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Construction Jobs JobBoard For Construction and Real Estate Industry

Last Updated on July 4, 2021 by Admin

There are hundreds of websites and job portals or job boards available in the market, but when it comes to fulfilling the job requirements how many job portals are actually turning a candidate’s applications into an employee? We have come up with the best construction job portal offering Job posting services for the Construction, Real Estate, and related Industry.

Very few construction job portals fulfill the employer’s current job requirements, as every job portal provide you a space to post your job recruitment and the registered candidates with them apply for the particular job, but very few candidates are actually eligible and qualified for the said recruitment and 80-90% resumes or candidates applications are spam.

It’s a time-consuming and very much tiring process to shortlist the candidates and calling them for the interview process from the spammy job applications. And most of the time recruiters spend a lot of quality time to trash the resumes collected from various job portals.

To make the hiring process smooth and hassle-free we have come up with our exclusive job portal for the construction industry Construction Placements JobBoard.


Why Construction Jobs JobBoard?

  • The JobBoard for the Construction, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Interior & Design, Architectural Firms, Co-working spaces, Projects,  Energy and Power, and Oil & Gas and related industry.
  • Huge worldwide follower base of 500k plus construction professionals.
  • 1 Million plus page views with 5.5 lakhs, monthly visitors.
  • Simple and unique employer and candidate dashboards.
  • Strong social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram.
  • Best engagement in the industry than any other job board in the same industry domain
  • Access to thousands of resumes from the construction industry.
  • Only job board with social media integrations i.e. we share each and every job post onto our strong social media networks of construction professionals.
  • Very competitive prices to start with. (You can start with a Free Plan)

Job Posting Site For Construction Industry

The only job posting sites for Construction, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Projects, Oil & Gas, Architectural Firms, Interior Fit-outs, Design, Co-working, Co-living, and other similar industries.

Post a Job in a minute and start accepting the applications. ConstructionPlacements JobBoard – The only Job Portal for Construction Industry. We allow companies, employers/recruiters to post jobs on our site and do the process of scheduling and interviewing the right candidates.

ConstructionPlacements JobBoard brings quite a simple and easy type of job posting subscription. Recruiters can easily post the important details of the job, and manage views and responses received from the candidates for the listed job posting online.

Updating your jobs regularly will increase its visibility and freshers hire process by 3 times. Recruiters can do free job postings in a minute and save time by managing your posted jobs and candidates at ConstructionPlacements JobBoard.

By posting jobs you will get access to our thousands of resume databases so that you can search resume for free.

From our  Post a Job  page, employers will get so many advantages like, job posting, view & search resumes, screen candidates, track & rate applicants and will provide 100% guarantee satisfaction.

Now ConstructionPlacements JobBoard is mobile friendly too, where you could do job posting from your smartphones &  get more results and candidates to your posted jobs.

So, post jobs on ConstructionPlacements JobBoard and highlight your jobs to increase the visibility and responses on mobile devices.

We have used very simple job posting method where you can post a job only in a minutes time, write a few jobs description and post your job for, if you want to do some more research on resumes, you can use our resume search application where you can review applications, manage candidates & schedule interviews for the qualified job seekers.

ConstructionPlacements JobBoard is one of the best online job posting site in all metropolitan cities across India and abroad where recruiters can do job posting, resume search and screen the candidates based on particular locations like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune and also for UAE, Oman, and other overseas locations.

TRY Our Job board,  POST A JOB

JobBoard For The Construction Companies

Construction Placements JobBoard provides job stakeholders, employers who need talent, with their own self-management portal. Once an employer is given an account they can create job listings on their own. Employers can submit jobs through interfaces that are easily customized.

When candidates who are searching for jobs apply, notifications can be configured to be sent automatically to employers. Employers can then login and see applicant information, resumes, and candidate information.

These self-managed features allow employers to take advantage of the power of Construction Placements JobBoard all on their own with the same easy-to-use interfaces.

Job Board with Job Listings and Job Descriptions

Construction Placements JobBoard adds job listings to our website. Attract needed candidates and show them the jobs they’re looking for.

Applicant Tracking System

Construction Placements JobBoard does a lot more than listing jobs on our website.  Construction Placements JobBoard is a fully-featured 360º applicant tracking system. Jobs are published using the powerful features of WordPress.

Applicants search for jobs and apply using easily customizable forms. Job creators and stakeholders create job definitions, see responses from applicants through email notifications, and take advantage of all the powerful multi-user, role-based, content management advantages built into our website.


Effortless Job Browsing

Construction Placements JobBoard comes with a built-in, advanced search engine that allows you to filter through all posted jobs to find exactly the one you want.

You can search for jobs by location, keyword, job type, category, and even date of posting. Being able to find jobs that match job seekers’ skills makes Construction Placements JobBoard valuable to both job seekers and employers. Jobs lists are configurable and can be customized to match a brand’s style.

Advanced Job Searching

Construction Placements JobBoard contains a powerful Advanced Search Form. Search forms are easily customized using a visual form editor. The search forms can have information that’s specific to visitors, industry, or roles.  When performing searches, visitors can clearly see which search parameters are being used to filter jobs and can refine search results with single clicks.


Job & Applicant Management

Construction Placements JobBoard does more than just list jobs. It’s built on the powerful content management features of WordPress, so managing job listings is easy for one person, a small team, or even for employers across multiple companies  – all in one fast, searchable system. When recruiters, HR professionals, and staffing companies need an applicant tracking system, they can turn to Construction Placements JobBoard.

Construction Placements JobBoard is a solution for listing jobs on websites. Job candidates find the jobs they’re looking for quickly and easily. The management of listings is simple and intuitive.


Effortless Resume Browsing

Employers can browse resumes by category, or they can use Construction Placements JobBoard built-in search engine that allows users to search resumes by keyword, location, category, experience, and education.

Advanced Resumes Search

With a powerful advanced search form, Employers can easily filter resumes to find a perfect candidate. The search fields for this form you can customize at any time.


Start with a Free Job Posting


JobBoard For The candidates

Completely free of cost, one of the best job board for the candidates looking for the jobs in the construction, real estate, infrastructure, projects, Interior & Design, Architectural firms, Power and Energy and Oil & Gas Industry.


Easy to Use Candidate Dashboard

At any time registered Candidate can access his dashboard in order to update his resume, view submitted applications, edit job bookmarks, and manage his account. At the top of the dashboard, the user can see a progress bar, encouraging him to fill the whole resume.

Simple Resume Creation

After registering with Construction Placements JobBoard a job seeker can create a resume for himself/herself using the My Resume form. Using this feature, employers can easier find ideal candidates for their open positions. Access to these resumes can either be given to every website visitor or limited to registered employers or premium employers.


ConstructionPlacements JobBoard – The only Job Portal for Construction Industry. Post your job now and start getting applications from the qualified and eligible candidates through our rich social network of construction professionals and from our strong database of thousands of resumes. We offer you guaranteed hiring in 7 days.

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