Online Certificate in Construction Management Programs in the US for 2023
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15 Best Online Certificate in Construction Management Programs in the US for 2023

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The construction industry is rapidly evolving, and professionals must stay updated on the latest trends and techniques. Pursuing an online certificate in construction management is an excellent way to advance your career or break into the field. In this article, we’ll explore the best construction management certificate online programs in the US for 2023, highlighting the top universities and their offerings.


15 Best Online Certificate in Construction Management Programs to learn in the United States.

In today’s fast-paced construction industry, it’s essential for professionals to continually enhance their skills and stay ahead of the curve. Online certificate programs in construction management offer the flexibility and convenience of learning from anywhere, making them an ideal choice for working professionals. In this post, we have introduced you to the 15 best online certificate programs in construction management available in the United States, helping you make an informed decision to advance your career.

1. Arizona State University

Advance your construction career by earning a Master of Science in construction management and technology from Arizona State University. Select from two focus areas — construction management and technology and facility management — to prepare for upper-management roles across the construction industry. Whether you’re passionate about residential, industrial or commercial construction, this degree can set you on the path for success. This program is among the top 20 universities for masters in construction management in the USA.



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2. California State University, East Bay

The Certificate in Construction Management at California State University, East Bay emphasizes construction planning, project management, cost estimating, and building codes. This program is among the top construction management in USA universities.


3. Drexel University

Drexel University’s Graduate Certificate in Construction Management covers construction project management, cost estimating, construction law, and sustainability. This program is among the top 20 universities for master’s in construction management in the USA.


4. Louisiana State University

Construction is a global industry that needs capable leaders and managers and a field where determined, educated professionals can build a fulfilling career. LSU’s Master of Science in Construction Management online program provides the technical and interpersonal skills needed to become successful construction leaders and also builds connections to a robust professional network that can help students achieve their career goals.



5. National University

Construction Management Professional Certificate.This certificate is offered for students looking to transition into a career in the construction industry and is a nondegree certificate that can be completed in 20 weeks.

You’ll gain foundational knowledge of construction management, the skills needed to oversee projects, and how to handle logistical problems. The construction sector is growing rapidly, and individuals with skills in construction project management, construction fundamentals, inspection, safety, managing changes, and written and verbal communication are in high demand.


6. Pace University

The Construction Project Management Certificate program is designed to provide you with knowledge of the regulatory, insurance, management, safety, estimating, and environmental aspects of the construction management industry.


7. Purdue University

Executive Construction Management Graduate Certificate (Online) Graduate Certificate is comprised of four courses that teach professionals know how to apply optimal management techniques to demanding business situations and make effective company-level decisions. The courses provide a strong introduction to a number of important management issues, including construction accounting and finance, construction law, preconstruction services, risk management, marketing theory and process, and company strategy and leadership.



8. Roger Williams University

Construction Management Fundamentals & Construction Management Advanced Certifications. They offer both a certificate in fundamental and advanced construction management skills.

The Fundamentals is a 10-week program designed for professionals in the construction field looking to effectively manage projects of all sizes. Although experience is beneficial, it is not a requirement for successfully completing the offering. With weekly modules focused on planning, estimating, scheduling, procurement, contracts, and much more, this certificate provides them with the skills to efficiently manage people, materials, and equipment.

The Advanced offerings focus on enhancing and developing their skills in specific specialties. Courses range from 1-day workshops to 5-week online programs. These individual skills can be bundled to qualify for a Construction Management Advanced Certificate. Participants must complete all foundational and core courses, plus two electives.


9. Southern New Hampshire University

Master in Construction Management Degree. Online MS in Management Concentration. The specialized construction management degree program focuses on the planning and management of critical aspects of the construction process. You’ll learn the tools, practices and strategies of construction management, including the relationship between estimating and budgeting for projects, materials and methods.This program prepares students for successful careers in the construction industry.


10. University of California, Berkeley Extension

The Certificate Program in Construction Management and Leadership at UC Berkeley Extension focuses on construction management principles, such as estimating, scheduling, contracts, and quality control. This program ranks among the top universities for masters in construction management in the USA.



11. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA Extension)

Fundamentals of Construction Management. This course covers the basic principles and responsibilities in construction management, including interface requirements between real estate, leasing, legal, feasibility, finance, lending, marketing, accounting, and public agencies; defining and controlling the scope of a project; and functions of the construction manager: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and managing the other team members. Other topics include management principles, estimating, scheduling, budgeting, purchasing, design, safety, insurance, construction techniques, labor, and public relations. This program is among the top construction management in USA universities.


12. University of Houston

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE, Earning a Construction Management (CM) Certificate provides students with essential knowledge and skills to help advance their careers. Students are prepared for practical knowledge in project management, estimating, scheduling, project controls, and contract administration. The program has helped many to make a transition to Construction Management jobs, such as Estimators, Schedulers, Contract Administrators, Construction/Field Engineers, Field Superintendents, and Construction/Project Managers.


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13. University of Kansas, Edwards Campus.

Earn a Graduate certificate or Master’s in Construction Management Online.

KU offers two forms of graduate-level programs in construction management. The online Master of Construction Management degree is designed for working construction industry professionals. The program allows students to learn up-to-date practical techniques they can immediately use on the job.

The graduate certificate in construction management is designed for working construction industry professionals who want to earn a credential without a full degree program, as well as current graduate students seeking to specialize their knowledge.

Courses for both programs are delivered live online and available as full-lecture recordings to allow students flexibility in determining their study times.

  • Construction Management Master’s Degree
  • Construction Management Graduate Certificate


14. University of San Diego

The University of San Diego offers the Construction Project Management Certificate. In any building project, efficient construction management serves as an important foundation for success. That’s why experienced construction project managers are always in demand and many are paid six-figure salaries for their talents and hard work. You’ll get a comprehensive overview of construction project management principles and best practices in this five-course online certificate program that expands your knowledge and skill set, and looks great on your resume.


15. University of Washington

The University of Washington offers a Certificate in Construction Management, covering construction management fundamentals such as estimating, scheduling, contracts, and project management. This program is ideal for professionals seeking the best construction management certificate online.


Apart from the above, you could also consider these best courses offering online certificates in construction management in the United States.

Certificate in Construction Management (Online) by New Jersey Institute of Technology

Online Certificate in Construction Management by Northeastern University Graduate Programs

Construction Management (Certificate) by Illinois Institute of Technology

Additionally, Join Coursera’s Free Construction Management courses and gain vital skills such as project planning, risk management, and cost estimation. And these top construction management courses online on Udemy.

You could also try to Explore the finest selection of free online construction courses on the internet, available at the Oxford Home Study Centre.


In conclusion, the US offers various online construction management certificate programs catering to professionals looking to enhance their skills or enter the field. The programs listed above represent some of the best in the country, with many ranking among the top universities for construction management in the USA. Whether you’re seeking a graduate-level program or a certificate without GRE requirements, there’s an option to suit your needs. Take the time to research each program, visit their websites, and determine which one aligns best with your career goals and aspirations.


Is construction management in demand in the USA?

Yes, construction management is in demand in the USA due to the growing construction industry, with a need for skilled professionals to manage projects efficiently.

How do I become a construction manager in the USA?

To become a construction manager in the USA, you typically need a bachelor’s degree in construction management or a related field and relevant work experience. Certifications can also enhance your qualifications.

Is a Masters in construction management worth it in the USA?

Yes, a Masters in construction management can be worth it in the USA, as it can lead to higher-level positions, increased earning potential, and improved job prospects.

Which stream is best for Construction Management?

The best stream for Construction Management typically includes a combination of civil engineering, architecture, and business management, providing a well-rounded foundation for managing construction projects.

Which certification is best for construction?

The best certification for construction varies depending on your career goals. Popular options include the Associate Constructor (AC) and Certified Construction Manager (CCM) credentials.

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