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Construction Project Manager Job Description and Salary Details

Construction Project Manager Job Description

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This post discussed the Construction Project Manager job description, roles and responsibilities, and Salary Details.


The project manager is the kingpin around whom the whole project organization revolves. He is entirely responsible and accountable for the success and failure of the project. The functions of the project manager vary from project to project and the different kinds of organizations, but the behavior pattern role remains similar in almost all types of projects.

Construction Project Manager Job Description

A construction project manager is responsible for overseeing the successful completion by managing different teams during the planning and execution stages.


This position requires strong organizational skills, leadership, and superior communication skills. A construction project manager is responsible for managing a construction project from start to finish.

They are in charge of the entire project and must ensure that every detail is taken into account, from beginning to end. They also work with different contractors, designers, and civil engineers to ensure that their job is as expected.

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Roles and Responsibilities

As there is no such standardized definition of a construction project manager, these skills can be considered to become genuinely effective project managers:

An essential list of Project Manager’s roles & responsibilities

The Project Manager is the whole & solely responsible for that project’s success or failure.

The following roles of the project manager are outlined:


Governance Role

The project manager is considered the legal and social head of the project. He performs crucially in decision-making situations, ceremonial functions & duties which supposed to be completed by his organization.

Leadership Role

Being the project leader, he directs the inter-functional efforts performed by a motivated, skilled-unskilled and experienced team. Effective leadership is an essential factor in a crisis that leads to the project’s success.

Liaison Role

The project manager deals with concerned authorities like government, non-government officials, contract vendors, etc., which affects the ongoing project activities.

Monitoring Role

The project manager follows the planned baseline schedule without compromising quality, safety, and environmental standards. He/she motivates the team to achieve project performance objectives.

Disseminator’s Role

All relevant information received from external sources gets transmitted by the project manager to the internal authority for final decision.

Spokesperson Role

As he faces clients daily, he becomes one point of communication between contractor and client or any other external party.

Entrepreneur’s Role

The project manager identifies opportunities to promote improvements and needed changes which helps both organizations.


Disturbance Handling Role

To keep smooth working, the project manager immediately resolves any on-site conflict by applying required corrective measures.

Resource allocation role

The project manager prepares and maintains the budget for the project, and accordingly, he allocates the resources to the project workers. Also, it becomes helpful for maintaining the inventory on-site.

Negotiator’s role

The project manager represents the organization in significant negotiations by solving business-related issues and matters inside and outside the project environment.

Being a Project Manager as a dynamic process

Fig. Project Manager leadership dynamic process

Key functions of Project Manager as a leader

Managing day-to-day activities using appropriate resources is not enough. The leadership of a project manager can be defined as the leader who creates a vision, does task integration, directs in the right way, motivates the team, effectively communicates with everyone, and ensures the satisfaction of customers.

The construction project manager is a leader that is responsible for managing various construction projects and overseeing their progress. T

hey are also responsible for coordinating with the teams of contractors, subcontractors, and other key players to make sure deadlines are met, and resources are properly managed.

Their work typically involves budgeting, scheduling, planning, forecasting, estimating time and cost, arranging permits and approvals, managing risk, and quality control.

What makes an effective project manager?

Every project is like a mission, and its uniqueness defines the significant role of the project manager. Competency characteristics, behavior with others, emotional stability in each situation, organizational culture, and environmental influence are the essential variables that define the effectiveness of a project manager.

The most important traits needed to be an effective project manager include being a leader, possessing strong technical skills, and having excellent interpersonal skills.

Project managers need to have the ability to influence others, prioritize tasks, and show confidence in their abilities. They are also required to have analytical skills and the ability to work on a team.


Construction Project Manager competency skills

Competence can be explained as the knowledge, skills, and personal traits required to manage the project to make it successful.

Some existing standards of assessing a project manager’s competence can be gained from these two significant programs Project Management Institute (PMI @www.pmi.org) and Association for project management (APM @www.apm.org.uk).

Fig.: Competence CPD Model

So, it can be said that role & responsibilities of a project manager might not fix the one who “Complete Aesthetical, Functional and Maintainable project Safely, on Schedule, as Specified within Budget and synchronization with Human. Environment” reaches towards the perfection!

Salary Details

In India, the average salary for a Construction Project Manager is ₹1,037,122 Per year.

In the USA, the average salary for a Construction Project Manager is $81,058 Per year.

Source: payscale.com (salary data recorded on 28th Feb 2022)

Final words

A career in construction project management will open doors. The profession demands a completion-oriented person with the drive to establish management principles and team buildings and decision-making and risk management. The opportunity to take leadership roles, provide a service and create value for stakeholders are reasons some choose this field.



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