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Construction Management Interview Questions Free Online Practice Test

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Practice the below online practice test for the Construction Manager Job and find out how much you score before you appear for your next interview and written test. Kindly check Construction Management Interview Questions and take this Free Online Practice Test.


Construction management is a professional service that uses specialized, project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from its beginning to its end.

Take this Construction Manager job-oriented online test, get your score, and learn about the basics and advanced concepts of construction Management and improve your scores by practicing our Construction management Interview questions and answers. Take these Construction management questions mock tests.

If you score less than 7 in this Construction management  Free Online Practice Test, then kindly consider improving your basic competency skill in Construction Management by considering these Construction Management online Courses


Take this online Construction Management interview questions practice test for Construction Manager Job in 2021 and beyond.

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  • Total number of questions: 15
  • The time allowed: 15 minutes
  • Each question carry 1 mark, no negative marks
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The time which results in the least possible construction cost of an activity is known as

The first stage of construction is

The engineers work to organise improve and convey the information about construction will be termed as

Planning of a construction project is a

The most popular type of organisation used for civil engineering construction

Time and progress chart of a construction is also known as

The process of calculating the resource requirements of a project is known as

The estimated time required to perform an activity is known as

SIMO charts are used on

Bar charts are considered to be suitable for

The two axes on a Gantt Chart represents

Which of the following is an event

In a breakevent chart, abscissa represents

From economics point of view which is the 'asset'?

The time to complete the entire project corresponds to

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For those preparing for roles in construction management, access to construction management interview questions and answers pdf can be precious. Such documents provide a comprehensive guide to the typical questions asked during interviews for construction management positions, along with suggested answers and tips. These resources are beneficial for understanding the expectations and required knowledge base for roles in construction management.

General construction management questions and answers often cover various topics, from project planning and execution to budget management and team leadership. These questions assess a candidate’s experience, problem-solving abilities, and understanding of construction management principles.

Technical interview questions for civil project managers are more specialized, focusing on the candidate’s technical expertise in civil engineering principles, construction methodologies, and project management skills. These questions might include scenarios or challenges specific to civil construction projects to gauge the candidate’s ability to handle complex construction tasks.

Civil project manager interview questions and answers delve into the technical aspects and the managerial competencies required for the role. Answers to these questions should demonstrate the candidate’s technical knowledge, leadership skills, and experience in managing civil construction projects.

Senior construction project manager interview questions are geared towards individuals with substantial experience in the field. These questions often involve complex project management scenarios, leadership challenges, and strategic decision-making situations.

When involved in a construction project, there are specific questions to ask about a construction project that can provide deeper insight into the project’s scope, challenges, and management strategies. These questions cover project timelines, budget allocation, risk management, and quality control measures.

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For those building a new home, questions to ask the construction manager new home are crucial. These might include inquiries about the construction timeline, materials used, the involvement of subcontractors, and processes for handling changes or delays.


When interviewing with a construction company, questions to ask a construction company in an interview can include the company’s project management methodologies, safety protocols, and past project experiences. These questions help understand the company’s approach to construction management and alignment with the candidate’s skills and values.

Construction management interview questions pdf resources are helpful for candidates to review before an interview. These documents often provide a wide array of potential questions and are a great tool for preparation.

Construction management interview questions and answers can vary in complexity based on the role being applied for. They aim to assess a candidate’s overall suitability for a managerial position in the construction sector, gauging their technical knowledge, management skills, and ability to handle the unique challenges of construction projects.

Preparing for an interview in construction management involves familiarizing oneself with various questions, from technical inquiries specific to civil engineering to broader questions about project management methodologies and leadership. Utilizing resources like interview questions and answers pdf and understanding the type of questions to ask can significantly enhance a candidate’s interview preparedness and confidence.

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What questions are typically asked in a construction project management interview?

In a construction project management interview, candidates can expect questions such as:
“Can you describe your experience with managing construction projects?”
“How do you ensure a project stays on schedule and within budget?”
“Can you provide an example of how you handled a difficult situation on a construction site?”
“What is your approach to safety management in construction?”
“How do you manage and motivate your team?” These questions assess the candidate’s experience, problem-solving skills, and ability to handle the complexities of construction projects.

What are the five fundamental principles of construction management?

The five principles of construction management include:
Project Planning and Time Management: Ensuring projects are well-planned and timelines are strictly adhered to.
Cost Management: Keeping the project within the budget while maintaining quality.
Quality Management: Ensuring the construction meets or exceeds the set standards.
Contract Administration: Managing the contracts and ensuring all parties adhere to the terms.
Safety Management: Prioritizing safety to prevent accidents and ensure a safe working environment.

How should one prepare for a construction interview?

To prepare for a construction interview, research the company and understand its projects and values. Review common interview questions and prepare your responses, focusing on specific examples that showcase your skills and experience. Understand the job description thoroughly and think about how your experience aligns with the role. Also, be prepared to discuss any technical skills and certifications relevant to the position.

What approach should you take when interviewing a construction manager?

When interviewing a construction manager, focus on questions that assess their experience in project management, leadership skills, technical knowledge, and problem-solving abilities. Ask about their experience with budget management, team leadership, conflict resolution, and adherence to safety protocols. It’s also useful to ask about their approach to project planning, their ability to work under pressure, and how they stay updated with industry trends and regulations.

What are some common challenges in construction management, and how do you address them?

A good interview question might be: “What are some common challenges you have faced in construction management, and how did you overcome them?” This question helps evaluate the candidate’s problem-solving skills and their ability to handle common industry challenges.

How do you stay updated with the latest trends and regulations in construction?

Asking about how the candidate stays informed about industry changes assesses their commitment to continuous learning and staying relevant in the field.

Can you discuss a successful project you managed and what made it successful?

This question allows the candidate to demonstrate their project management skills and understanding of what contributes to a project’s success.

How do you handle communication and coordination with various stakeholders?

This question is important to understand the candidate’s communication skills and their ability to manage relationships with different parties involved in a project.

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