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Is Assignar The Best Construction Scheduling Software?

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Construction projects are notoriously unpredictable, making it challenging for operations managers to effectively schedule construction resources. Simply put, “scheduling” in the construction industry refers to the technique and procedure by which general contractors decide timelines and assign personnel and other assets to specific projects and initiatives.


In order to increase construction scheduling efficiency and develop a better quality construction schedule that is more compatible with the demands of the project, it is important to know which software to use for certain construction scheduling services or a specific kind of project.

Assignar is one such effective platform that simplifies your construction scheduling process with a user-friendly interface.

Let’s learn more about this platform and find out whether it’s really the best construction scheduling software available on the market today.


What is Assignar?

Assignar is a cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) platform for construction management and operations. Its primary goals are to improve overall project execution quality and drive greater efficiency across all construction business projects. Additionally, it seeks to increase visibility for stakeholders.

With the assistance of Assignar, users are able to carry out the tasks at hand more effectively, safely, qualitatively, and transparently.

Many of the building options offered are tailored for managers or top level executives. The fact that very few software programs record what takes place on the site is a significant limitation, despite the fact that demand for such capabilities is quite high.

Assignar is designed to cater to both managers and executives, as well as those who actually carry out the task, and it offers more detail than other project management tools. It is capable of managing several tasks at once, relieving you of the stress associated with each individual project. Through a single login, it will simplify your project activities from start to finish.

What are the benefits of Assignar?

Here are some of the benefits of using Assignar:

1. Optimizes core processes

Assignar was designed  specifically for construction industry field staff and subcontractors to help them with workflow, equipment, and compliance management.


Compliant web-based access to all project information is made available to employees on-site and back office coordinators via the use of a cloud-hosted platform that is paired with a mobile application.

It simplifies vital procedures like staff/asset delegation, work scheduling, and dispatch, as well as the data collection connected to these activities, which is essential for industrial compliance.

2. Workforce compliance

With Assignar, you can rapidly generate and handle the documentation of your employees, save money on insurance expenses, and stay out of legal hot water.  These documents are legible, easily available, and easily tracked.

3. Digital data flow

You can use the Fieldworker application, which is available for iOS and Android mobile phones, to collect and save timesheets, prepare them for review, and then transfer them to accounting systems like Sage, QuickBooks, and Xero.

With Assignar, you can organize employees, make schedules, manage assets and expenses with the help of its supplier management module, and make sure that staff members have the right equipment for each task.

The data from the digital timesheets is then used to generate proper invoices, carry out payroll processing, and provide a variety of reporting choices that are both visually appealing and highly customizable.

4. Asset maintenance

To guarantee that your equipment serves you effectively for a longer period of time, all you need to do is maintain the maintenance schedules and records for it, in addition to gaining insight into how it is used. With Assignar, it is possible to optimize resource consumption through the use of preventative maintenance and modifications.


5. Centralized workflow

Assignar equips field personnel and contractors with full construction management capabilities. Through the use of a mobile app coupled with cloud functionality, it centralizes essential project workflow features.

6. Seamless connectivity

You are able to connect in real time with the field without relying on constant phone conversations since the program also has bulk SMS and email sending features. This makes it easy to deliver reminders, job alerts, and other types of communications.

In order to maintain a connection with the main office while working in the field, remote construction workers can use the Companion Fieldworker mobile application, which is available for iOS and Android devices. This provides on-the-go functionality.

7. Operational insights

In order to get operational insights that can be put into action, you may produce custom reports based on CSV imports and use the Data Visualizer tool to build several kinds of visualizations, including heatmaps, bar charts, and treemaps.

Most competitive pricing

For Assignar, users are required to pay a monthly or yearly membership fee.

A one-time onboarding fee in addition to the regular monthly/yearly price is required to get you started with the service. The price is assessed differently based on the consumption patterns and the size of the company in order to achieve an optimal return on investment.

Assignar claims that consumers may obtain a return on investment that is anywhere from four to ten times their initial investment.

The following extras are included in the whole package:

  • Access to the newest upgrades and features of the platform will be made available as soon as they are made available.
  • Your customer success manager offers unrestricted access to help by phone, email, and live chat at no additional cost.
  • The opportunity to participate in local Assignar networking events.

Is Assignar the best construction scheduling software for contractors and subcontractors?

As we have discussed previously in this article, Assignar is designed specifically for not just the managers and top executives but also the workers who actually perform the day-to-day tasks.

Although there are many construction scheduling software solutions on the market today, only a few address the issue of capturing the processes in their entirety, which makes Assignar a top choice for building contractors and subcontractors.


Assignar is a software solution for highly regulated businesses like the construction industry that aims to improve asset, compliance, and personnel management. A boost in productivity, transparency, and substantial savings on management expenses are what Assignar sells to its clients.

There is no shortage of construction scheduling software, but very few are able to provide the outcomes that companies need. However, Assignar seems to meet or exceed most of these requirements.


In case you are wondering whether Assignar is the right fit for your business, you can try out their demo on their website for free.

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