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Sustainability Consultant Job Description and Salary Details

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Sustainability entails addressing our demands without affecting future generations’ ability to meet their own. We have discussed the sustainability consultant job description, roles and responsibilities, and salary details here.


Sustainability consultants seek to identify areas of an organization’s energy use that might be improved. They will research and recommend cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly technologies.

Sustainability specialists are individuals in charge of developing and implementing energy and resource conservation initiatives that will lessen an organization’s environmental effect. Sustainability consultants are in high demand, as many firms and businesses embrace more ecologically friendly working practices.

Sustainability consultants assist organizations in achieving and maintaining their economic, social, and environmental sustainability goals to guarantee the benefits outweigh the costs of implementation.


What is Sustainability Consultant?

Sustainability experts in the construction sector examine a project’s carbon footprint and recommend solutions to lessen its global environmental impact. They assist firms in saving money and moving on with development while remaining conscious of people and ecosystems and adhering to environmental regulations.

Environmental policy specialists and eco-friendly business practices are the domains of sustainability consultants. They guide businesses on how to reduce their environmental impact.

A sustainability consultant is a specialist who works on a contract basis to give firms and corporations technical guidance on becoming more socially and environmentally responsible.

This role may be referred to by different names: eco consultant, sustainability adviser, green consultant, or environmental consultant. However, the work is generally the same across organizations and fields.

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What does a Sustainability Consultant do?

As a sustainability specialist, you’ll look for ways to make building projects more sustainable. Materials utilized on a project, pollutants produced, a project’s influence on residents and ecosystems, its final energy use, and compliance with environmental legislation could all be factors in your evaluations.

You could be in charge of residential developments, onshore or offshore oil and gas projects, transportation or industrial infrastructure, or transportation and industrial infrastructure. You’ll work closely with customers as a sustainability consultant to help them measure and improve their sustainability performance.

A sustainability consultant has a wide range of tasks, including developing more environmentally friendly solutions that do not jeopardize the company’s profitability.

The following is a list of duties that sustainability consultants are frequently charged with:

  • Research to determine a company’s environmental impact, such as carbon footprint, energy use, water use, waste output, and air quality.
  • Reducing the company’s harmful influence on the environment.
  • Contributing relevant information on how to reduce the use of essential or scarce resources like energy, water, or oil
  • Developing strategic sustainability strategies that are customized to the business or organization
  • Keeping up to speed with research or changes in legislation that apply to the firm and advising on any modifications
  • Providing an overview of the official rules and guidelines that apply to the company and ensuring compliance
  • Outlining strategies for minimizing waste in the company’s operational or production operations.
  • Gathering and evaluating various data relating to the business’s long-term viability, as well as preparing reports to highlight the results
  • Making presentations to stakeholders
  • Educating and training employees and stakeholders on environmental and sustainability issues.
  • Creating a variety of sustainability projects inside the firm and providing support for their execution
  • Analyzing the building’s energy consumption and devising strategies for reducing or recycling it.
  • Staying on top of any new technology or procedures that could help boost sustainability and advocating cost-effective and ecologically friendly practices regularly.

How to become a Sustainability Consultant?

To become a sustainability consultant, you might take a variety of paths. Sustainability consultants should be analytical thinkers, problem solvers, effective communicators, computer savvy, and interested in environmental stewardship.

Sustainability consultants, like financial, business, or operations analysts, collect and analyze data, identify needs, and design solutions to address those needs. They must be competent and confident to create reports, making presentations, conduct meetings, and implementing sustainability initiatives.

Sustainability consultants assist organizations in achieving and maintaining their economic, social, and environmental sustainability goals to guarantee the benefits outweigh the costs of implementation.


Sustainability consultants come from a wide range of professions and backgrounds. While no official educational requirements exist, it is recommended that consultants have at least a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies, earth science, or environmental science. Many institutions and organizations provide sustainability certification programs, which may lend legitimacy.

Sustainability consultants have experience in various fields, including the environment, built environment, construction, and business. When looking into how to become a Sustainability Consultant, picking the right major is crucial.

A degree in one of the following subjects may be beneficial:

Skills required to become Sustainability Consultant

The most common skills necessary for most sustainability consultants include the following:

Organizational skills: To manage all of the different regulations and related information, you’ll need highly developed organizational abilities. These abilities are also vital for ensuring that all required paperwork for various tasks is appropriately prepared and filed away for future reference.

Communication: To discuss sustainability concerns with various people, including other experts and the general public, a sustainability consultant needs strong written and vocal communication skills. You’ll need excellent communication skills to logically explain, examine, and discuss environmental challenges and promote your ideas and services.

Expertise: As a sustainability advisor, you should be well-versed in various issues relating to environmental sustainability and business practices and modes of production. To keep up with the current changes in the field, you should continue to expand your knowledge and skill set.

Presentation abilities: You may be asked to deliver information to various stakeholders inside and outside the organization. Therefore your presentation skills and public speaking confidence should be strong.

Numeracy and literacy skills: You’ll typically conduct assessments, analyze data, conduct research, and write reports, all of which are complicated tasks that demand excellent numeracy and literacy abilities.

Problem-solving: You should be able to assess cases accurately and choose the appropriate approach for the business or organization you’re working with. To analyze and interpret quantitative and qualitative data, conduct research, create reports and make suggestions, you’ll need outstanding numeracy and reading skills.

Additional skills that may be beneficial to anyone considering a career as a sustainability specialist include:

  • The ability to balance your commitment to the environment with the need to be corporate and business-minded
  • Persuasive skills to overcome resistance to change and persuade people to accept your idea
  • The ability to build relationships with a variety of people, including project managers and contractors
  • The ability to manage client expectations when it comes to environmental issues
  • Project management abilities to manage a budget and deal with practical problems such as health and safety
  • Flexibility to operate under pressure and adjust to changing legislation and project and program demand.

Sustainability Consultant Salary Details

As per the various online salary calculators, the average salary for sustainability consultants in the U.S. is $77,172 per year, but this can vary depending on education and the role level.


Final Thoughts

As a result, sustainability consultants examine how a company’s practices and actions affect its employees, customers, and community. They take steps to ensure that the workplace and surrounding environment are both safe and healthy and determine how the organization can assist in meeting some of the community’s needs.

You’ll probably spend a lot of time conducting environmental evaluations and working on-site throughout your first several years. You may be requested to take full responsibility for minor projects from start to finish if you have enough experience.

It usually takes five years to get to a senior position, where you may be responsible for junior employees. You’ll be in charge of more significant projects and developing relationships with future clients.

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