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How Can You Prevent Package Theft This 2023?

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Summer is in full swing and the largest sales of summer are coming. Everyone is enjoying the accessibility of online shopping. Nevertheless, online shopping opens a considerable risk: package theft.


You see, packages might sit on your front porch all day while you are at work or days if you are on vacation. That offers thieves enough time to snag them. If your parcel is stolen, you might not have much of an option. On top of that, neither sellers nor delivery firms are accountable for packages after they have been dropped off.

While you could file a police report for stolen packages, that will not get your items back. As a bonus tip, why don’t you read about the best porch lockers reviewed by Neighborhoodsquare? Here are more tips you can consider today to avoid yourself from experiencing stolen packages.


Track your parcel

Do you think your package was taken? One of the first things you must do is to check your email inbox and confirm that you have the information for tracking. You’ll get a tracking number you can utilize to monitor the shipping status of your product.

Often, all you need is click that number or check if the number is the same on the delivery service website. It is usual for shipments to encounter interruptions, particularly when it is the holiday season or they have more orders than usual. The shipping status will give you details of where the parcel was recorded.

Schedule for in-person delivery

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Receiving your packages in person is one of the best ways to avoid mail theft. You can do that by informing the postal service that you need a sign for the delivery. You can also tell them to ensure your mail is shipped to an address where someone is present.

You can talk to a neighbor who is eager to accept the delivery for you if you are away from home. You can also designate your office as the shipping address if it is okay with your employer and if your package is small.


Insure your parcel

Are you ordering a high-value product online? Perhaps you are ordering a laptop or an iPhone. In this case, you can pay a few dollars to insure the delivery. You can do that either through the delivery service or the seller.

Utilize the safety features of your credit card

Did you know that a lot of credit cards provide safety features? These features will help you compensate you for stolen parcels. This is advantageous, especially if the product or service was bought with the said credit card.

You can just see the website of your credit card provider to learn more about this coverage and file for a claim. Unluckily, a few credit card firms disregard coverage for high-value stuff. It includes items that are worth more than 500 dollars. Others might oblige you to go to a local police station and file a report.

Take note that this credit card purchase protection is not considered as the primary coverage. That indicates you can expect compensations after you have used primary coverage like renters or home insurance.

Utilize a lockbox service

Using a lockbox service is another strategy you can use to avoid package theft. You can have your parcel transported to a lockbox. Companies like Amazon have their own services for this. It becomes useful when the holiday season comes in and people are busier.


Several convenience and grocery stores provide this kind of service as well. You can also have your parcel sent to a UPS center.

Choose an alternative delivery area

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The most natural way to prevent package theft is not to have your parcels left on your porch in the first place. Choose an alternative location where somebody is accessible to accept it on delivery.

Consider delivering your parcel to:

  • A P.O. box, but be aware that these have monthly rental fees. Further, not all P.O. boxes will accept packages. Make sure you research first before renting.
  • Your office, where there is always somebody on-hand to accept your parcel
  • A trusted neighbor or a local relative who will be home to pick up the delivery when it comes

Bottom Line

Package theft impacted around 11 million homeowners in the United States in 2016. The usual prey lost 2.6 parcels to stealing in 2017, and one package was worth about 150 dollars. That number average indicates that the problem of porch theft cost consumers more than $8.2 billion every year.

Having these preventative tips will help you avoid getting your packages stolen.

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