How Do You Troubleshoot a Heating Problem

How Do You Troubleshoot a Heating Problem?

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With winter starting, it’s common for homeowners to realize their heating system is not working as it should after so many months of not getting any use. If your system cannot heat your home as the days get shorter and colder, HVAC Services | House Pro recommends taking these steps to troubleshoot your heating system before calling in the pros. You never know; you may discover the issue is minor, and you can fix it yourself. If not, let the experts take care of it and start enjoying that much-deserved warmth.


Perform Some Maintenance

To prevent your heater from not working when you need it the most, give it some maintenance. Start by vacuuming the area around the furnace’s blower using a brush attachment. If there are any oil ports on the motor, add a bit of non-detergent motor oil into them by removing the cover plate to have access. Then, check to see if the heater works. If not, check out these other tips.

Make Sure the Thermostat is Set to “Heat”

It may be obvious, but let’s rule out the possibility that this has not been done. The temperature you choose should allow the furnace to kick in. Give it a minute and see if it starts. If it does not, look for breaks in the wires and splice them back together using electrical tape.


Get a New Filter

If the blower sounds like it’s running, but no heat is coming out, your filter might be dirty. Check the filter out and install a new one if it has been over a couple of months since you changed it.

Verify That the Gas Is On

If your heater runs on gas and the gas has been off during the summer months, trace the gas line to the meter. Find the handle and make sure it is parallel to the gas line. If your system has a pilot light, make sure it is lit.

Remove Leaves and Debris from Exhaust Vents

Leaves and other debris may be blocking the intake or exhaust. Clean out everything that should not be there and if the pipes are covered with screen mesh, replace it with a half-inch mesh hardware cloth. If you see any pipes that are clogged with ice, call an HVAC professional right away, and do not attempt to correct this issue on your own.

Clean The Chimney Exhaust Flue

There may be debris, or you may have birds living in your chimney exhaust flue. After turning off the thermostat and furnace, dismantle the duct looking for any debris. Once you check that everything is clean, reassemble the sections in the same order and direction you followed when dismantling them.


Check Your System for Blocked Ducts

Any ducts that are blocked will restrict the flow of air. You may notice this when there is a big difference in temperature between one room and the next. Check any part of the ductwork to which you have access looking for gaps between sections or branching points. Seal gaps with metal duct tape, not standard duct tape, that may allow ducts to leak.

If, after trying all of the above, your system still refuses to heat your home, call in the professionals.

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