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A hydraulic structure is a structure submerged or partially submerged in any body of water, which disrupts the natural flow of water. An example of a hydraulic structure would be a dam, which slows the normal flow rate of the river in order to power turbines. Kindly check the below-mentioned best reference books and textbooks on Dams and Hydraulic Structures.


The principle of building hydraulic structures is to either divert, disrupt, store or completely stop the natural flow of water bodies.


1. Design of Small Dams- United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation revised reprint 1974, Oxford and IBH Publishing Co.

2. Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering- Asawa G.L- New Age International (P) Ltd. Publishers, first ed, 2005.


3. Engineering for Dams- Creager W.P, Justin J.D, Hinds J -Wiley Eastern Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 1968

4. Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures- Garg S.K- Khanna Publishers N.D. 13th ed, 1998.

5. Hydraulic Structures, Vol. 1. & Vol. 2- Grishin M.M- Mir Publishers, Moscow, 1982.

6. Design Textbook in Civil Engineering: Volume Six: Dams- Leliavsky, Serge Oxford and IBH Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd., 1981.

7. Roller Compacted Concrete Dams- MehrotraV.K- Standard Publishers Distributors, Delhi, 1st ed, 2004.

8. Irrigation, Water Resources and Water Power Engineering- Modi, P.N. – Standard Book House, New Delhi, 2nd ed, 1990.


9. Earth and Earth Rock Dams- Sherard J.L, Woodward R.J. – John Wiley and Sons, inc. 1963.

I.S. Codes

1. I.S. 8605 1977 (Reaffirmed 1998), Code of practice for construction of masonry in dams, third reprint, July 1999, B.I.S. New Delhi.

2. I.S. 6512-1984 (Reaffirmed 1998), Criteria for design of solid gravity dams, first revision, first reprint, September, 1998, B.I.S. New Delhi.

3. I.S. 457 1957 (Reaffirmed, 2005), Code of practice for general construction of plain and reinforced concrete for dam and other massive structures, sixth reprint, January 1987, B.I.S. New Delhi.

4. I.S. 10135 1985, Code of practice for drainage system for gravity dams, their foundations and abutments, first revision, B.I.S. New Delhi.

5. I.S. 14591 1999, Temperature control mass concrete for dams guidelines, B.I.S. New Delhi.

6. I.S. 11223 1985 (Reaffirmed 2004), Guidelines for fixing spillway capacity, edition 1.2 (1991-09), B.I.S. New Delhi.


7. I.S. 6934 1998 (Reaffirmed 2003), Hydraulic design of high ogee overflow spillways recommendations, first revision, B.I.S. New Delhi.

8. I.S. 11155- 1994, Construction of spillways and similar overflow structures Code of practice, B.I.S. New Delhi.

9. I.S. 5186 1994, Design of chute and side-channel spillway criteria, first revision, B.I.S. New Delhi.

10. I.S. 10137- 1982 (Reaffirmed 2004), Guidelines for selection of spillways and energy dissipaters, B.I.S. New Delhi.

11. I.S. 4997 1968 (Reaffirmed 1995) Criteria for design of hydraulic jump type stilling basins with horizontal and sloping apron, sixth reprint, January 1998, B.I.S. New Delhi.

12. I.S. 7365-1985, Criteria for hydraulic design of bucket type energy dissipaters, first revision, B.I.S. New Delhi.

The above mentioned are the top and the best books on DAMS AND HYDRAULIC STRUCTURES, kindly consider it for your graduate and post-graduate study in civil engineering.

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