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Top Books on Advanced Geotechnical Engineering

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The first course in soil mechanics generally introduces the fundamental concepts and principles to civil engineering undergraduate students. “Advanced Geotechnical Engineering” goes deeper into the various aspects of soil mechanics along with bringing out the advanced theories and practical knowledge of geotechnical engineering.


The topics cover Soil formation; Soil structure; Clay mineralogy; Soil compaction, Consolidation, Shear strength, the stability of slopes, loads on pipes. The following books are beneficial for all civil engineering students and construction job aspirants to pursue a career in the construction industry.

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Advanced geotechnical engineering will be beneficial to undergraduate students, post-graduate students, researchers, teachers, and practitioners

Table of Contents



1. Physical and Geotechnical properties of soils- Joseph E. Bowels, Tata McGraw-Hill

2. Advance Soil Mechanics Braja Mohan Das- Tata Mc- Graw hill

3. Geotechnical Engineering by Shashi K. Gulati & Manoj Datta Tata Mc-Graw hill

4. Basic and Applied Soil Mechanics- Gopal Ranjan & A.S. Rao- New Age Publication

I.S .Codes:

1. IS: 1892-1979 Code of Practice for Subsurface Investigation for Foundation.

2. IS: 2131-1981 (Reaffiemed 1997), Method for Standard Penetration Test for Soils.



1. Bolt, Bruce A.(1999), Earthquakes, W.H.Freeman.

2. Baghi, A.,(1994) Design, Construction, and Monitoring of Landfills. John Wiley & Sons.

3. Day. R.W.(2002), Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Handbook, McGraw Hill.


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