionals in the construction industry. It offers insights into the challenges faced by contractors and provides solutions and best practices.

The Journal of Light Construction is another key resource, particularly focusing on light construction techniques, materials, and case studies. It’s an ideal resource for those involved in residential and light commercial construction. The Journal of Light Construction Magazine extends these insights through its magazine format, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

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In terms of specific content, articles on construction cover various aspects of the construction process, from initial design to final execution. These articles can be immensely beneficial for professionals and students alike. Similarly, articles on construction management provide a more focused look into the managerial aspects of construction projects.

The journals on construction materials play a pivotal role in educating readers about the different materials used in construction, their properties, advantages, and limitations. This knowledge is crucial for making informed decisions in construction projects.

For those interested in the intersection of engineering and construction, the engineering and construction journal offers a blend of content that merges these two critical fields. It provides insights into how engineering principles are applied in construction projects.

Lastly, articles on construction workers address the human element of construction, discussing the challenges, safety issues, and welfare of the workforce involved in construction projects. This aspect is crucial for understanding the social and human resource aspects of the construction industry.

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