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Books For Advanced Structural Design For Students and Engineers

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Structural engineering is a sub-discipline of civil engineering in which structural engineers are trained to design the ‘bones and muscles that create the form and shape of artificial structures. Check below the advanced structural design books for students and engineers.


In these books, you can learn about the Modeling and strength analysis of complex structures using hand calculation methods and computer analysis. Design of complex structures made from concrete, steel, timber, etc.

Refer to these books to learn methods to control the results of analyzes conducted with data tools. Methodology for assessing environmental impacts and resource use in designing building structures.

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Textbooks Reference Books for ADVANCED STRUCTURAL DESIGN

1) Varghese, P. C. Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design, PHI


2) Krishna Raju- Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design. CBSRD.

3) Shiyekar, M R.-Limit state design in structural steel Prentice Hall of India Learning Pvt. Ltd. Delhi.

4) Ramakrishna, V. Arthur P. D., Ultimate strength Design for Structural Concrete, Pitman, London.

5) Karve, S. R., and Shah, V. L., Limit State Theory and Design of Reinforced Concrete PVG Prakashan, Pune. 6) Punmia, Reinforced Concrete Structures Vol. 1 and 2, Standard Book House NewDelhi.

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7) Sinha and Roy., RCC Analysis and Design. S. Chand and Co. New-Delhi

8) Ramachandra, Design of Steel Structures Vol.-II Standard Publications New-Delhi.


9) Punmia, B. C. and Jain and Jain, Comprehensive Design of Steel Structures, Standard Book House Handbooks

10) Guide for the Structural use of steelwork in Buildings- INSDAG Calcutta.

11) ISI Handbook for structural engineers SP 6 (5): 1980

12) ISI Handbook for Structural Engineers SP6 (2): 1962 Steel Beams and plate girders.

13) ISI Handbook for structural engineers SP 6 (6) 1972. Application of plastic theory in the design of steel  structures

The above listed are the highly recommended reference books and textbooks for engineering students and engineers to learn structural design.

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