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Free Online Surveying Subject Practice and Preparation Test

Online Surveying Subject Practice and Preparation Test

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Practice the below online practice and preparation test for Surveying Subject and find out how much you score before you appear for your next interview and written test. Practice this Free Online Surveying Subject Practice and Preparation Test.

Take the online tests, get your score and learn about the basics and advanced concepts of Civil Engineering and improve your scores by practicing our Civil Engineering Interview questions and answers PDF eBook. Take this free online building material subject practice and preparation test.

Welcome to your Quantity Surveying Test


  • This is a FREE online test
  • Total number of questions: 30
  • Time alloted: 30 minutes
  • Each question carry 1 mark, no negative marks
  • DO NOT refresh the page
  • All the best!
1. An ideal transition curve is
2. Pantagraph is used for
3. If the angular measurements of a traverse are more precise than its linear measurements, balancing of the traverse, is done by
4. A line which joins subsidiary stations on the main line is called _____
5. In which type of surveying only linear measurements are made?
6. What is laid by joining the apex of the triangle to any point on the opposite side or by joining two points on any two sides of a triangle?
7. In case, to get a well-proportioned or well-shaped triangle, no angle should be less than _________
8. As far as possible, the main survey line should not pass through _____
9. The curve composed of two arcs of different radii having their centres on the opposite side of the curve, is known
10. The ratio of the angles subtended at the eye, by the virtual image and the object, is known as telescope's
11. The bubble tube is nearly filled with
12. In a constant level tube, size of the bubble remains constant because upper wall is
13. A traverse deflection angle is
14. While measuring a chain line between two stations A and B intervened by a raised ground
15. The true meridian of a place is the line in which earth's surface is intersected by a plane through
16. The least count of a vernier scale is
17. The 'point of curve' of a simple circular curve, is
18. The minimum range for sliding the focusing lens in the internal focusing telescope for focusing at all distances beyond 4 m is
19. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
20. The formula for the horizontal distances for inclined sights, on staff held normalis
 s cos θ + (f + d) cos θ ± h sin θ
21. Ramsden eye-piece consists of
22. The distance between steps for measuring down hill to obtain better accuracy
23. Hydrographic surveys deal with the mapping of
24. If h is the difference in level between end points separated by l, then the slope correction is  . The second term may be neglected if the value of h in a 20 m distance is less than
25. The tangent to the liquid surface in a level tube, is parallel to the axis of the level tube at
26. if α is the angle between the polar ray and the tangent at the point of commencement of a lemniscate curve, the equation of the curve, is
27. The slope correction may be ignored if
28. If Δ is the angle of deflection of the curve, T1 and T2 are its points of tangencies, the angle between the tangent at T1 and long chord T1 T2 will be
29. Which one of the following mistakes/errors may be cumulative + or - :
30. The whole circle bearing of a line is 290°. Its reduced bearing is
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