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Top 21 Highest Paying Construction Jobs [2024 Updated]

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When it comes to construction, a variety of jobs exist from the lowest paying to the highest. Check out this list of the 21 most lucrative construction-related positions and see what you could earn in 2024!


There are many high-paying construction jobs out there. If you’re interested in a career in construction, here are the top highest-paying construction jobs. Kindly check below the construction job titles and salaries of the most important jobs.

Highest Paying Construction Jobs

There are many high-paying construction jobs out there. If you’re interested in a career in construction, be sure to explore all the options available to you. Some of these are the best construction jobs for the future. Following are the top highest paying construction jobs for 2024.

We have referred to the latest salary data from the indeed.com salaries and Linkedin Salary tool for the United States.


1. Construction Manager

Construction manager salaries are high, but the job is still in high demand. According to Linkedin Salary, the average construction manager’s salary is $83,000 a year. However, the top earners can make over $135,000 a year.

If you’re interested in a career in construction management, be sure to check out our construction management career guide for 2024. The construction manager is the most in-demand construction job.

2. Construction Project Manager

Construction project managers are responsible for the successful completion of a construction project. Their work can involve managing a team of workers, ensuring that the project is on schedule and within budget, and ensuring that all safety concerns are taken into account. This is one of the best construction jobs that pay over 100k per year.

The base salary for the construction project manager is $77,000 Per year and the salary range is $46,000 – $1,20,000.

3. Architect

There are many high-paying construction jobs out there for architects. Architects can work in a variety of locations, including construction companies and government agencies. Architects who specialize in design or construction can earn a good salary.

The Base salary for the Architect is $84,000 Per year and the Salary Range: is $52,000 – $1,52,000


4. Civil Engineer

A civil engineer is a highly skilled professional who designs, plans, and oversees construction projects. With a salary that can range from $68,000 to $110,000 per year, civil engineers are some of the highest-paid construction professionals in the construction industry. This is one of the best construction jobs with no experience you could start your career.

These jobs are in high demand, so if you’re interested in a career in construction, be sure to check out our civil engineer career guide for 2024.

Also, if you are looking for the best construction jobs for the future, check this An Ultimate Guide to Launch your Career in Digital Construction [eBook for 2024].

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5. Building engineer

As the construction industry continues to grow, there are many jobs that are available. Some of the highest paying construction jobs are building engineers’ salaries.

The average Base salary for a building engineer is $64,500 per year and the salary range is $45,000 – $90,00.

6. Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers design, install and maintain electrical systems in buildings. They work on projects such as hospitals, schools, office towers, and factories.


The average base salary for an electrical engineer is $97,000 per year and the salary range is $61,000 – $1,09,000

7. Construction Estimator

The construction industry is one of the most lucrative in the United States. With so many new homes and businesses being built, there are many opportunities for construction estimators to get ahead.

The average Base salary for a construction estimator is $65,000 Per year and the Salary Range is $41,600 – $95,000

8. Civil Engineering Technician

A civil engineering technician can work in a variety of environments, from construction sites to laboratories. This position typically requires an associate’s degree in civil engineering, but many employers will accept a college degree as well. Experience working with computers and precision tools is also a plus.

The average base salary for civil engineering technicians is $54,578 Per year.

9. Land Surveyor

Land surveyors are responsible for ensuring that construction projects are carried out in a safe and accurate manner. They must be able to identify any potential hazards on the site and ensure that they are properly addressed. This is often a highly specialized field, and those interested in pursuing it should have a degree in engineering or surveying.

The Average base salary for a land surveyor is $61,958 per year.

10. Construction Supervisor

The construction supervisor is responsible for the safety and efficiency of a construction site. This position typically requires a college degree in construction management or engineering. In order to qualify for this position, you will need experience in managing construction sites and must be able to handle complex projects.

The average salary for a construction supervisor is $62,466 per year

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11. Construction and Building Inspector

Construction Inspectors play an important role in ensuring the safety of workers and the construction site. They are responsible for conducting site inspections to make sure that the construction is being done according to approved plans and specifications.

They also ensure that all workers are following safe work practices and that the construction site is free from hazardous materials. Construction Inspectors earn a higher wage than most other jobs in the construction industry.


The Average base salary for the construction and building inspector is $43,458 per year

12. Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters

Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters are also the best-paying construction jobs in the industry.

As the construction industry continues to grow, plumbers are in high demand.

  • The average salary for a plumber is $33,920
  • Pipefitters have an average salary of $50,620
  • Steamfitters have an average salary of $57,000

13. Mason

Mason is an important part of the construction industry. He helps to build new homes, office buildings, and other structures. Mason uses his skills and knowledge to make sure that the construction process goes smoothly. He is always up for a challenge and takes pride in his work. Mason is a valuable member of the team and is always willing to help out. Masons are in high demand and can earn a good salary.

The average salary for a mason is $61,000. The highest paid masons earned over $87,000.

14. Heavy Equipment operator

Heavy equipment operators are responsible for operating heavy machinery and equipment. They need to be able to read and understand engineering drawings, operate the equipment safely, and make repairs as necessary.

The average salary for the heavy equipment operator is $73,280 per year.

15. Electrician

Electricians are responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining all types of electrical systems in buildings. They work in both commercial and residential settings. Other common construction jobs that require an electrician include wiring rooftops, setting up telecommunications systems, and installing security systems.

The average base salary of the Electrician is $57,311 per year.

16. Carpenter

A carpenter is a skilled tradesperson who is responsible for many aspects of construction. They are often responsible for erecting walls, constructing floors, and installing cabinets and other furniture. Carpenters also have a strong knowledge of woodworking and carpentry tools.

The average base salary for a carpenter is $61,819

17. Construction Worker

Construction worker construction is a dangerous job. It can be extremely hot and sweaty, and there are often dangerous equipment and materials present. Workers need to be aware of their surroundings at all times and take precautions to avoid injuries.

The average base salary of a construction worker is $39,244 per year.

18. Sheet Metal Worker

As a sheet metal worker in construction, you will be responsible for creating and installing metal components such as roofs, walls, and girders. You will need to have a strong understanding of geometry and mechanics in order to create accurate pieces that will meet the required specifications.

The average salary for a metal worker is $48,149 per year.

19. Solar Panel Installer

A solar panel installer in construction is a vital member of any construction team. This person will help you install solar panels on your home or office building. They will also make sure that the panels are installed properly and that all wiring is done correctly.

The average salary for a solar installer is $70,083 per year.

20. Glazier

A glazier is someone who is skilled in repairing windows. They may work in construction, or any other industry where windows are important. A typical job for a glazier is to replace broken windows. They may also repair damaged windows, or install new ones.

Glaziers must have a good understanding of glass and how it works. They need to be able to handle heavy construction equipment and be able to work quickly and efficiently.

The average salary for a glazier is $69,413 per year

21. Crane Operator

A crane operator in construction is responsible for safely moving heavy equipment and materials. They must have excellent balance, coordination, and strength to move the equipment around. They also need to be able to think on their feet and be able to react quickly in order to prevent any accidents.

The average salary for a glazier is $69,413 per year.

Final Reflections

When discussing the highest paying construction jobs, it’s important to note that these positions often require specialized skills and extensive experience. However, there are also high paying construction jobs no experience necessary, which are ideal for individuals looking to start their career in the industry. These positions typically offer on-the-job training, allowing newcomers to earn while they learn.

Interestingly, there are several construction jobs that pay over 100k, especially in roles that require advanced technical skills or managerial responsibilities. For those seeking high paying construction jobs near me, it’s advisable to research local job markets as salary ranges can vary significantly depending on the geographic location and demand for specific skills.

In some high-level roles or regions with a high cost of living, there are even construction jobs that pay over 200k. These are usually senior-level positions with significant responsibility. The highest paying construction jobs Reddit threads often discuss such opportunities, providing insights and personal experiences from individuals in the industry.

Looking towards the future, the best construction jobs for the future are those that adapt to changing technologies and market demands. Sustainable construction, for example, is an area seeing significant growth. The highest paying construction jobs in the USA are often those that stay ahead of industry trends, such as those involving green building practices.

Aside from specific construction roles, high paying jobs in general can be found in industries that intersect with construction. For instance, a construction manager salary is typically among the higher brackets in the construction industry due to the level of expertise and oversight responsibilities involved.

High paying construction jobs in California reflect the state’s booming construction market and high cost of living, often offering salaries higher than the national average to attract skilled professionals. When it comes to the highest paid construction workers in the world, they are typically found in regions with significant construction activities and investments, where specialized skills are in high demand.

If you’re interested in a career in construction, you’ll want to keep reading! These are the 21 highest-paying construction jobs for 2024. In order to stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and changes in the industry. Construction project director and similar positions are some of the construction jobs that pay over 200k per year. You could also use Google for job search for the “high paying construction jobs near me”.

Be sure to check out our blog regularly for updates on which construction jobs are paying the best right now.

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What are the top 5 highest paying jobs in construction?

1.Construction Managers, 2. Project Manager, 3. Architects, 4. Civil Engineer, 5. Construction Supervisors are the top 5 highest paid jobs in construction industry.

What is the best Construction Job?

There are many different types of construction jobs, and the best one for you depends on your skills and interests. If you enjoy working with your hands and are good at problem solving, you might be interested in a career as a carpenter. If you are interested in design and working with blueprints, you might be interested in becoming an architect. If you like working outdoors, you might want to consider a career as a landscaper. Whatever type of construction job you are interested in, there are many opportunities to find work in this field.

Which is the easiest construction job?

There are many construction jobs that are considered easy. Some of these jobs include being a framer, electrician, plumber, and HVAC technician. These jobs are typically easy because they do not require a lot of physical labor and can be learned relatively quickly.

What is the toughest construction job?

Many jobs in the construction industry are physically demanding and can be considered tough, depending on an individual’s perspective and capabilities. Here are a few examples of jobs that are often considered to be physically demanding or challenging:
Concrete worker
Crane operator
Heavy equipment operator
Demolition worker
Asbestos abatement worker
These jobs require a high level of physical fitness and endurance, as well as the ability to work in challenging conditions, such as at high elevations or in extreme temperatures. They also involve a high level of skill and precision, as well as the ability to work safely.
It is also important to note that safety should be priority in all construction jobs, and a proper training and PPE equipment are crucial.

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