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Become an IT Expert with Microsoft MCSE Credentials using Exam Dumps and More

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Do you want to have a secure and thriving IT career? Take on the MCSE path and you’ll transform yourself into someone in-demand by various employers. The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert program, or popularly known as MCSE, is a reliable way to demonstrate your IT specialization, as it’s the highest level in the Microsoft Certification program which gives you chances to reach new heights in your career. Securing this credential means you’re not just an average IT professional; you’re a certified expert in your field.

The typical MCSE certification process

If you have decided to pursue a Microsoft certification, you can follow the process listed below so you won’t have a hard time earning this remarkable Microsoft accreditation.

  1. Start with an MTA certification

Though it’s not required, it’s highly suggested that you complete an MTA, or Microsoft Technology Associate, first. Having this will arm you with fundamental knowledge of your chosen track. MTA certification exams help you ready yourself with the tough certification process along the way.

  1. Continue with an MCSA certification

After your MTA, you have to pick and accomplish an MCSA certification so you become a well-versed IT associate. This MCSA must be something that is related to your preferred MCSE program. Often than not, MCSA credentials require at least two exams. To know more about the specific exam requirements, just check the Microsoft official site and follow the exact certification track.

  1. Finish it off with an MCSE certification

Once you’ve accomplished all MCSA exams, you are now off to the last stage, which is becoming a Microsoft expert. MCSE exams are, of course, no longer easy-peasy tests. These are certainly challenging exams that will take you to your fullest potential. Therefore, you need to study smart and study hard with these exams.

To help you prepare efficiently, we’ve gathered all the best resources that you can use in studying for an MCSE exam.

Must-have study items for a successful MCSE certification exam

  1. Physical and eBook exam ref

Exam refs are your go-to materials for any Microsoft certification exam. These books track down the official exam content, which means it covers the exam objectives thoroughly. Plus, it’s easy to find these books because these available at Microsoft Press Store, and sometimes, Amazon.

  1. Online lectures

Learn at your own pace with the online lectures also offered by Microsoft. Studying these materials gives you excellent information about the topics so you’ll be more confident when taking the exam. The number of courses, however, depends on the certification exam. There are some with few lectures; there are also some with several training options.

  1. Instructor-led training

Acquire valuable tips from a certified Microsoft expert with an instructor-led course. These are totally useful in expanding your comprehension effectively because you will be guided by an industry specialist.

  1. Training videos

You can also make use of different free videos online. The good thing is that it’s easy to avail of these materials, especially on YouTube. Simply input the certification exam you’re planning to take, and ta-da, you’ll discover an impressive array of videos that won’t cost you a penny! Watching these videos is also a practical way to gain professional connections.

  1. Mock tests and exam dumps

Evaluate your skills by answering mock tests and exam dumps. Measuring your aptitude at least two weeks before your scheduled certification exam is ultimately beneficial so it can still improve your exam mastery. And if you think that the official practice tests provided by Microsoft aren’t quite enough to polish your skills, don’t worry because you can utilize the exam dumps offered at PrepAway. Their dumps consist of exceptional exam questions & answers collected from the real exam takers. On top of their free files, they also have a premium bundle for a decent price. These materials are checked and verified by IT professionals. The bundle is highly recommended if you want other sources of references aside from the exam dumps. Here, you can further get learning from their exam guides and online lectures.

  1. Support forums

Joining different online forums is another way to prepare effectively. The Microsoft Community is such a great platform to follow discussions and share insights with other IT individuals. Moreover, these forums can also help you expand your network reach.

Ongoing changes in the Microsoft certification curriculum

With the continuous revamp of Microsoft certifications, make sure you always updated. Many MCSE validations have been retired because of the new technical curriculum, which primarily focuses on job-based endorsements. And as of this writing, there are only four remaining MCSE certifications to choose from. They include MCSE badge in Business Applications, Data Management and Analytics, Productivity and Core Infrastructure.

Let’s see how you can obtain some of them:

  • MCSE in Business Applications―accomplish one of its mandatory exams, which include MB2-716, MB2-718, MB-895 to mention a few. All codes see on the vendor’s official website. And note, that this certification is set to retire this coming June 30, 2020. The prerequisite is the MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations credential.
  • MCSE: Data Management and Analytics―complete one exam from the pool of 8 of them offered on the Microsoft website. Some codes to choose from include 70-464, 70-467, 70-767, 70-762. The prerequisite can be one of the following MCSA certifications: SQL Server 2012/2014, SQL 2016 Database Development or Database Administration, BI Reporting, and SQL 2016 BI Development.


Advance your technical proficiency and become an expert in your field with the MCSE credentials by passing the corresponding certification exams. These are all designed to further strengthen your professional aptitude and to provide you with an outstanding IT career. So, choose the track you’ll like to follow, take into consideration the tips covered in this article, use the most reliable exam dumps from PrepAway and earn a noteworthy MCSE badge soon!

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