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The Pros and Cons of using Estimating Software for Construction Projects

Last Updated on March 23, 2023 by Admin

Advances in technology have given birth to construction estimating software. It has helped us to prepare cost estimates accurately, record and schedule cost figures in a project proposal. In addition, it has facilitated us to visualize our concepts and overall planning to go in sync with the budget of the project. These days, specialized construction estimating software are available in the market for trades like drywall estimating that help in measuring sheetrock boards, mudding, taping and joint compounds etc.


Manually calculating the whole project cost brings the highest likelihood of making errors. A slight miscalculation disturbs cash flows, damage your reputation and prevent the project from getting complete on time. Remember everything has a positive and negative side and same goes with the construction estimating software. Let us all see what pros and cons it has for us:

Pros #1- Efficiency, productivity and streamlined the processes

Using estimating software has brought immense efficiency in construction operations. It has streamlined the processes, save time and money and boost productivity as well. No wonder, it has drastically reduced the incidents of errors which estimators used to make when manually performing the same task.


Pros #2- Accuracy and consistency

Preparing project budgeting report based on accuracy and consistency- that is possible if you use reliable estimating software. No doubt, the construction industry has become hell competitive and it is getting challenging day by day for estimators to stay in the game.

A single error will bring your repute at the disastrous spot. You can quote and calculate the cost accurately by familiarizing yourself with this software. Every report that you will prepare looks uniform and reliable.

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Pros #3- Procurement and project management

In the past, procurement and project management were believed to be the hardest jobs. All thanks to the estimating software- they can now be done hassle-freely.

Using estimating software lets you accurately measure the delivery time of materials, manage and schedule the labor, what materials and equipment you exactly need and how to prevent energy resources from getting wasted.

Assuring project management is another milestone achieved by estimating software. If project is well-managed, there will not be any labor delays and no errors in measuring materials quantity takeoffs.


Pros #4- Delivering A to Z details to the team members

Manually performing the job of cost estimation used to bring heavy miscommunication problems. Some get delayed information and others receive half.

Construction projects fail because of the communication gap but this problem is well-tackled by estimating software. It makes sure that every team member receives A to Z information without any delay.

Good communication keeps the client updated and he exactly knows about the project progress. Using spreadsheets, notebooks and sticky notes makes the whole process messy. Information remains unorganized leading to lot of miscommunication. Thus, construction estimation software enhances communication and consolidates data on a single platform.

Pros #5- Project gets completed quickly

Previously, completing the project on-time was assumed to be next to impossible task. The launch of cost estimating software has discarded this myth and now projects complete on-time and look more manageable. This software has completely eliminated the need of doing paper work, which is why calculating costs, scheduling deliveries and procuring materials have become quick.

Pros #6- Improved relationship with the client

Happy clients come again and bring more customers as well. Improved relationship with clients seems possible if you do the right use of technology and that includes utilizing cost estimating software. Providing them with accurate updates gives the client a real feel that how much you value them.

High-end estimation software successfully prepares the most organized, detailed, and easy to understand report and provide clients excessive transparency.

Pros #7- Allows Strategic Project Planning

Project planning and that too strategically is achievable using a cost estimating software. It gives you updated information that helps you making decisions correctly and hopefully with no errors. You catch up with a clear-cut picture of every project phase and your project gets planned on the most accurate estimates.


Moreover, estimation software automates processes and you get enough time to think more tactically and strategically. Thus holistic view of the project is possible and you no longer get lost.

Cons #1- Buying the software is expensive

Estimating software is somewhat expensive to buy. But it is a one-time investment and its advantages always outshine, which is why estimators disregard the price factor.

Cons #2- Familiarizing with the software needs time and practice

Cost estimating software does not work like standard softwares. Getting know-how of it needs time and practice. So, remain aware of that! Becoming a pro in using it will take some time.

Cons #3- Your chosen software version may become outdated

You never know when your cost estimating software becomes outdated. Keeping its up-to-date version is a must. Technology moves very fast and software becomes redundant quickly.

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