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Best Books for Advanced Surveying for Students and Engineers

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Modern Surveying is unimaginable without the use of electronic equipment and information technology. Surveying with conventional systems has been completely replaced with advanced automated systems. Find below the best books for advanced surveying subjects for Students and engineers.

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Total Station, Global Positioning System (GPS), Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS) have all become an inextricable part of surveying. Advanced Surveying: Total Station, GIS, and Remote Sensing provide a thorough working knowledge of these technologies. Find below the best books for advanced surveying subjects.

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Best Books for Advanced Surveying

  1. Surveying & Levelling, 2/E—Subramanian—Oxford University Press
  2. Surveying: Vol. II. and III by Dr. B. C. Punmia: Laxmi Publication – New Delhi. 
  3. Surveying and Levelling Vol. II by T. P. Kanetkar and S. V. Kulkarni Pune Vidyarthi Publication.
  4. GPS Satelite Surveying—Alfred Leick—Wiley 
  5. Remote sensing and Geographical Information System, By A. M. Chandra and S. K. Ghosh, Narosa Publishing House. (Best Books for Advanced Surveying)
  6. Remote Sensing & GIS,2/E—Bhatta– Oxford University Press
  7. Principles of Geographical Information System—Burrough– Oxford University Press
  8. Surveying—M.D.Saikia—PHI Learning Pvt.Ltd.Delhi
  9. Advanced Surveying -Total Station, GIS and Remote Sensing by Satheesh Gopi, R.Sathikumar and N. Madhu, Pearson publication
  10. Surveying Vol. 2 by S. K. Duggal, McGraw Hill Publication 
  11. Remote sensing & image interpretation, Lillesand& Kiefer, John Wiley Pub.
  12. Surveying &levelling by R. Subramanian, Oxford Publication. (Best Books for Advanced Surveying)

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Kindly check the Best Books for Advanced Surveying subjects to study Civil Engineering and related technology.

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