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Why a Work-Life Balance is Vital for Those in the Construction Industry

Last Updated on November 21, 2022 by Admin

The construction industry and civil engineering sectors may be bouncing back at the moment, but they have seen some of the most turbulent times in history over the last five years. This fluctuation and constant change in fortunes mean it is an increasingly stressful and high-pressure environment.


This has simply been an accepted part of the industry; however, more recently, the work-life balance buzzword has been widely used in the industry. This article looks at why the work-life balance must become a reality for those in construction.

The traits in present-day construction

Building houses, renovating and designing buildings, and creating spaces for living can be fast-paced and constant. Work for those in civil engineering and construction can be 24/7/365, and thus the stress and high levels of pressure and responsibility affect all levels of employees in the sector.


The demand for new homes is on the increase, and while there are a great number of civil engineering skills in demand, construction as a whole has been noted as one of the most stressful industries, and as such, many with these qualifications may look to work in other sectors. Therefore, as the sector bounces back, there is going to be a need for strategies to source the right kind of professionals and provide tips and advice as to a clear work-life balance to reduce such stress.

What is a work-life balance?

Well-being and health in the workplace have become incredibly important from a health and safety perspective; we all hear of it, and many in the industry simply view it as a tick-box exercise and get on with the work at hand of building and creating.

It is, however, a great deal more important for the industry as a whole to maintain the current workforce and skills base to meet demand, and this means really looking after the workforce and the human resource component.

It is thus about creating the space for balance between the stresses and pressures of work and time away from work for pastimes and hobbies that can be relaxing. It’s not all meditation and yoga, and here are some ideas for those in construction to help create this balance.

Meccano and Lego

Many people swear by the ability of arts and crafts to relax the mind and body. Spending time with family or even building with Lego or Meccano is a great way for those in construction to wind down. It also provides a means to discuss and talk about the jobs we do with those whom we spend this time with.

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Construction is an industry on the rise, and there is a significant upturn at the moment. This is a positive for the sector but will also result in a number of workers and participants in the industry feeling and experiencing work-related stresses. It may be a tough, enduring industry, but it is relevant and right to bring issues such as mental health and well-being to the fore, and the idea of a work-life balance in construction is a great means to do so.


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