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Textbooks and Reference Books for Advanced Surveying

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Advanced Surveying books are designed for surveyors who have a certification in techniques and formulas outside of the basic knowledge necessary for inspecting and construction stake-out. It deals with surveys derived from trigonometric calculations for topographic mapping or lateral earth movements. They usually deal with site suitability analysis, data collection, and interpretation. Following are the highly recommended textbooks and reference books on Advanced Surveying for the students and engineers.


Surveying is a profession that entails measuring and mapping the surface of the Earth and other planets, and applying these measurements and feed into math that allow one to represent features we observe accurately. Traditionally we use tools such as theodolites – an instrument also known as an optical angular measuring device – to make accurate measurements. Modern surveying methods include laser scanner technology, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone-based geographic mapping systems using photogrammetry, geographic information system (GIS) software for geospatial analysis and more.

Advanced Surveying Books

  1. Surveying & Levelling, 2/E—Subramanian—Oxford University Press
  2. Surveying: Vol. II. and III by Dr. B. C. Punmia: Laxmi Publication – New Delhi.
  3. Surveying and Levelling Vol. II by T. P. Kanetkar and S. V. Kulkarni Pune Vidyarthi Publication.
  4. GPS Sattelite Surveying—Alfred Leick—Wiley
  5. Remote sensing and Geographical Information System, By A. M. Chandra and S. K. Ghosh, Narosa Publishing House.
  6. Remote Sensing & GIS,2/E—Bhatta– Oxford University Press
  7. Principles of Geographical Information System—Burrough– Oxford University Press
  8. Surveying—M.D.Saikia—PHI Learning Pvt . Ltd.Delhi
  9. Advanced Surveying -Total Station, GIS and Remote Sensing by SatheeshGopi, R.Sathikumar and N. Madhu, Pearson publication
  10. Surveying Vol. 2 by S. K. Duggal, McGraw Hill Publication
  11. Remote sensing & image interpretation, Lillesand& Kiefer, John Wiley Pub.
  12. Surveying & leveling by R. Subramanian, Oxford Publication.


When it comes to surveying textbooks and reference books, there are a lot of pros and cons. Some people prefer to buy textbooks because you often get updated editions from the publisher, while others prefer to rent books from libraries. However, many people have their personal preferences depending on what country one lives in since international textbooks are not always available or accessible for students to borrow.

Surveying jobs may sound like jobs that do not require much work. However, surveys can take much more time and thought than many people realize. There are four standard surveying techniques: ground measuring, plane table surveying, total station surveying, and GPS (global positioning system) surveying.

The method used depends on the need for accuracy and the time required to complete the survey. Ground measuring is best for rough outline or rough height changes. Plane table surveying requires little time and is most accurate when the area to be surveyed is in a stable position and size. Total station surveys can be completed quicker but can provide minor detail than other methods depending on what you need from the measurements. GPS surveying provides fast results but

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