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How to Manage Your Time if You’re an Adult Student?

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College years are a challenge to everyone, no matter how well they manage their time and set priorities. But for adult students (the ones over 25 years old), the task of getting a diploma may turn into an insurmountable challenge.

First, they may have a daily job to attend to, with little time left for classes and homework. Second, they may already have a family and small children to care for (in addition to the day job). So, the meager time left for homework completion makes the mission of college graduation impossible.

How can adult students organize their time to achieve maximum efficiency in their studies? Here is an adult student survival guide giving a different perspective on adult learning.

Plan Everything

If you are an adult student with a pile of different priorities and tasks for each day of your life, you can’t afford to leave the work and study schedule to chance. In the conditions of scarce time and multiple pressing tasks, planning may be a great solution allowing you to perform in line with all deadlines.

Set a schedule for work and study-related tasks by indicating the deadline for each and assigning some amount of time for them. If you spend less time on one task and have some spare time, don’t procrastinate. Instead, use those free minutes to embark on the next task on the list.

In this way, you can free up some time in the evening to spend it with your family or unwind, celebrating an effective working day.

Adult students should have all tasks included in their planners, with alerts set for all significant events not to miss anything. Spending just a couple of minutes in the morning on such planning, you will see sizable productivity boosts and academic performance improvements in the long run.

Get Used to Studying in Chunks

Adult students are overwhelmed with a massive number of tasks. You may need to spend several hours at work, take your kids to kindergarten or school, and visit your college supervisor on the same day. Besides, a couple of home assignments might be waiting for you in the evening, after the entire family goes to bed. Is that manageable? Yes, it is if you get used to working in small chunks.

Take your laptop and noise-absorbing headphones with you to study every 10-15 minutes you have. Waiting for your dentist? Study! Waiting for your kids after a football class? Study! Attending a massage session? Turn an audiobook on and study while enjoying bodily relaxation.

Don’t Forget about Balance

Once you embark on your studies, you may experience additional stress about balancing things in life. Logically, you have to allocate the free time you had for kids or your spouse to lectures and homework, which may cause a family conflict or psychological problems.

So, experts recommend seeking a life-work-study balance in any possible way. Take care of yourself, your career, diploma, and family needs simultaneously with careful planning and boundary setting. For example, you shouldn’t stay until late at work if you have promised that evening to your kids; learn to say “no” and prioritize things to keep your life full and satisfying.

Keep Track of Body-Mind Well-being

Combining studies, work, and family care may seem like too much for an adult learner. But even in the darkest times of zero free time, you need to find spare minutes to keep your body healthy and revived. If you forget about regular physical exercise, your body and brain will let you down sooner or later.

To avoid such a situation (sleep disorders, eating disorders, depression, nervous breakdown, or even a physical illness), make sure to take care of your body and mind together. Take your time to relax at a yoga class or reserve 30 minutes for a morning jogging session in the park. You can simply walk with your kids or spouse around the district in the evening to refresh yourself – anything will do.

Be Flexible

You’re likely to feel desperate and stressed out many times during college studies at an adult age. Some project work may get stuck in the middle, with no free time or inspiration on your part to go on. You may fail to understand some topic or miss your supervisor’s office hours.

Nevertheless, don’t let such situations take your life energy. Instead, adapt to the situation and think of how to survive in these new conditions. At times, the problem is much smaller than we tend to think, and a positive mindset may help you find a quick solution.

Focus on the Goal

The time of combined work and study is a period of strict limitations on other life domains. So, if you have embarked on a college diploma project, make sure you understand that you will have to say “no” to many friends’ parties or weekend BBQs with neighbors. You might need to skip one or two family vacations for the sake of finishing the classes quicker. So, you should be ready for such sacrifices (from time to time) to get the desired diploma.

Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

While studies at an adult age may be way harder than at a younger age, the experience of Do My Essays For Me writers shows that you can still make it. The critical fact to keep in mind is that you are more experienced and perseverant, able to set priorities more wisely than teens do. So make a plan, discuss it with your family and boss, negotiate some free time for studies, and go ahead!

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