heavy equipment to use for construction

Best heavy equipment to use for construction

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Our world is constantly developing and every day new buildings are being constructed all around the globe. Oftentimes, old buildings are being demolished to make space for new ones and all of this is possible because of the equipment that is used.

This is something that many businesses do, and if you need to have a building demolished, you could try Bella Contracting Services, some of the best demolition contractors in Connecticut. Thousands of years ago, people did not have access to this type of equipment which makes you wonder how monuments were built.

If you are new to the world of construction or are simply looking to start a new project but you’re not sure what equipment you should be using, here are a few of the best construction equipment for construction.


Sometimes in construction, heavy lifting needs to be done and this requires something that can lift a heavy object much higher than your average machine can reach – this is what cranes are for. Cranes are heavy construction equipment that uses a wire rope, a hoist rope, or chains to horizontally lift, lower, and transport objects that are extremely heavy.

A typical crane has a maximum height of 265 feet which is roughly 80 meters and it is typically used in construction, manufacturing, material loading, and shipbuilding. If you need the services of cranes in Winnipeg, Skyline Crane Inc. offers some of the newest on the market. Most cranes are balance-style and the beam is balanced at a point known as the fulcrum which allows it to lift heavy objects with little force, acting as a lever.

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A bulldozer is a large machine that is motorized and is a type of soil excavation construction equipment that is used to remove a layer of soil up until a particular depth. The sharp-edged wide metal plate in the front of the bulldozer is responsible for removing the soil and the plate is lowered and raised using what is referred to as hydraulic pistons. This piece of machine equipment is mainly used to remove weak rock strata or soil as well as just simply lifting soil. A bulldozer is equipped with a large metal blade in the front that is used to push and move the sand, soil, rubble, or rock during construction work.


Trenchers or trenching machines are used to create trenches in soil, for pipeline laying as well as for drainage. There are two types of trenchers available namely wheeled trenchers and chain trenchers.

Wheeled trenchers contain metal wheels that have a digging tooth around them to excavate layers of soil that are hard, while chain trenchers, on the other hand, contain a long arm that is fixed around it with a digging chain. Both wheeled and chain trenchers are available in wheeled vehicle form as well as tracked form. Trenchers were used in war to dig up trenches.


A backhoe, also known as a rear actor or a back actor, is a very widely used vehicle machine equipment and it is used for multiple purposes. There is a hoe arrangement on the backside of the vehicle and also a loading bucket in the front.

This machine is useful for creating trenches below the level of the machine and the front bucket is ideal for unloading and lifting different materials. Besides digging trenches and lifting materials, backhoes can be used for small demolitions, transportation of light building materials, digging holes, landscaping, paving roads, and powering building equipment.


Excavators are considered to be very important construction equipment and it is very widely used in the construction industry. The general purpose of the Excavator is to excavate, do the heavy lifting, cut trees, demolition, and river dredging.

This massive machine has a long arm, and at the end of it, a digging bucket is provided. There is also a cabinet provided for the machine operator. The cabin arrangement can rotate up to 160 degrees and excavators can be found in wheeled form and tracked form for vehicles.

These are the best heavy equipment that you should know if you are in the construction industry. You will most likely find these machines on serious construction sites. To recap, there are cranes for heavy lifting, a bulldozer for soil excavation, trenchers to create trenches for cable and pipeline laying, a backhoe that is also used to create trenches, and finally, excavators for heavy lifting and demolitions.

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