How to Know if Your HVAC Technician is Screwing You Over (And How to Avoid It!)

How to Know if Your HVAC Technician is Screwing You Over (And How to Avoid It!)

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Homeowners have different pieces of equipment and appliances in their homes. These things might fail when you least expect them to. Homeowners should, therefore, make sure that they are getting accurate and proper service when repairing their appliances.


The issue comes in when a homeowner cannot tell whether they got a poor, sub-standard, or good service. This can lead to a lot of problems with their HVAC units even after they have been serviced.

So, how do you know if your HVAC technician is screwing you over and how can you avoid it?

HVAC Technician Lacks The Required Tools

Your HVAC unit has an issue, and you have contacted an HVAC technician to come and fix it. Unfortunately, the technician comes but does not carry all the tools that are needed to diagnose the issue.

Every professional, no matter the field they are in, should always select the right tools for their work. If you are dealing with a technician who does not have the right tools or has to go back to get them, then they are screwing you over.

To avoid this, make sure that you are dealing with experienced technicians. When reporting an issue with your HVAC unit, try as much as you can to tell them what the problem is. You can also remind them to come with the required tools for the job.

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HVAC Technician Does Not Identify The Problem

Since you are not a technician, you call in an HVAC technician to solve an issue with your HVAC unit. However, even after spending time investigating your unit, the HVAC technician cannot identify any problem.

This means the technician does not have the knowledge required to diagnose issues with your HVAC unit. It might also mean that the technician does not have the right attitude towards their work or is careless.


This is one of the most common HVAC scams, and you need to be aware of it. You can avoid this scam by ensuring that you are dealing with the right and knowledgeable technicians like the ones from ARS. Apart from being experienced, they are well-trained and know how to diagnose HVAC issues.

HVAC Technician Does Not Answer Your Questions Satisfactorily

As a homeowner who has an issue with their HVAC unit, chances are that you will have questions for your technician. What would you feel if you asked an HVAC technician a question about your unit and they cannot answer you? This is one of the things that make poor or bad customer service.

If you find that you are getting unsatisfactory answers from an HVAC technician, you need to be worried. This is because such a technician does not know everything about their job and might not be able to fix your HVAC unit.

Such a technician will not even let you know what they have done with your unit. It might fail again within a few days, weeks, or months. To avoid this, check the reviews of your technician. See if previous customers have complained about the technician before you hire them for the job.

HVAC Technician Calls Someone Else for Help

Getting a job as a recent graduate is not easy. No one is born with experience in their field. Similarly, HVAC technicians start somewhere and gain experience through the job. However, junior technicians are not left on the job alone.

They work under the supervision of an experienced technician. If you find out that the technician working on your HVAC unit is constantly calling someone else for help, you need to be worried. They are either a scam or inexperienced.

But how can you find how experienced an HVAC technician is to avoid this problem? Well, you can ask them about their previous work, Do not be afraid of talking to them. Ask them about their experience in a friendly manner. This will help you get the right technician for the job.


Provides Timelines That Aren’t Flexible

Most people have to go to work, school, or even run errands. Imagine dealing with an HVAC technician whose timeline is not flexible!

This might be a technician who wants to fix your unit’s problem when you are not there or when you are busy. They do not want you to see what they will be doing. Such a technician might not even be trained enough to handle your HVAC issues.

To avoid this issue, ensure that you are dealing with professional HVAC technicians. They will be willing to adjust their schedules to fit into yours.

If you observe the things discussed above and follow the guidelines when dealing with HVAC technicians, you will get exemplary services and your HVAC unit will be fixed without any problems.

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