Crystalline Concrete Waterproofing

The Use Of Crystalline Concrete Waterproofing In Construction

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Contractors have used concrete waterproofing materials for many years. It is the process of preventing concrete, a porous water-absorbing material, from deteriorating over time. There are many options including the use of a bituminous coating, liquid waterproofing with polyurethane membranes, and also cementitious waterproofing products. However, despite the efficiency levels associated with these different types of concrete waterproofing options, crystalline waterproofing will lead to the best results. Here are the top five benefits associated with using crystalline concrete waterproofing materials for any commercial construction project.


What Is Crystalline Concrete Waterproofing?

This type of waterproofing uses a combination of cement and materials that will interact with the concrete to form the most water-resistant bond possible. The crystalline product that is added to the concrete will interact with moisture and free lime to form a very dense effective barrier. Inside of the concrete, within the capillaries and pores, crystals will form, preventing water from penetrating it once it has hardened. Effectively, you are using a technology that makes it possible for concrete to become a self-sealing product.

Two Ways To Apply This Material

The first way that crystalline concrete waterproofing material can be applied is through a surface application. The other way is to directly add this material as an admixture to the concrete. If added to the concrete, the process of crystallizing will begin, producing a waterproof product that you can apply. Using these materials, contractors can experience multiple benefits when completing commercial projects that require concrete indoors and outdoors.


Increased Levels Of Durability

As most people will know, concrete can easily deteriorate over time. Concrete sidewalks that are exposed to the elements often develop cracks and will ultimately be very permeable. By adding a crystalline product to the concrete directly, you can increase the durability levels of the concrete. This is due to the absence of pores in the concrete, which can prevent tears, punctures, cracks, or seam leaks.

An Absence Of VOCs

Volatile organic compounds otherwise referred to as VOCs, are not part of the crystallizing process. If you ever have to demolish areas with this concrete, this material can be recycled. There is also a complete absence of waterborne contaminants and petroleum-based materials, which will make this concrete even more recyclable.
Here are the top five benefits associated with using crystalline concrete waterproofing materials for any commercial construction project.

Versatile Applications

When applying or adding the crystalline compound, this can be done in several ways. Whether you combine the concrete with the crystalline material through an admixture, slurry application, or a dry sprinkle, it will help increase the number of places that this waterproof concrete can now be used.

Fast And Efficient Applications

There will not be any change in the consistency of the concrete that uses this crystalline compound. It can be used as normal and will not require the installation of protection layers. Due to this ease of use, fewer people may be needed for projects using this concrete, which can help speed up the completion of each project.

It Is Cost-Effective

When using crystalline concrete waterproofing materials, this will enhance the concrete significantly. Jobs completed will require less maintenance in the future, plus repairs will likely be unnecessary. The crystalline structure that forms inside of the concrete will make it waterproof and increase its durability, which will help contractors and their clients save money over time.

Crystalline Concrete Waterproofing For Commercial Jobs

If a company primarily focuses on commercial projects, this material will be ideal for most of them. This is the best material to use when creating industrial structures, dams, bridges, tunnels, and especially water treatment plants. Due to its increased durability, it can be used confidently on extremely large projects. When working on projects involving large volumes of water, you will not be concerned about leakage, cracks, or seepage when using this waterproof concrete.


Contractors that work on large commercial projects can benefit greatly by using crystalline concrete waterproofing materials. When they can increase the durability of the concrete and make it waterproof, they will be using a superior product. Once the crystals have formed inside of the concrete, the possibility of micro-fissures or cracks forming will be greatly minimized. This will ensure that the concrete will provide a consistent water barrier. For more information about crystalline concrete waterproofing materials, contact us today.

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