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Top Construction Equipment Manufactures in the USA

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The construction equipment industry in the United States is a significant sector characterized by various companies that manufacture and supply different types of machinery and equipment used in construction projects. These companies play a crucial role in developing and growing the construction industry, providing essential tools and machines for building infrastructure, commercial and residential buildings, and other construction-related activities. Explore the top construction equipment manufacturers in the USA here.


Construction Equipment Industry Market Snapshot

The Construction Equipment Industry Market Snapshot for 2023 is as follows:

Market Size and Growth:

    • The global construction equipment market size was valued at USD 142.39 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow to USD 151.60 billion in 2023. It’s expected to reach USD 237.66 billion by 2030, exhibiting a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.6% during the forecast period​.
    • Another estimate suggests that the market size reached USD 182.0 Billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 245.2 Billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 5.2% from 2023-2028​.
    • A different source reports that the market size was USD 189.9 billion in 2022 and is estimated to reach USD 261.9 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 4.1% from 2023-2030​.

Market Trends:

    • Total construction starts rose by 17% in 2022 and are expected to remain flat in 2023, indicating a relatively optimistic forecast despite anticipated economic stagnation​.
    • The global construction equipment market experienced a downturn in 2022 due to reduced demand in China and is expected to decline further in 2023 as inflation and rising interest rates impact other parts of the world​.

The above data points provide a comprehensive overview of the construction equipment industry as of 2023, highlighting significant growth and various market dynamics influencing the industry.


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Key Players in the U.S. Construction Equipment Industry

Construction equipment companies play a pivotal role in the development of infrastructure projects globally. These companies specialize in producing a wide range of machinery and tools essential for various construction tasks, from building to road construction and more.

A heavy equipment company focuses specifically on manufacturing and supplying large machinery used in construction projects, including bulldozers, excavators, cranes, and loaders. These companies are vital for providing the robust and efficient machinery required for large-scale construction work.

Among these, a heavy equipment moving company specializes in transporting heavy machinery from one location to another. They are equipped with specialized vehicles and logistics capabilities to handle the movement of large and heavy construction equipment safely and efficiently. Here are the most prominent construction equipment suppliers in the US.


The list of U.S. construction equipment companies below is for informational purposes only and is not exhaustive. Details may change over time, and inclusion does not imply endorsement. Readers should conduct their own research before making decisions based on this information.


1. Caterpillar Inc.

    • Headquarters: Deerfield, Illinois
    • Founded: 1925
    • Products: Offers a wide range of construction and mining equipment including bulldozers, excavators, wheel loaders, diesel engines, and trucks.
    • Market Position: Caterpillar is the largest construction equipment manufacturer in the U.S. and globally, known for its high-quality and durable equipment.

2. John Deere

    • Headquarters: Moline, Illinois
    • Founded: 1837
    • Products: Specializes in manufacturing equipment for agriculture, construction, and forestry, including tractors, backhoes, excavators, and loaders.
    • Market Position: A leading manufacturer known for its reliable and efficient machinery, with a strong presence in both the agricultural and construction sectors.

3. Komatsu America Corp.

    • Headquarters: Rolling Meadows, Illinois
    • Founded: 1921
    • Products: Produces construction, mining, and utility equipment, including excavators, bulldozers, and dump trucks.
    • Market Position: Komatsu is the second-largest construction equipment manufacturer worldwide and has a strong presence in the U.S. market.

4. Volvo Construction Equipment

    • Headquarters: Shippensburg, Pennsylvania (U.S. operations)
    • Founded: 1832
    • Products: Offers a range of construction equipment including wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators, articulated haulers, and road machinery.
    • Market Position: Known for its innovative and environmentally friendly equipment, Volvo CE is a major player in the U.S. and global markets.

5. Bobcat Company

    • Headquarters: West Fargo, North Dakota
    • Founded: 1947
    • Products: Specializes in compact equipment for construction, agriculture, and landscaping, including skid-steer loaders, compact excavators, and utility vehicles.
    • Market Position: Bobcat is renowned for its compact construction equipment and has a strong brand presence in the U.S.

6. Case Construction Equipment

    • Headquarters: Racine, Wisconsin
    • Founded: 1842
    • Products: Manufactures a variety of construction equipment including backhoe loaders, excavators, wheel loaders, and compaction equipment.
    • Market Position: Case CE is known for its rugged and reliable equipment, with a significant history in the construction equipment industry.

7. Terex Corporation

    • Headquarters: Norwalk, Connecticut
    • Founded: 1933
    • Products: Produces a broad range of equipment for construction, infrastructure, quarrying, mining, shipping, transportation, refining, and utility industries. Known for aerial work platforms, cranes, and materials processing machinery.

8. Kobelco Construction Machinery USA

    • Headquarters: Katy, Texas
    • Founded: 1999 (U.S. operations)
    • Products: Specializes in crawler excavators, with a reputation for durability and fuel efficiency. Kobelco is known for its innovative technology and commitment to reducing environmental impact.

9. JCB Inc.

    • Headquarters: Pooler, Georgia (U.S. operations)
    • Founded: 1945 (Global)
    • Products: Offers a range of over 300 products including backhoe loaders, excavators, compactors, and telehandlers. JCB is known for its innovative designs and comprehensive product range.

10. Hitachi Construction Machinery (Americas) Inc.

    • Headquarters: Tarrytown, New York
    • Founded: 1980 (U.S. operations)
    • Products: Known for its excavators and mining equipment, Hitachi offers a range of construction machinery and is recognized for its advanced technology and reliability.

11. Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, Inc.

    • Headquarters: Norcross, Georgia
    • Founded: 1991 (U.S. operations)
    • Products: Produces excavators, wheel loaders, and compaction rollers. Hyundai is known for its durable and efficient construction equipment.

12. SANY America

    • Headquarters: Peachtree City, Georgia
    • Founded: 2006 (U.S. operations)
    • Products: Offers a range of construction machinery including excavators, cranes, concrete pumps, port machinery, and road machinery. SANY is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of heavy equipment.

13. Liebherr Group

    • Headquarters: Newport News, Virginia (U.S. operations)
    • Founded: 1949 (Global)
    • Products: Specializes in high-quality construction machinery as well as products for mining, material handling, and other industrial applications. Liebherr is known for its innovative and efficient technology.

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Industry Overview

  • Market Trends: The U.S. construction equipment market is influenced by factors such as technological advancements, the growth of infrastructure projects, and the increasing adoption of sustainable and efficient machinery.
  • Challenges: Key challenges include fluctuating raw material prices, stringent emission regulations, and the need for continuous innovation.
  • Opportunities: There is a growing demand for smart and connected machinery, offering opportunities for manufacturers to innovate in telematics and autonomous construction equipment.
  • Innovation and Technology: These companies are at the forefront of integrating new technologies such as automation, electrification, and digitalization into their equipment.
  • Customer Focus: Many of these companies are known for their strong customer service and support, offering tailored solutions to meet specific industry needs.
  • Global Reach: While headquartered in the U.S., these companies often have a global presence, serving customers worldwide and adapting to various market demands.

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Final Reflections

In the United States, construction equipment manufacturers USA contribute significantly to the US construction sector by providing a variety of high-quality, innovative machinery. These manufacturers are known for their technological advancements and durability of equipment, making them a preferred choice in the construction industry.

The construction machinery company sector comprises businesses that produce a wide range of machinery used in construction, from earthmoving to material handling equipment. These companies constantly innovate to offer more efficient and environmentally friendly machinery.

The heavy equipment manufacturers list includes prominent names known for their quality and reliability. This list encompasses companies that manufacture a broad range of heavy machinery used across various construction sectors.

Among them, the top 100 heavy equipment manufacturers are recognized for their significant contributions to the construction industry, offering a range of products that cater to different construction needs and projects of all sizes.

Specifically, in the United States, the top 10 heavy equipment manufacturers USA are renowned for their high-quality products and innovative solutions. These manufacturers are key players in the industry, contributing significantly to construction projects across the country.


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Globally, the top 10 construction equipment companies in the world are recognized for their extensive range of products, global reach, and contribution to the construction industry. These companies are leaders in innovation and quality, providing machinery that meets various construction demands.

In the realm of machinery manufacturing, the top machinery manufacturing companies in the USA stand out for their state-of-the-art designs, cutting-edge technology, and reliability. These companies play a crucial role in the country’s industrial and construction sectors.

When it comes to branding, heavy equipment company names often reflect strength, reliability, and durability – qualities essential in the construction sector. These names are synonymous with the high standards expected in the industry.

Earth-moving equipment manufacturers specialize in producing machinery like excavators, backhoes, and bulldozers. These manufacturers play a critical role in enabling construction companies to undertake earth-moving tasks with efficiency and precision.

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Among these manufacturers, the largest construction equipment manufacturers are known for their wide range of products, global presence, and ability to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry.

Globally, the top 20 construction equipment manufacturers in the world are characterized by their large market presence, extensive product ranges, and continuous innovation in construction machinery technology.

In the United States, the top construction equipment company in the USA is distinguished by its industry-leading products, commitment to innovation, and strong customer service.

The top 10 construction equipment companies in the USA are industry leaders known for their quality, reliability, and range of construction equipment. They are key players in shaping the construction machinery market in the country.

For a comprehensive understanding, the list of construction equipment companies in the USA offers insights into the various manufacturers and their product offerings, helping businesses and individuals make informed choices for their construction machinery needs.

The largest construction equipment company in the USA stands out for its sheer scale, wide range of products, and its significant impact on the construction industry both nationally and globally.


Finally, the best construction equipment company in the USA is often identified by its customer satisfaction, quality of machinery, after-sales service, and overall value it brings to the construction industry.

In summary, construction equipment companies, particularly those in the USA, play a crucial role in the global construction industry. From heavy equipment manufacturers to companies specializing in earth-moving equipment, these businesses provide the necessary machinery and tools that drive infrastructure development and growth. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service makes them integral to the construction sector.

The U.S. construction equipment industry is diverse and competitive, with a range of companies offering specialized and innovative products. These additional companies, alongside the industry giants, contribute to the robustness and dynamism of the sector, driving forward advancements in construction technology and machinery.

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